Money Kevin Carmichael: Bombardier may have failed, but at least it tried to win

18:10  14 february  2020
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Bombardier should look to sell either train or jet unit to deal with debt: Quebec economy minister

  Bombardier should look to sell either train or jet unit to deal with debt: Quebec economy minister Pierre Fitzgibbon responded to a Wall Street Journal report that said the transportation company, headquartered in Montreal, is in talks with U.S.-based Textron Inc., about selling its business-jet division.Pierre Fitzgibbon was responding to a Wall Street Journal report that said the storied transportation company, headquartered in Montreal, is in talks with U.S.-based Textron Inc., about selling its business-jet unit.

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Bombardier is a shell of its former self, with its commercial jet division gone and soon its train unit likely to be sold.© Mike Hensen/The London Free Press Bombardier is a shell of its former self, with its commercial jet division gone and soon its train unit likely to be sold.

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The sight of Bombardier Inc. shrinking before our eyes got me thinking about my conversation last fall with Tony Chahine, founder and chief executive of Myant Inc., which makes state-of-the-art computerized textiles in Toronto.

“I failed. I failed again,” Chahine said on stage with me at a Financial Post event in Edmonton. “When you fail in Canada, you are like a virus. People want to stay away from you, from banking to partners.”

How once mighty Bombardier became politically toxic in Quebec

  How once mighty Bombardier became politically toxic in Quebec There was a time when, if the going got tough for Bombardier, it could count on a helping hand from the Quebec government. Those days might be over. Bombardier is in debt, big time, to the tune of almost $10 billion US, according to an estimate from September. Last month, the company issued a profit warning, with analysts projecting that cash flow would be weak for the foreseeable future. As its share price plummeted, a report emerged this week that Bombardier is looking at selling its business-jet unit.

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Bombardier is a failure today.

The company late on Feb. 12 announced it was transferring its remaining stake in the A220 jet program to Airbus SE and the Quebec government. It was a humbling moment for one of Canada’s great enterprises, made worse by reports that Bombardier is also on the verge of selling its train business to France’s Alstom SA, and the release of financial results that showed the company lost $1.6 billion in its last fiscal year.

Jesse Kline: Bombardier lives by the hand of government and dies by it

  Jesse Kline: Bombardier lives by the hand of government and dies by it Jesse Kline: Bombardier lives by the hand of government and dies by itBombardier is in trouble — again. But after years of suckling on the public teat, it looks like the tide may be turning when it comes to political willingness to support the company with public money.

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If Montreal-based Bombardier divests the train division, it would simply be a maker of business jets; a profitable business, but too small to allow the company and its leaders to maintain the influence they’ve enjoyed for decades. Some found the opportunity to rub Bombardier’s face in its own downfall too tempting to resist.

“For more than half a century, Canadian governments have been subsidizing Bombardier to the tune of billions of dollars,” Aaron Wudrick, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, a self-appointed government accountability watchdog, said in a press release. “At most, it’s only delayed the inevitability of tough decisions like the one today.”

Airbus in talks to buy out Bombardier stake in A220 program

  Airbus in talks to buy out Bombardier stake in A220 program Airbus SE is in talks to buy out Bombardier Inc.’s stake in the A220 jetliner program, according to people familiar with the matter. The negotiations between the companies are at an advanced stage, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the talks are private. The deal could be announced as early as this week, with both companies scheduled to report earnings on Feb. 13.Bombardier invested more than $6 billion in the A220’s development before ultimately ceding control of the program to Airbus in 2018 as it struggled to sell the single-aisle plane.

You might be interested in “Boeing may have won a battle, but let me tell you, the war is far from over, and we shall win .” Bombardier reacted Tuesday night by stating the magnitude of the U.S. tariff is “absurd” and accused Boeing of trying to stifle competition and stop American airlines

It seems that failure tends to be more public than success. Or at least that’s what we perceive it to be. We fret it , we try to avoid it , and we question ourselves every time we have unconventional ideas. But the simple truth is – no great success was ever achieved without failure .

That’s one way to look at it.

Bombardier exploited politicians to the max, just as did Airbus in Europe, Boeing Co. in the United States, and Embraer SA in Brazil. It decided to get into a business in which the research-and-development phase of new products is long and expensive. It did so even though it would be going up against rivals backed by governments with big military budgets, but it probably knew that it could rely on Ottawa and Quebec City for all the support it needed. Aviation is a gross business for any capitalist, and maybe Canada should have stayed out of it.

But perhaps Bombardier deserves better than a reductionist take on its legacy. The company tended to be showered with loans, not gifts, and there’s no suggestion that it’s delinquent. Export Development Canada has put up about US$16 billion over the past decade backing buyers of Bombardier planes and subway cars, and about US$540 million in direct support for the company, according to Amy Minsky, an EDC spokeswoman. “Active” support for the company amounts to about US$19 million, Minsky said.

Bombardier to make a 'positive' announcement this week, says Quebec minister

  Bombardier to make a 'positive' announcement this week, says Quebec minister Bombardier to make a 'positive' announcement this week, says Quebec ministerThe minister says he has read "all the information" but that he is "not comfortable talking about it yet," opting to leave the announcement to the company.

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For some, those totals alone make Bombardier worthy of scorn.

But the starting point for a fairer analysis of Bombardier’s legacy should be whether the governments of Canada and Quebec got a return for their investments. Let’s set aside motives because, ultimately, who cares? For taxpayers, what matters is whether their support of Bombardier improved the overall state of the economy.

“Deficits need to be kept in context; it’s about what they’re used for,” Stephen Poloz, the governor said at an event in Australia on Feb. 13. “As a company, you don’t force yourself to save for 20 years to make an investment, you borrow to make an investment because it grows the company,” he added. “When a government is making investments, it is helping the fundamental growth of the economy.”

Poloz was making a general point about fiscal policy, not Bombardier, or even whether business subsidies qualify as investment. Still, the principle that he described applies. Did Bombardier, now a shadow of its former self, help grow the economy? It’s a tough question, and answering it properly may require a more generous understanding of failure than we Canadians tend to apply to those who make costly mistakes.

I’ll let others tally the number of Canadian aerospace jobs (53,266 in November, according to Statistics Canada’s most recent monthly survey of payrolls) and decide if that alone justifies the billions in subsidies that Bombardier has received over the years. The company’s ambition, combined with an elevated tolerance for risk, allowed it to grow big enough to become an “anchor firm,” a source of steady demand around which hundreds of suppliers could build businesses.

'Major announcements' to accompany Bombardier earnings report Thursday — minister

  'Major announcements' to accompany Bombardier earnings report Thursday — minister Amid suggestions that Quebec aerospace giant Bombardier may be poised to announce the sale of its rail division, Quebec Economy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon was tight-lipped Wednesday about what’s in store."I know everything that's going to happen, but I'm not at ease to talk about it," Fitzgibbon told reporters. Bombardier's board is meeting today, and the minister said he can't reveal anything ahead of Thursday's announcement. The company will release its financial results for 2019 at 8 a.m. ET Thursday.

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Some in Montreal think the city’s new success in artificial intelligence and gaming owes something to Bombardier, the original magnet for engineering talent around which the city’s universities built world-class technical programs.

Your opinion of Bombardier will also depend on how much you value manufacturing as an economic engine.

As many manufacturers bailed on North America, Bombardier took its biggest risk: starting work on a plane that would compete directly with offerings from Airbus and Boeing. The project went way over budget, forcing the company to take on a crippling amount of debt. At the same time, and for whatever reason, it struggled to make the train business work. When the Donald Trump administration applied punishing tariffs on Canadian plane imports at the behest of Boeing, Bombardier was forced to effectively give its CSeries plane to Airbus, which the European company renamed the A220. It looked like a moment of hope, but it was really the end.

Myant CEO Chahine thinks it is nearly impossible to have a truly innovative economy without manufacturing. One of his greatest challenges in building Myant has been acquiring expertise, as the Canadian textile industry has all but vanished. “You lose the unknown,” he said. “You lose the discovery of manufacturing. This innovation is lost.”

Whatever the lessons of Bombardier’s downfall, fear of failure shouldn’t be one of them. Companies die. The economy would be better off if more firms were willing to live large, just as Bombardier did.

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Bombardier's A220 sell-off a win-win, CAQ says, but opposition rips deal .
QUEBEC — The Quebec government described the deal to sell off Bombardier’s A220 stake to Airbus on Thursday as win-win, even if it means Quebec’s surpluses will sink by $600 million in one shot to cover the losses of the province’s initial $1.3 billion investment. But Economic Development Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon, who stickhandled the deal on behalf of the Coalition Avenir Québec government, said he believes in the long run that Quebec’s investment in the plane, a decision made by the previous Liberal government , will pay off and Quebec will get back every dime it put in.

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