Money Buyer beware: Counterfeit markets can flourish during a public health crisis

17:30  26 march  2020
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Darmanin ensures that the end of the crisis "will not go through a tax increase"

 Darmanin ensures that the end of the crisis "Beware of false good solutions which in the past have helped to increase unemployment and to destroy confidence", he said added, after launching this week "a call for national solidarity" to businesses and individuals "via a donation platform that we will put online". This idea had relaunched the debate on the reinstatement of the wealth tax (ISF) - removed in 2018, to finance the fight against the health and economic crisis -, as suggested by the secretary general of the CFDT Laurent Berger.

Amid such an environment, apart from charitable donations, healthcare providers are turning to 3D printers to produce gadgets and gears in an effort to Senate passes trillion coronavirus relief package. CBS News. Buyer beware : Counterfeit markets can flourish during a public health crisis .

Desert animals have also developed many characteristics that help them to survive in arid environment. Camels can go for a very long time without drinking. Other animals, such as snakes and rats, find cool places to sleep during the day and come out only at night.

Is that online order real or counterfeit? © Getty Images Is that online order real or counterfeit?

Rapid acceleration of coronavirus-related infections and fatalities in countries like Italy, Spain and the United States has led to widespread bans on communal activities, global restrictions on travel and an increasing reliance on virtual interactions.

The push to keep people indoors has lead to a substantial increase in e-commerce and internet-based activities, including video streaming, grocery shopping, food delivery and education. People are becoming increasingly reliant upon these services to provide life’s basic necessities – and counterfeiters are primed to take advantage of this unique opportunity. 

PM says financial supports on the way to help 'millions of Canadians' get through COVID-19 crisis

  PM says financial supports on the way to help 'millions of Canadians' get through COVID-19 crisis PM says financial supports on the way to help 'millions of Canadians' get through COVID-19 crisisIn an interview with Toronto's 680 News, Trudeau said the government will act fast to put money in the pockets of Canadians, including employment insurance supports and direct income supports for those who don't qualify for employment insurance.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the Covid-19 pandemic is "the worst public health crisis for a generation" and warned Britain that the worst of the crisis is still weeks away. Johnson was speaking after an emergency COBRA meeting on the crisis .

A market consists of potential buyers of a good or service. C) Most foreign buyers prefer to deal with large, well-known corporations rather than small businesses. D) Higher business costs eliminate the profit opportunities in global markets .

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Counterfeiters have long preyed upon consumer vulnerability in order to make a quick profit. The current coronavirus crisis will likely be no different. However, what is unique about the current crisis is the extent to which consumers are relying upon e-commerce platforms.

Crisis drives demand

The recent seizures of counterfeit testing kits by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at LAX and Chicago’s O’Hare airport are proof that the counterfeiters have begun to take advantage of this crisis. These seizures are a stark reminder that counterfeiters will prey upon vulnerable populations wherever they may be.

Mortgage Matters: Seller’s market vs. buyer’s market

  Mortgage Matters: Seller’s market vs. buyer’s market The housing market , like most markets, is cyclical. These cycles can be greatly influenced by a number of factors including interest rates, economic conditions and consumer confidence, which can create a shortage or a surplus in housing. A seller’s market happens when there’s a shortage in housing, or more potential buyers than homes. Homes tend to sell quickly in this type of market. A buyer’s market occurs when there is a surplus in housing, or more homes for sale than buyers. Homes tend to sit unsold and prices may drop. A balanced market takes place when there is the same number of homes for sale as there are buyers.

Is The COVID-19 Public Health Crisis The Telemedicine Moment? In other words, buyer beware . We’re in something of a Wild West moment right now and there’s Consumers need to keep in mind the massive incentive to rush products to eager buyers , and think more critically about product claims.

6) Brokerage firms that offered money market security accounts in the 1970s had a cost advantage over banks in attracting funds because the brokerage firms A) were not subject to deposit reserve requirements.

Prior public health crises can provide clues as to what can be expected from the current crisis. For example, during the Ebola crisis, there was no vaccine available to treat infected patients, so health care providers focused on treating the symptoms and related infections that came along with the disease. Counterfeiters worked hard to get fake versions of common medications into the legitimate supply chain, as demand for these goods rose.

Once targeted therapies for Ebola were developed, demand for these commonly used medications fell away, and counterfeiters shifted to producing fake versions of the new treatments. Counterfeit medicines took the place of legitimate medicines that would have been used to treat people with the disease.

As a scholar who has been immersed in the study of product counterfeiting for the past five years, I expect to see a similar pattern with the current coronavirus crisis. Counterfeiters will put their efforts into flooding the market with products that are in demand until specific coronavirus treatments are developed, at which point they will shift to producing counterfeits of those treatments.

Almost 9,000 cases of coronavirus in Switzerland, 90 dead

 Almost 9,000 cases of coronavirus in Switzerland, 90 dead SANT-CORONAVIRUS-SWITZERLAND: Almost 9,000 cases of coronavirus in Switzerland, 90 dead © Reuters / DENIS BALIBOUSE NEARLY 9,000 cases of CORONAVIRUS IN SWITZERLAND, 90 DEAD ZURICH (Reuters) - The coronavirus epidemic has so far killed 90 and infected more than 9,000 people in Switzerland, the federal public health office of the federal government announced on Tuesday on the eve of a government meeting to an emergency aid system for businesses and the economy.

Consider the formula GDP = C+I+G+(X-M). A country is undergoing a boom in consumption of domestic and foreign luxury goods. In one year, the dollar growth in imports is greater than the dollar growth in domestic consumption.

US markets have suffered their worst week since the global financial crisis of 2008, as fears over the impact of the coronavirus continued to grip investors. The three main US indexes ended the week down 10% or more from last Friday, despite a last-minute rally in prices.

a close up of an engine: A package containing suspected counterfeit COVID-19 test kits, seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. © U.S. Customs and Border Protection via AP A package containing suspected counterfeit COVID-19 test kits, seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Risks of e-commerce

Before the coronavirus crisis began, e-commerce services were already under heavy scrutiny from U.S. lawmakers for their lack of action regarding counterfeit products, ranging from jewelry and footwear to cellphones and electronics.

The current threat creates a potentially dangerous situation, as consumers seeking products that are in demand yet scarcely available, like hand sanitizer and face masks, may turn to the very venues that are most used by counterfeiters to dupe the unsuspecting public. Sites like Amazon, Walmart Marketplace and Wish.com have all experienced serious problems with counterfeit products.

Crisis-driven consumer demand, mixed with waning product inventories and an increasing reliance upon internet-based commerce, creates ideal conditions for product counterfeiting. Yet, in my view, the most dangerous aspect of the current crisis is consumers’ inability to reliably distinguish genuine goods from fake products.

Coronavirus: Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine distressed by the health crisis

 Coronavirus: Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine distressed by the health crisis France is going through an unprecedented health crisis. For several weeks now, the French have had to respect a containment measure. A situation that worries journalist Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. © maxppp Coronavirus: Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine anxious about the health crisis Since Tuesday March 17, the French population has been confined due to the coronavirus pandemic. An unprecedented situation. If the country is stopped, some programs continue to be broadcast live. This is the case of "C to you" .

How many Australian dollars (AUD) can you buy with 100 euros (EUR) according to the information in the below chart? You are a euro-based portfolio manager and you have invested in the technology sector of the U.S. stock market . You want to keep your exposure to tech stocks but are worried about

THe Economic Health Care Learn with flashcards, games and more — for free. a health care system under which the government owns most of the hospitals and employes most of the doctors. changes in the market for health care that would make it more like the markets for other goods and services.

Consumers sometimes have a good ability to identify counterfeit logos when the legitimate brand is well-recognized and the fake logo contains easily identifiable errors. For example, differences in the color or placement of a brand’s logo are one of the most prominent clues that an item is fake.

However, counterfeiters that operate on e-commerce platforms have become very adept at producing authentic-looking packaging and logos.

Furthermore, when it comes to testing kits and other coronavirus-related products that are yet to be developed, consumers have no frame of reference upon which they can rely when attempting to determine an item’s legitimacy. That makes it more likely that counterfeit products will proliferate throughout the marketplace during the current crisis.

For example, take at-home coronavirus testing kits. Many journalists and consumers see at-home testing kits as an ideal means to tackle the disease more quickly and fill the current gap in hospital-based tests.

However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has stated clearly that none of these tests has been approved for use. Therefore, any tests consumers see advertised are unapproved.

Be alert

While the current crisis presents many new and substantial challenges, it also affords consumers the opportunity to be vigilant in mitigating risks.

SPD is considering levy on property to deal with the corona crisis

 SPD is considering levy on property to deal with the corona crisis © Odd ANDERSEN The SPD is considering a one-time levy on property to deal with the financial consequences of the corona crisis. Party leader Saskia Esken cited a levy by the super-rich as an option to "get government finances in order after the crisis". The SPD is considering a wealth levy to deal with the financial consequences of the corona crisis.

For example, consumers should verify the sellers of products found online before making purchases. Sites like Amazon and Walmart Marketplace cater to third parties looking to sell products to consumers. Counterfeiters can take advantage of the anonymity afforded by e-commerce platforms.

Be sure to verify that the brand you are looking to buy actually sells their products on the site; then verify that the entity advertising the product is the company that actually makes the product.

To aid in this process, brands can inform consumers about how to buy legitimate products by creating direct links from their official corporate pages to their official e-commerce sites. For companies that sell through distribution, it is essential that they maintain a list of approved vendors, which I would highly recommend they publish in a way that is easily accessible to consumers.

Now, more than any time in the recent past, the global health risks of counterfeit goods are clear and present. They should prompt governments, businesses and consumers to be vigilant.

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