Money Banks prohibited in Toulouse: "We are closing the quays to avoid closing the city"

17:34  28 february  2021
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"Strict" controls between France and Germany, 20 million Britons vaccinated ... update on the coronavirus

 New measures, new reports and highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic in the world. © Ali AL-DAHER / AFP The situation in France France on Sunday asked Germany to avoid "strict" controls amounting to a "virtual closure" of the border after Berlin classified as a high risk Moselle, one of the French departments most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

La préfecture de Haute-Garonne a décidé de fermer certains lieux en bord de Garonne à partir de dimanche. En cause : des attroupements importants ces derniers jours ayant conduit à des manquements aux mesures sanitaires. Jean-Luc Moudenc, maire de Toulouse, a défendu la mesure sur Europe 1. © REMY GABALDA / AFP The Haute-Garonne prefecture has decided to close certain places along the Garonne from Sunday. At issue: large gatherings in recent days leading to breaches of health measures. Jean-Luc Moudenc, mayor of Toulouse, defended the measure on Europe 1.

In Toulouse, as in Paris with the Seine, the quays of the Garonne were largely invested Saturday because of the weather. Too much, even, in a period of health crisis, since since Sunday morning the banks were closed in the city center. An announcement that goes badly with some inhabitants met by Europe 1. Jean-Luc Moudenc, LR mayor of Toulouse, defended himself on our antenna Sunday noon. According to him, this measure was taken after trying, unsuccessfully, to apply barrier gestures and wearing a mask on Saturday.

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"Most people refused to put on the mask"

"Access is prohibited, with security guards at the entrance on all entrances. I find that absurd, especially in a time slot of a large half-day , nothing happens in these places, on the contrary! " lamented Vincent, a resident. "There it is overnight we close everything to everyone. It's rough stripping and I think a little teaching, even a police presence on the banks and not just at height, in observation mode, would have been just as relevant, "he said.

Guest of the midday Sunday newspaper on Europe 1, Jean-Luc Moudenc, mayor of Toulouse, replied "that the method he advocates" has already been "implemented on Saturday with the prefect". "We noticed that for a few days, hundreds of Toulouse residents had been clustered - obviously with the sun, we understand them - on the banks of the Garonne, most without a mask. So we tried with the prefect a first attempt all day Saturday of blocking access to the banks and sending police crews, who explained and asked to restore the barrier gestures, "said the mayor.

In Lyon, the Rhône quays will be able to remain open

 In Lyon, the Rhône quays will be able to remain open © Copyright 2021, L'Obs The Rhône prefect announced on Friday March 5 that he had given up closing the most frequented places in the Lyon metropolis, such as the Rhône quays.

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But according to him, the results were not conclusive. “At the end of the day, all the feedback we had from the police crews matched and most people refused to put on the mask and be at a distance. The prefect and I therefore had to make a decision that is not not pleasant to take. "

Decision that the city council further justifies by the need to avoid local re-containment. "I don't want us to be totally confined in a while every weekend, as is the case in Nice or Dunkirk. So we are closing the quays because we want to avoid closing the city. . " According to Jean-Luc Moudenc, the incidence rate, one of the many indices which make it possible to measure the progression of the epidemic, is increasing in Toulouse: "It is precisely at 261, whereas normally, it would be necessary that 'it is at 50. So we are in a time of danger. "

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Closed until March 8, the list of places may change

"Obviously, it's not pleasant. With the good weather, all the constraints that we live, I understand that we want to go out, to to see friends, to go to pleasant places that we have arranged ", finally sympathizes the mayor. "But I would have preferred people to go there, enjoy it, but with protection and with a discipline that unfortunately those who were there these days did not want to observe."


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The closure of the docks should be applied "until Monday March 8, 2021 at 00:00" unless changed. Among the places concerned are the banks of the Garonne located below the Place Saint-Pierre, the Quai Saint-Pierre, the Quai Lucien Lombard, the Quai de la Daurade, the Quai de Tounis and corresponding to the Henri Martin promenade, as well as as the Place de la Daurade, the meadow of the Filters, the quay of the Spanish Republican Exile. "The list of places affected by the obligation may be updated depending on the evolution of the health situation," said the prefecture and town hall in an press release.

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