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08:40  10 june  2021
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‘The world is watching us’: Pressure mounts for Canada to share surplus COVID-19 vaccines

  ‘The world is watching us’: Pressure mounts for Canada to share surplus COVID-19 vaccines Canada has ordered the most COVID-19 vaccines per capita to date, with over 400 million doses secured."Among rich countries, Canada has bought more vaccines than anyone else in the world — enough to vaccinate Canadians five times," ONE Canada director Stuart Hickox told Global News on Thursday.

You are also determined again and again over countries with curious names, have briefly reduced over the name and then the name then placed ad act days immediately. Well, that's exactly what you will find in the new TravelBook quiz now - or do you know how every country of this earth is called?

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is a country in Central Africa Gorbun, Gabon or was it Genga? And how did this little island called in the English Channel? If you are not yet going to sweat with these questions, then trust yourself and test your knowledge in our quiz around country name!

Travelbook has many more worthwhile quiz questions about replaying, for example:

Why COVID vaccination progress at home risks being undone by spread of variants abroad

  Why COVID vaccination progress at home risks being undone by spread of variants abroad Allowing the coronavirus to spread in other countries jeopardizes gains made in Canada through COVID-19 vaccinations, some scientists suggest. That's because the more opportunities the virus has to spread, the more likely it is to mutate and foil vaccines.Allowing the virus to run amok in other countries also risks putting the entire world in jeopardy and losing any gains made through COVID-19 vaccinations, some scientists suggest.

Do you know which cities are marked worldwide? 11 Questions that Germany's best geography students need to answer City, Country, River - The Geography Quiz over Europe, where you have no chance The big quiz of the country name - Let's go! How do countries actually come to their names?

Did you like our quiz of the country names? Maybe you asked yourself about one or the other country spontaneously where it has his name?

In fact, almost every country in the world is named after only four things - what a study of the news page " quartz " wants to have, at first glance, sounds absurd, there is at least 195 countries on our planet depending on the interpretation . But the results that the site presents are as numerous as partially amazing.

According to its own statement, the company has served in its research from a nearly undisputed lexicon, namely the Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Place names, which provides information about the origins of country names. Thus, the designation of almost all countries on earth can be returned to only four things: people, folk trunks, location details and features. More about this is here .

COVID-19: Dozens of countries unable to continue vaccination .
© provided by the Vaccine, COVID, -Year Shortage The vaccination race, all countries are not housed in the same sign. Dozens of them are unable to administer the second dose of vaccines against CVIV-19, for lack of sufficient doses. A shortage that may destabilize immunization campaigns sustainably, warned WHO Friday, June 18th. "We have a large number of countries that had to suspend their vaccination campaign for the second dose? 30 or 40 countries, "said Dr.

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