Money Bye-Bye, "Pax"! This new wardrobe of IKEA costs only 35 euros and is perfect for small apartments!

13:05  19 july  2021
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Container Crise: IKEA takes hundreds of products from the

 Container Crise: IKEA takes hundreds of products from the range and delivery difficulties in the fact that the world's largest furniture company IKEA will sell fewer products in the future. Sweden want to reduce "width and depth" of their offer. © dpa billy on board? IKEA gets the bottlenecks in global freight traffic to feel to stay deliverable, IKEA wants to offer fewer products in the coming financial year, reports the Wirtschaftswoche.

IKEA has a new cabinet in the assortment - here you can buy it

  Bye-bye, © PR; Collage: Condé Nast Germany &

The IKEA cabinet "Baggebo" could become the new bestseller of the Swedish furniture store. He units a whole variety of advantages and costs just 35 euros. The closet is a classic showcase. Three large compartments create a lot of storage space, a glass pane makes the piece of furniture become a real eye-catcher. The walls are made of white metal, which is very discreet and fits most residential styles . Here you can shop the practical piece of furniture directly at IKEA!

& IKEA cabinet: so changeable is "Baggebo" We will definitely put the closet on the watch list, because it is for almost every apartment an enrichment. The design is simple, yet stylish and we catch hundreds of things that could find it well. In the minimalist storage furniture from IKEA we could present our handbags and Accessories, even jewelry would find a nice place here. On the catalog images are glass vases

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  San Diego Comic-Con@Home’s Heavy On TV, Slim On Film Schedule: ‘Snake Eyes’, ‘Dexter’, ‘Army Of Thieves’, ‘Stargate Atlantis’ Reunion & Jean-Claude Van Damme Nothing beats a live Comic-Con with the scream of the audience, the thunder of Hall H, and the social media wattage that shines out of San Diego. I’ll never forget the first time that Marvel walked the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy from the Hilton over to the Convention Center: The fans went so crazy, you’d think some of The Beatles came back from the dead and there was an immediate reunion. Instead, no thanks to the impact of Covid, we have the second year of a virtual San Diego Comic-Con. Paramount’s Snake Eyes: G.I.

or also knitting utensils. Or we actually use it as a wardrobe. Especially beautiful parts of the wardrobe get such a dating place in the apartment.

& "Baggebo" fits in all rooms advantageous is definitely the size of the piece of furniture. With just 116 centimeters height and 34 centimeters wide, he also fits in the smallest apartment . He is by no means just a little for living or bedrooms. Also in the bathroom

he is a nice and practical home accessory. Neatly folded towels find the same place here, like pretty perfume flakons. In the hall, he preserves particularly beautiful shoes and presents them at the same time. By the way,

& "Baggebo" is not just a closet, but a whole series. Also, the shelves in Light Türkis

and X1 white X1 are simple and changeable pieces of furniture, which inflate their own four walls for little money and provide inexpensive storage space. X1 &

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The bosses of the 30 DAX corporations have earned average last year than in 2019. The salary gap is great. Two DAX bosses earned more than 45 million euros. © TravelView / Shutterstock.com DAX bosses earned 2020 very well. Steve Angel (Linde) and Niklas Östberg (Delivery Hero) are the two by far the highest paid bosses of a DAX Group - at least if you look at the Board remuneration.

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