Money wanted to shorten the "The Big Short" Investor shortly before the Bitcoin Rally Krypto Diets?

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Michael Burry is one of the well-known shortshops. At the latest, since its history has been filmed with "The Big Short", his trading activities of market participants are particularly close to the magnifying glass.

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• Michael Burry asks about Short options for Krypto currencies

• Investor is skeptic of Krypto Hypes

• Burry invests in some of the "better" crypto currencies

US Investor Michael Burry was a profiteer of the US mortgage crisis: Just before the collapse of the US mortgage market, he bet with his hedge fund against the market and thus drove a profit of around $ 700 million. Since then, since the movie "The Big Short", in which the events were discussed, Burry belongs to the most influential investors, his opinion has weight.

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wanted Burry Shorten Before the Rally Krypto Diets?

so listened investors when Burry asked about Twitter as they bet against crypto feeds. "Ok, I've never done that, how shorts crypto courses," he asked in a now deleted tweet. "If you have to take a loan for it? Is there a short discount?", So the investor continued and also explained, "I think only loud here," in the face of the volatile situation, he thought it best not to sell right now.

The Tweet was discontinued when the Krypto virgin BitCoin was traded at about $ 58,000, since then the digital currency has even more expensive and costs more than $ 61,000 (as of: 23.10.2021). In particular, it had been the hope of the first Bitcoin ETF, which had triggered the price rally at the CyberDevise. Such an instrument can significantly bring the acceptance of the digital currency to the stock exchanges.

Deputy convinces: Bitcoin soon legal means of payment in Brazil - which says about

 Deputy convinces: Bitcoin soon legal means of payment in Brazil - which says about Brazil is considered cryptic-friendly land. Currently, a new Krypto Act is split, which sees a Brazilian politician as a precursor to complete bitcoin adaptation. © Provided by finanzen.net Spencer Platt / Getty Images • Layout Should Kryptowhäugen in Brazil Legal Framework • Deputy brings Bitcoin as a means of payment in conversation • Law itself does not give this interpretation as the first country in the world El Salvador has The oldest crypto feed Bitcoin waved as statutory payment method

Burry had experienced a variety of loud criticism of crypto currencies in the past. The Kryptouniversium has problems with leverage positions. "If you do not know how much leverage is in crypto currencies, you do not know about crypto feeds. no matter how much one otherwise believes to know," says the investor some time ago.

Investor Demental Empty Sale

Had fund manager, which manages around $ 340 million with Scion Asset Management, would actually hedged crypto currencies at the time of his tweet, he would have taken massive losses. In an e-mail to CNBC, however, Michael Burry has meant in the meantime to have cyberdeals empty, but he was further convinced that the crypto market is in a bubble. In addition, most of them who deal with the topic would not understand crypto currencies correctly, so Burry continues.

himself does not seem to include in this investor group, because as well known, Burry has not only sought crypto currencies, but apparently even acquired some Cybercoins. He was "Long" in some cyberdeals, which he assesses as "better" crypto currencies, cnbc advances from the mail of the investor.

crypto currencies have fundamentally indicative of Burry's comments suggest that he has crypto feeds to a certain potential when he is skeptical of the hype and the enormous high ratings. In a now deleted tweet, he explained: "It is breathtaking, this religion of real and false people" and relate to the numerous advocates and bots that drive the value of crypto feeds to the height. "The speculation probably exceed everything in the story".

The blockchain technology opens Burry, meanwhile, the Investor also sees future potential in NFTS.

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