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Queen Elizabeth II.: Buckingham Palace receives more 50,000 condolence letters

Saturday  16:20,   01 october 2022

stacks of condolences: Numerous people wrote to the Buckingham Palace after the Queen's death. Apparently you can expect an answer - if not by the king personally. © Pool/ Getty Images The news of the death of the Queen caused concern in many... >>>

man collects change for 45 years - then he goes to Bank

Friday  11:40,   30 september 2022

Otha Anders from Louisiana since the 1970s all the centers that he could find. © omersukrugoksu/iStock euro coins When he finally pays the coins after 45 years at the "Ruston Origin Bank", he is richer by a small... >>>

Airbnb: She rented her accommodation for more than 120 days in 1 year without being convicted of

Friday  07:50,   30 september 2022

© 298309756/Elroce - Stock.adobe.com It is a penknife in the golden rule of rents Airbnb . The main residence owners cannot rent it more than 120 days a year, as provided for in the law ( article L324-1-1 of the Tourism Code ), for cities with more >>>

thousands of French protest against high prices and pension reform

Thursday  21:30,   29 september 2022

in several cities of France was protested against rising prices and the planned pension reform of President Emmanuel Macron. The unions had called for the actions. © Stephane de Sakutin/AFP/Getty Images A demonstration train in Marseille with CGT... >>>

Kenya: Death of an elephant who had survived five times to poachers

Thursday  19:40,   29 september 2022

© Fredrik Lerneryd of the elephants in the refuge for Pachyderms of Kimana, in Kenya, on September 25, 2022 an extraordinary and resilient elephant, which had Survised five times in poacher fire, died in northern Kenya, a region plagued by a... >>>

Jarasch: must not get to standstill

Thursday  17:20,   29 september 2022

Berlin's deputy head of government Bettina Jarasch (Greens) wants to concentrate on the subject topics despite a possible repetition of the election as a House of Representatives. "We are facing a violent crisis winter and, as a Senate, are... >>>

Election of a new president in Lebanon failed

Thursday  16:10,   29 september 2022

Beirut, Sep 29 (Reuters) - In the middle of a severe economic and financial crisis, Lebanon is now also threatening a vacuum on the top of the state. The Lebanese parliament could not agree on a successor to President Michel Aoun on Thursday, whose >>>

Lithuania Foreign Minister: Leck-Sabotage "Terrorist Act"

Thursday  16:02,   29 september 2022

Lithuania Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis has described the alleged sabotage at the Gas Lines North Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 as "act of terrorist". "Another leak is further evidence that this is a deliberate act, an action that in my... >>>

Iraq: rocket fire on the center of Baghdad for the 2nd consecutive day

Thursday  13:30,   29 september 2022

Iraq-Troubles: Iraq: rocket shooting on the center of Baghdad for the 2nd consecutive day © Reuters/Ahmed Saad Anti-Governmental event in Baghdad Baghdad (Reuters) - Four Roquettes were drawn Thursday from the east of Baghdad to the Green Zone of... >>>

Russia makes life difficult

Thursday  08:40,   29 september 2022

For days, many people from Russia have been making their way abroad. Many of them are men of a military age, perhaps reservists who could shortly be confiscated in military service in Ukraine. © Zurab Tsertsvadze/AP willingness to leave the border... >>>

Berlin: Constitutional Court considers repetition to be possible

Wednesday  15:20,   28 september 2022

The choice to the Berlin House of Representatives may have to be repeated completely due to the chaotic process. The Constitutional Court in the capital comes to this preliminary assessment. © Georg Hilgemann/ dpa The Berlin Constitutional Court,... >>>

Prince William: This very important decision he has taken since he was Prince of Wales

Wednesday  12:12,   28 september 2022

© Agency / Bestimage Prince William: This very important decision he has taken since he has been prince of Wales since The death of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and Kate Middleton became prince and princess of Wales. This Tuesday, September... >>>

Prince William: Nostradamus prophecy shocked British Royal House

Tuesday  14:20,   27 september 2022

An ominous prophecy of nostradamus towards Prince William provides vilar. © Imago / Cinema Publishers Collection, Imago Nostradamus, Prince William Nostradamus is one of the greatest fortune tellers in the history of mankind, because many of its... >>>

Orban terminates referendum on Russia sanctions on

Tuesday  06:30,   27 september 2022

(dpa) The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has announced a referendum on the Russian sanctions of the European Union (EU). "The sanctions were not decided in a democratic way, but Brussels bureaucrats and European elites were decided about... >>>

An NASA probe will hit an asteroid to try to deviate it from

Tuesday  06:20,   27 september 2022

Espace-Exploration-ASteroide: An NASA probe will hit an asteroid to try to deviate it from © Reuters/NASA/JOHNS HOPKINS NASA (Reuters) - A probe launched last November by NASA in an attempt to divert an asteroid from its trajectory should reach its >>>