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Scottish state rumbles on Aberdeen

Saturday  20:05,   08 august 2020

© Supplied by Sofoot The party too many. Bayer overthrows Rangers and goes to quarterbacks Several Aberdeen players had the brilliant idea of ​​meeting in a bar last Saturday. In times of health crisis, the boomerang has of course been back in the... >>>

The unexpected shipwreck of Raphaël Varane

Saturday  13:06,   08 august 2020

© Panoramic From light to drowning for Raphaël Varane. Promoted defensive boss of Real Madrid after the suspension of the irreplaceable Sergio Ramos in the first leg, the French international central defender (27) single-handedly symbolized the... >>>

Megos climbs the world's toughest rock route

Friday  18:20,   07 august 2020


Stay or run ?: Australian scientists develop app for the determination of spiders and snakes

Friday  17:20,   07 august 2020

© Unsplash / Joshua J. Cotten A new self-learning app can soon provide information about whether the encounter with a spider or a snake is harmless or dangerous Simply upload a photo and a new app tells you whether a poisonous or non-poisonous... >>>

Donald Trump issues a decree banning transactions with the Chinese owner of Tik Tok

Friday  07:25,   07 august 2020

© LIONEL BONAVENTURE - JIM WATSON / AFP Donald Trump has accused Tik Tok, for months, of being able to be used by Chinese intelligence for surveillance purposes . Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday banning any transaction with... >>>

Group portrait of Symrise: The company determines what we smell during the day

Thursday  19:47,   06 august 2020

Symrise could move up to the Dax. What kind of company is this that is hardly known to the population? © Photo: dpa According to the nose. Symrise produces fragrances and flavors. Photo: Swen Pförtner / dpa For a German company means the fall of... >>>

Black Metal-Yoga: Corpsepaint and training clothes

Thursday  16:40,   06 august 2020

Read the original article on www.metal-hammer.de >>>

0: 3! VfL almost no chance with playful chessar

Wednesday  23:05,   05 august 2020

© Getty Images Got a used day with VfL in Kiev: John Anthony Brooks (2nd from left). Schachtar's Portuguese coach Luis Castro swapped three positions compared to the first leg: Khocholava, Stepanenko and Marlon played instead of Ismaily, Kovalenko... >>>

Open letter to President Macron

Wednesday  17:05,   05 august 2020

© Provided by Slate Emmanuel Macron during a joint press videoconference with Angela Merkel at the end of the European Council, July 21, 2020 in Brussels. | John Thys / POOL / AFP Mr. Chairman, Once again, you testify to the greatness of France.... >>>

Set up a sand bath for birds

Tuesday  18:48,   04 august 2020

© Provided by My beautiful garden Sparrow in the sand bath To clean the plumage, many bird species not only take a water bath, but also a sand bath. Sparrows in particular are often seen with this form of personal care. birds are welcome guests in... >>>

Coronavirus: Macron announces a state envelope of 80 million euros for bonuses for home carers

Tuesday  16:25,   04 august 2020

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Tree houses: luxury with flat screen or open wall

Tuesday  15:27,   04 august 2020

© Sebastian Kahnert / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa The romantic tree house (l) stands out in the tree house hotel Kriebelland between the trees. The view is unique, the sounds of the animals and leaves are immediate. A night in a tree house is very... >>>

Bologna trainer survives leukemia

Tuesday  08:25,   04 august 2020


Italy's oldest club is for sale

Tuesday  08:25,   04 august 2020

© imago CFC Genoa is for sale owner Enrico Preziosi (72) wants to part with CFC Genoa 1893 after 35 years. "This year, my family and I have to say goodbye to the football world after 35 years. The time has come to take a step back so that others... >>>