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United States. He finds his cat more than fifteen years after having lost it

Monday  15:15,   01 march 2021

© Archives Ouest-France The man had lost his cat fifteen years ago (illustration). When he thought he had lost his cat forever in 2005, an American was recently contacted by an association: the animal has been found. The information on his chip... >>>

Danone says stop to Chinese dairy giant

Monday  08:45,   01 march 2021

© Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images Danone says stop to Chinese dairy giant The French agribusiness flagship announced its decision as a board of directors is convened on Monday March 1, when its CEO faces a sling from shareholders. It's the... >>>

Investor Ponomarev is about to return in Uerdingen

Sunday  22:05,   28 february 2021

The KFC Uerdingen still lacks a sponsor. As a short-term solution, the ex-president could step in again. © imago images Will he be returning to the KFC soon? Mikhail Ponomarev. football third division KFC Uerdingen is fighting two struggles for... >>>

Protests in Myanmar: Police shoot at least five people

Sunday  15:45,   28 february 2021

During the protests against the military junta in Myanmar, the regime again killed people and injured many on Sunday. Media reports spoke of at least five dead and hundreds injured on the second day of the violent clashes. "Myanmar is like a... >>>

crybaby! Celebrities have given these nasty nicknames

Sunday  14:41,   28 february 2021

Captain Sir Tom Moore was buried on Saturday (February 27th) yesterday. The Corona hero's family said goodbye in a moving ceremony. © Getty Images Captain Sir Tom Moore († 100) Captain Sir Tom Moore († 100) caused a sensation worldwide after... >>>

Kristina Vogel doesn't want a career in para-sport

Sunday  09:05,   28 february 2021

Former track cycling world champion Kristina Vogel, who was paraplegic after an accident, is not aiming for a comeback in para-sport. © Jörg Carstensen / dpa Kristina Vogel is not aiming for a comeback in para-sport. “Active competitive sport is... >>>

Pope Francis sees himself dying in Rome

Sunday  04:45,   28 february 2021

© Provided by Le Point L Pope Francis sees himself dying in Rome, still sovereign pontiff, without returning to live in his native Argentina , according to an interview transcribed in a book entitled "The health of the popes" whose good sheets were >>>

Cologne entrepreneur: Bernd Samland creates product names

Sunday  01:15,   28 february 2021

Do you know the Rhingo electric scooter? The Opel Mokka? The VW Tiguan? Or the TV station Vox? Many of these names should be familiar to many people. Largely unknown, however, is the man who stands behind these word creations. © Hauke-Christian... >>>

Surprise sur prize (France 2) Vianney's nightmare

Saturday  20:50,   27 february 2021

France 2 is offering a new issue of Surprise sur prize tonight, zooming in on the trap set in Vianney ... © Spread Pictures / ABACA France 2 is offering tonight a new issue of Surprise sur prize, zoom on the trap set for Vianney ... With his team... >>>

Coup d'état in Burma: the police fire rubber bullets to disperse the demonstrators

Saturday  11:28,   27 february 2021

© AFP - Ye Aung Thu The police question demonstrators during new demonstrations against the military power in Yangon on February 27, 2021. Police made further arrests and fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowd during further protests against... >>>

"It's really going back to jump better": scientists doubtful about Castex's announcements

Friday  17:29,   26 february 2021

© Copyright 2021, L'Obs The government wants to give itself a little time before deciding to tighten health restrictions, in twenty departments covering Paris, Lyon and Marseille , where cases of Covid-19 threaten to flare up. But faced with the... >>>

Australia: A sheep has 35 kg of wool removed from its back

Friday  15:29,   26 february 2021

The animal was found in a forest in the state of Victoria from where it was taken to an animal shelter north of Melbourne © HONS / AP / SIPA Baarack however does not dethrone Chris, the other Australian sheep who holds the record for the heaviest... >>>

Italy: Top duel between Juve and Napoli will be made up on March 17th.

Friday  14:21,   26 february 2021

The Serie A top match between the Italian football champions Juventus Turin and SSC Napoli will be made up on March 17th. © Provided by sport1.de Italy: Top duel between Juve and Napoli will be rescheduled on March 17th. The Serie A top game... >>>

Burma: Police raid in Yangon to put an end to a demonstration

Friday  13:12,   26 february 2021

BURMA-POLITICS: Burma: Police raid in Yangon to end a demonstration © Reuters / STRINGER BURMA: POLICE DESCENT IN RANGOUN TO END A DEMONSTRATION (Reuters) - Burmese police raided a neighborhood in Yangon last night to end a protest against an... >>>

Russia: vaccine tourism, a side effect of Sputnik V

Friday  12:55,   26 february 2021

© France 24 Tired of waiting for a vaccine to come into circulation on a large scale, many foreigners decide to go directly to Moscow to be vaccinated with "Sputnik V". The Russian authorities have submitted a request to the European Medicines... >>>