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To what temperature can dogs resist cold and how to protect them?

Wednesday  20:50,   07 december 2022

If you didn't know, dogs too, can be very cold in winter. From a certain degree, it is necessary to protect them and adopt the right gestures during the winter season. … Even with their beautiful fur, our dogs can feel the cold when temperatures... >>>

traffic light parliamentary group leader alarmed via overthrow plans

Wednesday  16:00,   07 december 2022

The chairpersons of the traffic lights have been alerted about the plans of so-called imperial citizens for an armed storm on the Bundestag. The security authorities obviously "acted clear threats against the background," said SPD parliamentary... >>>

Argentina: Vice-president Cristina Kirchner sentenced to six years in prison and to life ineligibility

Wednesday  14:00,   07 december 2022

© Luis Robayo / AFP The former president of the Argentine nation was sentenced to six years in prison for corruption. The facts would have taken place during its presidential mandates in 2007 and 2015. this Tuesday, the former state head and... >>>

Argentina: Vice-president Cristina Kirchner sentenced to six years in prison for corruption

Wednesday  07:50,   07 december 2022

© AFP/Archivos The Vice-President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner, February 8, 2020. The former Peronist President Cristina Kirchner was condemned At six years in prison for corruption in a case concerning the award of public procurement, under his... >>>

Saxon families are worse than four years ago

Tuesday  21:50,   06 december 2022

financial and temporal burdens rose heavily. The concerns are transferred to the children, shows the current family study of the AOK. © dpa Children and adolescents who spend a lot of time with their family are better off in life. © dpa families,... >>>

deep sea fisherman catches bizarre horror creature

Tuesday  15:30,   06 december 2022

of a fisherman was missing the words when he pulled an extremely bizarre creature from the depths of the sea. © Piola666, Instagram/Istock Bizarre Creature from the sea Roman Fedortsov was in the Norwegian lake when he met a bizarre -looking... >>>

Algeria and China sign two agreements to strengthen bilateral links

Tuesday  00:50,   06 december 2022

provided by News 360 The Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, and his Algerian counterpart, Ramtane Lamamra. - Li Rui / Xinhua News / Contactophoto The Algerian Foreign Affairs Minister, Ramtane Lamamra, and the president of the National Development... >>>

Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin cremated in Beijing

Monday  23:50,   05 december 2022

provided by News 360 Archives - Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin during a Chinese Communist Party Congress in 2012. - Stephen Shaver / Zuma Press / Contactophoto L 'Former Chinese president Jiang Zemin was cremated on Monday morning at the... >>>

Scholz - China's rise does not justify insulation

Monday  13:40,   05 december 2022

Berlin, Dec 5 (Reuters) - Chancellor Olaf Scholz has warned of China's isolation and a new block formation in the world. At the same time, Scholz asked the People's Republic in a contribution to the political magazine "Foreign Affairs" to adhere to >>>

Ukrainian doctors learn in Berlin how to treat fire injuries

Sunday  22:30,   04 december 2022

carefully wraps the association around the patient's head. A colleague holds the hose that leads into the man's nose, another takes care of the burned feet and hands. The operating room in the Berlin accident hospital (UKB) is full this morning.... >>>

War in Ukraine. Russian oil price capped, illusion of peace ... The point on the night

Saturday  10:20,   03 december 2022

© Roman Pilipey / EPA-EFE Westerners fear that peace negotiations will allow Russia to strengthen its army for a counterattack. Australia, the European Union and the G7 countries have agreed to cap the price of the Russian oil barrel, in order to... >>>

Twitter. Users will see more account tweets that they do not follow

Friday  17:40,   02 december 2022

© Robert Galbraith / Archives Reuters The Twitter logo at its headquarters in San Francisco, California, April 28, 2015. Twitter changes its algorithm. The social network offers users more tweets from accounts they do not follow. The news feed is... >>>

"Situation is dramatic": Children's clinic writes fire letter to Lauterbach

Friday  12:10,   02 december 2022

RS virus and flu wave "Situation is dramatic": Children's clinic writes fire letter to Lauterbach © T - Online Nursing Angel and respiratory diseases bring children's clinics to their limit. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has now received a cry... >>>

Großpostwitz: Missing technology delayed tree lighting

Friday  10:00,   02 december 2022

inhabitants worries about the large conifer at the new pilgrimage tavern. At least in one question, the mayor can calm down. © SZ/Uwe Soeder The large tree at the bus stop pilgrimage taverns in Großpostwitz is worried about a resident; Also because >>>

Steinmeier in Tirana: "Europe is looking forward to Albania"

Friday  01:50,   02 december 2022

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has encouraged Albania for the planned admission to the EU for further reforms and promised German help. He knew that Albania's path to the European Union would remain demanding, he said in a speech to the... >>>