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Bengal's crisis: "Joe Cool" is still looking for his Swag

Sunday  15:30,   25 september 2022

Munich - there are times when social media are poison. It is best to completely do without Twitter, Instagram and Co. © Imago/USA Today Network Burrow Swag Joe Burrow does just that, he deleted the apps on his cell phone. "A little longer," as he... >>>

Quiz to Cologne Cathedral: Are you a real cathedral expert?

Sunday  09:11,   25 september 2022

"landmark" of the city and the center of life of many people has been the Cologne Cathedral for 700 years. For the anniversary, our editorial team put together a number of numbers and facts about the DOM and spoke to the people who work in and on... >>>

Diakonie and DRK see care in need of high energy prices. Endangered

Sunday  04:50,   25 september 2022

Diakonie, German Red Cross (DRK) and Caritas, through the high energy costs, see the supply of needy in social institutions. He reached "daily emergency signals" that care facilities, kindergartens, advice centers and support services "can no... >>>

rallies against Iranian regime in Hamburg and Berlin

Sunday  04:50,   25 september 2022

in Hamburg have demonstrated several hundred people against the system of rule and the systematic discrimination against women in the nearby country. On the star hill alone, up to 1000 people demonstrated in the afternoon, said a police spokesman.... >>>

Some celebrities just don't understand fun

Sunday  03:10,   25 september 2022

training should improve our body feeling and make us stronger, faster and fitter. Effective training is a and m: endurance and strength training should alternate, as well as intensive and moderate workouts. © Tony Anderson / Gettyimages Is it more... >>>

has there been a man -made climate change earlier?

Sunday  12:50,   18 september 2022

They cost countless human life, they plunged world empires, they still influence our lives today - and yet many disasters are not known to the public. WDW about some of the unnoticed incidents in world history. © Clintspencer/iStock Dürre Due to... >>>

Russia reports strikes on Ukrainian troops

Saturday  21:02,   17 september 2022

Ukraine-crise-Russia: Russia reports on Ukrainian troops © Reuters/Gleb Guarantor The authorities work around and within a residential building Damaged by a Russian military strike with Izium, Ukraine Moscow (Reuters) - The Russian Defense Ministry >>>

Prince Edward admits that the royal family is "overwhelmed" by the great affection for Elizabeth II.

Friday  20:50,   16 september 2022

Prince Edward, the youngest son of the late Queen Elisabeth II, has admitted that the British royal family died of the countless statements of affection for the deceased monarch, who died last week at the age of 96 after 70 years of reign in... >>>

Australia sets on barrier-free trips

Friday  20:00,   16 september 2022

ship trip with a polar light guarantee © Andrea Warnecke/Dpa-TMN The green northern northern light (Aurora Borealis) can be seen on a boat trip between mountains in Norway. Tromsø (dpa/tmn) - Hurtigruten offers a sea voyage with postal ships... >>>

Charles III: Why shouldn't you blame him for recent anger access?

Friday  10:40,   16 september 2022

© PA Photos/Abaca Charles III: Why shouldn't you blame him for recent anger access? This Thursday, September 8, at the announcement of the death of Elisabeth II, his eldest son, Charles, officially became king. In the aftermath of the disappearance >>>

A funny border zigzague on an island between Finland and Sweden, here is its story

Friday  04:40,   16 september 2022

© Photo: Johan Fredriksson / WikiMédia / CC by-SA 3.0 Märket Island, in the Baltic Sea, is divided between Finland and Sweden . In this photo, the Finnish lighthouse built in 1885. The very small Märket island, in the Baltic Sea, is divided between >>>

Charles III "Heartless": these dismissals which do not pass

Thursday  09:40,   15 september 2022

© Agency / Bestimage Charles III "heartless": these dismissals which do not pass barely crowned, King Charles III must face first controversies which feed its unpopularity in the United Kingdom. Leaving Clarence House and his title as a prince of... >>>

Charles III: Why he will not have the right to travel with Prince William

Wednesday  20:40,   14 september 2022

© Agency / Bestimage Charles III: why he will not have the right to travel with Prince William while he inherited the British throne following the death of his mother Elizabeth II, King Charles III will no longer be able to travel on the same plane >>>

An Elizabeth II lookalike retired after 34 years of good and loyal services

Wednesday  15:50,   14 september 2022

for more than three decades, she embodied it in the cinema and on television. Mary Reynolds, eighty-nine years, was for 34 years the double of the deceased queen Elizabeth II. And when a Russian television channel contacted her to replace the... >>>

Death of Elizabeth II. The plane carrying the queen's body broke the most followed flight record

Wednesday  14:30,   14 september 2022

© Andrew Milligan / AFP from the Royal Air Force (RAF) carriers transport the coffin of the Queen Elizabeth II, to the airport of Edinburgh on September 13, 2022, before it was transported to London. The plane carrying the coffin of Queen Elizabeth >>>