News: Offbeat

It’s the real-life circle of life! Monkey holds its baby aloft, just like scene from The Lion King

Sunday  13:30,   21 october 2018

Life imitated art when the mother was seen lifting up her baby aloft to recreate the iconic cinematic spectacle. Photographer Dafna Ben Nun captured the moment the baboon and her infant recreated the much-imitated scene. The 38-year-old captured the >>>

Why Are We So Scared of Clowns?

Sunday  13:30,   21 october 2018

Clowns have a long and spooky... >>>

A man was told he could only attend a wedding if he came as a drunk clown — and he delivered

Sunday  09:35,   21 october 2018

Erik Patterson went to his friend Marvin Solomon's wedding as a drunk... >>>

Do Dogs Understand What You’re Telling Them? Scientists Are Scanning Their Brains to Find Out

Saturday  14:30,   20 october 2018

Researchers are trying to figure out how dogs distinguish between human... >>>

Canada legalised marijuana. The Simpsons predicted it 13 years ago

Saturday  12:30,   20 october 2018

Guys, The Simpsons are at it again with the back to the future-style... >>>

Scientists Find Fossil of 150-Million-Year-Old Flesh-Eating Fish—Plus a Few of Its Prey

Saturday  12:30,   20 october 2018

It has razor-sheep teeth like a... >>>

Brazil recovers ancient human fossil fragments from burnt Rio museum

Saturday  09:20,   20 october 2018

Brazilian officials said Friday they have recovered pieces of a 12,000-year-old fossil of a neolithic woman that was among the prized artifacts in Rio de Janeiro's burnt down National Museum. "We found almost all of the skull and 80 percent of its... >>>

The prayer book from Marilyn Monroe’s Jewish conversion is up for sale

Saturday  09:06,   20 october 2018

Marilyn Monroe met playwright Arthur Miller on the set of As Young As You Feel, in 1951. That night, she wrote in her diary:... >>>

Sagrada Familia gets a building permit 130 years too late

Friday  14:20,   19 october 2018

The iconic Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona has agreed to pay €36m (£31m) to authorities after going without a building permit for more than 130 years. Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi's famous building has been under construction for 136 years - >>>

Queen Elizabeth's purse makes a cameo in her latest royal portrait — and the reason why is super relatable

Friday  14:06,   19 october 2018

A recent portrait of Queen Elizabeth II featured more than just the queen. In the portrait, the artist painted one of the queen's signature black purses at her... >>>

Aerial photos reveal the hypnotic geometry of farming

Friday  12:30,   19 october 2018

Farming around the globe is big and repetitive. Massive tracts of land are needed to plant crops. The seasonal dance of planting, growing and harvesting food follows a natural timeline and requires a certain organization. Its scale and order are... >>>

Some hummingbirds hit notes so high, only a dog could hear them

Friday  10:30,   19 october 2018

Shaking up what we know about bird... >>>

A teacher uses memes to grade papers — and people think it's a clever way to boost classroom morale

Friday  09:20,   19 october 2018

On Wednesday, Ainee Fatima, a 27-year-old English and media studies teacher based out of Franklin Park, Illinois, shared a video of herself using her meme stickers to grade exams on Twitter — and people loved... >>>

Banksy's painting was meant to be shredded completely

Friday  09:15,   19 october 2018

"Girl with Balloon," now renamed "Love Is in the Bin," was meant to be destroyed entirely, but the frame malfunctioned at Sotheby's auction house, according to a new... >>>

Mass Decapitation Revealed at Israel Burial Site

Friday  09:07,   19 october 2018

Hundreds of bones reveal the bloody executions of women and... >>>