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OffbeatScientists unearth 'most bird-like' dinosaur ever found

16:55  15 may  2019
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Another Bat-Winged Dinosaur Has Been Found

Another Bat-Winged Dinosaur Has Been Found Ambopteryx had a long wristbone that likely supported leathery membranes, allowing it to glide between trees.

The finding has astonished experts because carnivorous dinosaurs were thought to have become smaller as they grew more bird - like . The team of scientists who unearthed the fossilised bone fragments in the Sunitezuoqi region believe it may not have been fully grown.

Many dinosaurs possessed feathers. Birds evolved from small feathered dinosaurs near the end of the Jurassic Period. Caihong had fuzzy feathers and pennaceous ones, those that look like writing quills. It is the earliest known creature with asymmetrical feathers, a trait used by birds to steer when

Scientists unearth 'most bird-like' dinosaur ever found© OLIVER RAUHUT, OLIVER RAUHUT The notches in the wing bones of the new specimen point to muscles which would have allowed it to actively flap its wings

Researchers in Germany have unearthed a new species of flying dinosaur that flapped its wings like a raven and could hold vital clues as to how modern-day birds evolved from their reptilian ancestors.

For more than a century and a half since its discovery in 1861, Archaeopteryx -- a small feathered dinosaur around the size of a crow that lived in marshland around 150 million years ago -- was widely considered to be the oldest flying bird.

Palaeontologists from Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich and the University of Fribourg examined rock formations in the German region of Bavaria, home to nearly all known Archaeopteryx specimens.

Game of Thrones: The Story Behind the Hound's "Little Bird" Nickname For Sansa

Game of Thrones: The Story Behind the Hound's The history shared between Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane, aka the Hound, is a complicated one that stretches back years on Game of Thrones. The pair hadn't met for several seasons, until they finally share a scene again in the fourth episode of the final season, "The Last of the Starks." In referencing Sansa's past, the Hound calls her "little bird." It's a nickname that Sansa has heard before, from more than one place. In her early days as Joffrey's fiancée in King's Landing, Sansa is often referred to with different kinds of bird imagery.

Identifying the largest dinosaurs ever lived isn’t an easy task, because it’s very rare to unearth a complete fossil. Furthermore, only a tiny percentage of these amazing animals ever fossilized, and most of these “lucky” bodies will remain buried underground forever. So, we may never know exactly

Scientists believe it is a new species of titanosaur - an enormous herbivore dating from the Late A film crew from the BBC Natural History Unit was there to capture the moment the scientists realised "Without knowing more about this current find it's difficult to be sure. One problem with assessing the

They came across a petrified wing, which the team initially assumed to be the same species. They soon found several differences, however.

"There are similarities, but after detailed comparisons with Archaeopteryx and other, geologically younger birds, its fossil remains suggested that we were dealing with a somewhat more derived bird," said lead study author Oliver Rauhut from LMU's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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Scientists unearth 'most bird-like' dinosaur ever found
They called the new bird-like dinosaur Alcmonavis poeschli -- from the old Celtic word for a nearby river and the scientist who discovered the fossil, excavation leader Roland Poeschl.

The study, published in the journal eLife Sciences, said Alcmonavis poeschli was "the most bird-like bird discovered from the Jurassic".

Newly discovered flying dinosaur evolved bat-like wings to climb trees

Newly discovered flying dinosaur evolved bat-like wings to climb trees The dinosaur fossil dates back 163 million years ago to the Jurassic era and has been featured on the cover of the journal Nature.

One described the beast as “the most bizarre dinosaur ever found .” An upright posture, powerful hind legs and foreshortened front limbs were all But an inverted, bird - like hip structure and flattened, leaf-shaped teeth – proof of an exclusively vegetal diet – suggested that it also shared traits with another

Dinosaur bone unearthed in garden Jump to media player A dinosaur bone believed to be up to 130 million years old has been found in a back garden in The bones and eggs of a new 70-million-year-old dinosaur that resembled a flightless bird have been found in Patagonia, scientists say.

As well as being significantly larger than Archaeopteryx, the new specimen had more notches in its wing bones that pointed to muscles which would have allowed it to actively flap its wings.

Significantly, this "flapping" trait found in Alcmonavis poeschli is present in more recent birds, but not in Archaeopteryx.

"This suggests that the diversity of birds in the late Jurassic era was greater than previously thought," Rauhut said.

The discovery is likely to fuel debate among dinosaur experts over whether birds and dinosaurs developed the ability to flap their wings from earlier gliding species.

"Its adaptation shows that the evolution of flight must have progressed relatively quickly," said Christian Foth, from the University of Fribourg, and a co-author of the research.

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