Offbeat 20 Dogs Who Make Adorable Newspaper Carriers

17:50  04 october  2019
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  Despite appearances, your cat does love you Despite appearances, your cat does love youThis is the first study to look at cat attachment by looking at bonding styles, the same way researchers study dogs and human babies, says Kristyn Vitale, who researches cat behavior at Oregon State University. Studying these loyalty methods in animals can show us how similar our bonds with our pets are to those with other humans.

Take a look at this aww-worthy roundup of photos of dogs fetching newspapers in celebration of International Newspaper Carrier Day. Whether they're distinguished purebred pups or adorable unique mutts, all dogs are wonderful creatures.

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Residents of Edmonton's Griesbach neighbourhood who were flooded out by sewage after heavy rain backed up the sewer system are considering legal action.

Around 130 basements in the north Edmonton neighbourhood were flooded on Friday, July 19, two days after it had begun to rain heavily.

The volume of water exceeded the capacity of the Epcor sanitary trunk line, forcing raw sewage up drain pipes.

Michelle Miles  — whose rental home filled with more than a metre of raw sewage — is organizing a class action lawsuit against the utility company.

"This is Epcor's fault and it's crummy that they're not taking any accountability," Miles said.

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August 20, 2019. 20 Dogs Who Make Adorable Newspaper Carriers . Step aside, newsies! Pups are peculiar and we have the pictures to prove it! August 20, 2019. 20 Dogs Who Make Adorable Newspaper Carriers .

Do you love dogs ? Have you always dreamt of living in a six-story townhouse in London's chicest neighborhood? Then this is probably your dream job. If you love dogs and period dramas set in the U.K., this job listing could make all of your fantasies come true.

"They flood my house with sewage from all over the area and I can't even get a 10-per-cent discount on my bill."

Miles has canvassed the neighbourhood, gathering names and insurance details, which she submitted to a legal firm.

So far, 25 households have expressed interest in pursuing a case, Miles said. With the list growing, she hopes the action will be certified by a judge. 

"I'm disgusted with Epcor and I don't want to use their service but I don't have a choice," Miles said. "So I'm trying to be a voice for people who don't have one." 

Griesbach homes were flooded with sewage water in July. Epcor says the sewer backup was the result of heavy rainfall overwhelming a nearby sanitary line. © Nathan Gross/CBC Griesbach homes were flooded with sewage water in July. Epcor says the sewer backup was the result of heavy rainfall overwhelming a nearby sanitary line.

According to Environment Canada, 79 millimeters of rain fell in the area on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday leading up to the flood. 

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Some papers do still hire carriers who deliver by bicycle, as well as minors with the support of a parent or guardian, but many newspaper carriers today are adults with vehicles Newspaper carriers earn so little per paper that every penny counts. 20 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Dog .

PHOTOS: 20 of the 100+ Adorable Dog Breeds at AKC Meet the Breeds in 2020. While the 20 breeds pictured here are just a few of the dogs you can pet at the event, you can check out Plus, you can get a free consultation with a psychologist who specializes in the human-canine bond and pet loss.

Epcor has said the record rainfall was to blame for the sewage back-up. At the storm's peak, the sewer system was working to contain nearly triple the amount of water it normally holds, an Epcor spokesperson said after the flood.

The pumps were running but they couldn't keep up, the company said.

"The system performed as designed but was overloaded by this heavy rain event, at a time when it was already dealing with large volumes from previous wet weather," the company said in a statement Thursday.

"The drainage system across the city experienced high volumes, however, it functioned as designed."

You never think this is going to happen. And now I'm living with the fear that it will happen again. - Michelle Miles

Epcor has said that it intends to expand the trunk line, but construction won't be completed until the end of 2020. 

"This work will redirect the flow of the sanitary system to the east, reducing the potential of a repeat of July's event from occurring in the future," the company said Thursday.

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  Seann William Scott's secret wife revealed... Find out who Seann William Scott recently married.On Wednesday, Page Six reported that Seann, 42, married Los Angeles-based interior designer Olivia Korenberg. Neither Seann nor Olivia, 31, have confirmed that story, but the actor's rep did confirm to Us Weekly that he is indeed married.

Moore is encouraging anyone who suffered sexual misconduct to contact her firm to be included in the class action . She said the next step in the lawsuit is noticing — or getting the message about the case to people who were in the training schools.

Making the world a better place for dogs. 20 Dogs Who Think They Are Human With Hilarious Results. 8 Things Your Dog Would Totally Lie To You About. Wasn’t Me! 20 Adorable Puppies Covered In Mud.

Epcor also said it's not been made aware of any class action lawsuit. 

Miles was home when the basement of her four-bedroom duplex began flooding.

"My deep freeze was floating around in the basement," she said. "The water came up to my hips. 

"We purchased hip waders and went in and tried to rescue as much of our belongings as possible." 

The water destroyed everything in her basement and caused structural damage. With two young daughters and two dogs, Miles didn't feel safe returning to the unit.

A few days later, she and her family moved to a new rental home a few blocks away.

"We were flooded on [July] 19th and by the 24th we figured out that we needed to move," she said. 

"There was just no way we were going to be able to handle the stress of them coming in and doing all the repairs necessary to make the unit liveable." 

Miles had insurance but she said the cost of moving and replacing items sullied by the floodwaters outweigh the payout she will receive. 

She wants additional compensation. 

Here's Why Newspaper Sellers Used to Yell

  Here's Why Newspaper Sellers Used to Yell “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” is definitely a phrase you've heard, but it's time to find out why newsies used to shout it from the street corners.Well, according to the New York Newspaper Publishers Association, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, newsies shouted the phrase while trying to sell “extras,” any editions of a newspaper that deferred from the regular publishing cycle. Newspapers were printed in the morning and the evening, but of course, some major breaking news naturally occurred in between the two editions. If an extraordinary event happened after a publication’s morning deadline, many newspapers would print a second edition in order to deliver the news, i.

According to the Twitter user who posted it, "artists" can see the beach and its scenery, while others just see a broken door. “The static bird /rabbit illusion is well-known within psychology and philosophy, so when I saw [the Imgur] video, I thought it would interesting to share it, ” Quintana said.

Dogs can serve as adorable hosts, greeting whoever with wagging tails and excited licks - however, in some Don't require your paper carrier to go past a dog to deliver your paper , how about? Many of these dogs looked so goofy and lovable but I would caution everyone not to make assumptions that

"My living expenses for the month of July were around the $2,900 range, just for accommodations and extra food," Miles said. 

"You never think this is going to happen. And now I'm living with the fear that it will happen again.

"The anxiety that goes along with this is intense. I mean, every morning I'm going to check my basement."  

'They've done nothing for us'

The flood has been traumatic for residents, said resident Breanna Elrick who is considering joining Miles in a class action.

Elrick's home was flooded with raw sewage which came up to her knees. She remains frustrated by the way Epcor handled the situation. 

"They could have at least paid our deductibles," she said. "They've done nothing for us. We didn't get a credit on our bills, nothing." 

Elrick too was insured, but the flood remains a financial strain on her young family.

"We've been replacing items, but we've had to fork the money out ourselves until they pay us back and that's been a slow process," she said. 

"It's been a long, awful summer … I still get really nervous every time it rains."

Nearly 100 dogs dead or sick as distemper runs rampant in Manitoba community .
An outbreak of canine distemper is killing dogs on a northern Manitoba First Nation and has the potential to spread to other communities. If it does, it could "wipe out thousands" as well as infect wildlife, says the founder of a dog rescue group."Unfortunately, the virus has gone rampant through Moose Lake and has killed dozens and dozens of dogs. We've got over a reported 40 deaths from the community in the last three weeks and probably another 50 or so are sick," said Katie Powell of the Winnipeg-based Save A Dog Network Canada.

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