Offbeat Corona: António Guterres warns of viruses as a weapon of terror

15:05  10 april  2020
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 You should now get rid of these 10 habits - Corona crisis © Halfpoint / Shutterstock.com You should now get rid of these habits Probably never before have more people washed their hands as often and for as long as now. Soap has been a luxury item and disinfectants have long been in short supply. But not only the common hygiene rules, e.g. Sneezing in the crook of the arm, foregoing the handshake and washing hands frequently are now important.

A terrorist attack with viruses is a horror scenario: UN Secretary-General Guterres sees an increasing threat from bio-terrorists - one of several threats to international stability.

  Corona: António Guterres warnt vor Viren als Terrorwaffe © Xie E / imago images / Xinhua

UN Secretary General António Guterres sees an increasing risk of attacks by bio-terrorists. Their goal could be a pandemic, as the world is currently experiencing through Sars-CoV-19 .

"The weaknesses and inadequate preparation exposed by this pandemic provide insight into what a bioterrorist attack could look like - and may increase the risk of it," said Guterres at a virtual meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Thursday (local time) in New York.

Antonio Guterres urges states to protect women from domestic violence

 Antonio Guterres urges states to protect women from domestic violence © REUTERS / Lisi Niesner Antonio Guterres in Vienna on May 28, 2019. The UN Secretary-General launched a global appeal on Sunday to protect women and girls . The confinement of nearly 3 billion people to fight the coronavirus pandemic has led to a marked increase in violence inside homes, in several countries.

"Non-governmental groups could gain access to virulent tribes that could cause similar devastation to societies around the world."

Concern about bio-terrorists is one of eight threats to international stability that the Secretary-General listed before the UN body because of the corona crisis. This also includes the general danger that terrorist groups could take advantage of the time of the crisis while governments are distracted by the pandemic.

The United Nations also registers Guterres, according to human rights violations related to Covid-19: "We see stigma, hate speech, right-wing extremists and other radicals trying to take advantage of the situation."

It was the first time that the United Nations Security Council met because of the Corona Crisis . Recently criticism had arisen because of the apparent standstill in the most powerful UN body. It was therefore all the more important to agree on a joint statement after the closed session: The members of the Security Council expressed their support for Guterres' efforts in the face of the pandemic and recalled "unity and solidarity with all those affected".

Coronavirus: Can you get infected through tap water?

 Coronavirus: Can you get infected through tap water? In theory, coronaviruses can remain infectious in water for weeks. What that means for a possible infection. © Jens Büttner / dpa Here and in our newsletter we regularly answer questions from our readers about the Coronavirus . Do you also have medical questions about Covid-19 or would you like to know more precisely what economic, political or social effects the crisis will have on Germany and the world? Write to coronafragen@spiegel.de . (By submitting a reader question, you grant SPIEGEL.de

tensions between the US and China

diplomats said that contrary to initial fears, the crisis had not been politicized at the meeting. All diplomatic efforts in New York are currently suffering from tensions over China's fear of being blamed. US President Donald Trump had repeatedly spoken of a "Chinese virus" and thus angered Beijing.

A meeting of the 15-member Security Council on the threat of the corona virus was postponed for weeks because the permanent members of the USA, China, Russia, Great Britain and France had planned their own - now failed - summit of their heads of state and government.

This should be preferred to a large group meeting in the Council that most elected members - including Germany - demanded. Germany's UN ambassador Christoph Heusgen criticized the Council's "deafening silence" so far. Unlike the

financial crisis 2008 , "leadership and power" have not come together internationally.

The UN Security Council is also working on two competing resolutions on Covid-19. A text under the leadership of France is only negotiated among the five veto powers. In response, the remaining ten members began working on their own resolution.

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