Offbeat A Minneapolis middle school requested 85 meal kits for families in need after stores were looted and destroyed. It was overwhelmed by the community's response.

04:15  02 june  2020
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Stephen Jackson: George Floyd's death 'just destroyed me'

  Stephen Jackson: George Floyd's death 'just destroyed me' Former NBA star Stephen Jackson has opened up about the death of his close friend George Floyd, who died while in police custody in Minneapolis on Monday. Floyd, known to Jackson as his "twin," could be heard on video repeatedly saying "I can't breathe" while pinned to the ground with one officer's knee on his neck. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. In an interview with the "Today" show Thursday, Jackson spoke about how difficult it was for him to see the video of Floyd's final moments."I'm the type of guy, I get mad and I get into a full face of tears when I see a homeless man on the street that I can't help," Jackson said.

As protests destroyed grocery stores , one Minneapolis middle school held a food drive. Staff and families were blown away at the amount of donations. A Minneapolis middle school requested 85 meal kits for families in need after stores were looted and destroyed .

There have been protests in cities across Texas, including in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, the Statesman reported. A Minneapolis middle school requested 85 meal kits for families in need after stores were looted and destroyed . It was overwhelmed by the community ' s response .

a group of people standing in front of a crowd: Piles of food donations outside Sanford Middle School in Minneapolis. LittleLioness6/Twitter © LittleLioness6/Twitter Piles of food donations outside Sanford Middle School in Minneapolis. LittleLioness6/Twitter

In the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer on Monday, riots have erupted around the country as people protest against police violence against the African American community.

One middle school that's three blocks away from Minneapolis' 3rd precinct police station put out a call for help in response to the looting and destruction of grocery and convenience stores caused by protests, which has impacted students and their families.

Riots in Minneapolis: Twitter reports a tweet from Trump for "apology for violence"

 Riots in Minneapolis: Twitter reports a tweet from Trump for © Copyright 2020, The Observations This will not help the already stormy relations between Donald Trump and Twitter. For the first time, a tweet by the American president on the clashes in Minneapolis was reported this Friday May 29 by the social network for "apology of violence". "This tweet violates Twitter’s rules of violence. However, Twitter believes it is in the public interest that this tweet remains accessible, "said Twitter. “When the looting begins, the shooting begins.

You are destroying lives and livelihoods with fire and theft. It is an intensely selfish act that specifically further victimizes the people you purport to help. So you had a friend murdered by a cop so you're now the arbiter of what is or isn't an acceptable response to hundreds of years of violence and

Looting has been reported in Long Beach, California, where video appears to show looters inside a boarded up business. The perpetrators are seen breaking second-story windows from inside the store , then jumping back onto the street with stolen goods.

"We had a parent that reached out to us who was checking in with other families in the community, and we heard they needed food," Jabari Browne, who's been a special education teacher at Sanford Middle School for five years, told Insider. "Due to the protests, a lot of stores are shut down and burnt down, and we have a lot of kids that don't have transportation."

The school requested 85 meal kits to be donated as part of the drive, Sanford Middle School Principal Amy Nelson told CBS Minnesota reporter Marielle Mohs — but what resulted on Sunday morning was an incredible overflow of donations that has filled the school's lawn with supplies and caused traffic backups all day, Browne told Insider.

Browne estimated that the school received "tens and thousands of donations" starting early Sunday morning — and pictures of the school grounds from Twitter users match that description.

Riots in Minneapolis: "amazement and horror" in Canada (Trudeau)

 Riots in Minneapolis: © Provided by Le Point Many Canadians follow with "amazement and horror" the scenes of violence after the death of a black in the United States, estimated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling on his fellow citizens to fight racism in Canada. "Many Canadians of all origins watch news from the United States with amazement and horror," said Trudeau in a rare comment on the situation with the American neighbor.

You must request the flair for it to be implemented, it is not automatic. But make them rebuild the stores they destroyed as their community service. I still don’t get how destroying jobs and stores where you can buy needed items like food is beneficial.

For example posting CGI content without the mention of it being CGI will result in a removal. They just closed over 70 stores in MN for the foreseeable future in response to the protests. Regardless of if the food was looted or (most likely) donated honestly the gesture itself is applaudable.

Nelson told CBS Minneapolis that the response is "not surprising."

"We live in a great city, and we have people who want to help," Nelson said. "The response has been overwhelming in a very positive way." 

Browne said that the school's food drive is just one symbol of the resilient spirit of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

"It's been hard sleeping these past couple nights. I've been in fear thinking what the town is going to look like when we wake up," he said. "But I was able to sleep well last night knowing we'd be able to make so many kids and families smile."

Browne said: "This will let everyone know that despite everything that's going on, we are a strong-knit city."


Benefit Album of Minneapolis Artists Released by Tompkins Square Records .
In response to George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police, Tompkins Square Records today released “Out of the Ashes,” a 16-track compilation album of area artists that will benefit two charitable organizations in the city. The full lineup appears below. The two organizations the compilation benefits are MIGIZI, which aims to “nurture the development of Native American youth in order to unleash their creativity and dreams,” and the offices of which were destroyed by a fire late last month.

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