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11:05  27 october  2020
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Anthony Chisholm, Tony-Nominated Actor and 'Oz' Star, Dies at 77

  Anthony Chisholm, Tony-Nominated Actor and 'Oz' Star, Dies at 77 Anthony Chisholm, a Tony-nominated actor who was a veteran presence on stage, TV and film, has died at the age of 77. His talent agency confirmed his death to TheWrap early on Saturday. "The Katz Company is saddened to announce the passing of our longtime friend and client, Tony-Nominee, Anthony Chisholm," the firm said in a statement. "Affectionately called 'Chiz,' he was an actor and storyteller like none-other, embodying loyalty, devotion, and compassion to his artistry.

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Cleopatra was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt ‒ after her death in 30 BC, the country became a province of the Roman Empire. Her beauty secured her immortality ‒ and she has been a pop culture icon of Egyptomania ever since.

Dans « Manuel de curiosité générale », Sidonie Bonnec raconte, avec Thomas Hugues, 250 histoires insolites. © Delphine Ghosarossian / FTV In« General curiosity manual », Sidonie Bonnec tells, with Thomas Hugues, 250 unusual stories.

The host of "Everyone has their say", from Monday to Friday at 6:05 pm on France 2, is releasing a book entitled "Manuel de curiosité générale", published by Fayard.

In Manuel de curiosité générale (Fayard), which she co-signs with journalist Thomas Hugues, Sidonie Bonnec compiles 250 crisp anecdotes with which everyone can shine at the coffee machine. Interview between two recordings of Everyone has a say, on France 2.

In your book, do you reveal the reason why Superman puts on his underpants over his pants?

After complaints, CRA encourages some failed CRB applicants to reapply on Monday

  After complaints, CRA encourages some failed CRB applicants to reapply on Monday After dozens of Canadians complained to CBC News about problems getting the new Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB), the Canada Revenue Agency is now recommending that some applicants reapply for the benefit on Monday after 6 a.m. ET. CBC News first reported Friday on the frustration and despair of Canadians who were certain they were eligible for the CRB but had their applications rejected. The benefit is supposed to replace the Canada emergency response benefit (CERB) for those who are not eligible for employment insurance.

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No , Cleopatra was no more promiscuous than any other woman of her time. Pretty much the definition of nymphomania is that the woman continually seeks after sex but is never really satisfied. Just because a woman likes lots of sex does not make her a nymphomaniac .

Not necessarily! (Laughs.) But we will, among other things, wring our necks on certain received ideas. Historians have often claimed that Cleopatra was a nymphomaniac, and that she invented the first vibrator. This is not true! This thesis was written by men, more particularly his enemies. They wanted to pass her off as a weak woman, who used her charms more than her brains to rule. In this book, we offer some incredible stories that we also heard on the show Curiosity is a bad fault, hosted by Thomas Hugues and me for six years on RTL.

What is the most amazing anecdote you tell in your textbook?

Boris Vian worked a thousand jobs despite the serious illness he suffered. He was notably an engineer in a company, where he invented the first square milk bottle when they were round until then. So he could put them away in cupboards, one close to the other. A few decades later, it became the milk carton as we know it today.

Côte-d'Ivoire: outbreak of violence ahead of the presidential election

 Côte-d'Ivoire: outbreak of violence ahead of the presidential election © LUC GNAGO Opposition activists demonstrating in front of a delegation from the Economic Community of West African States, Sunday in Abidjan. At least one person was killed and several others seriously injured in Bonoua on Monday east of Abidjan. The opposition, which still contests Alassane Ouattara's candidacy, called for a boycott of the October 31 election. Twelve days before the presidential election, violence broke out again in several towns in Ivory Coast.

"Modern reconstructions" as if they outweigh actual artwork dated to Cleopatra 's time which had no problem giving her facial features like an inhabitant of Roman Italy (meaning that the artists How can it be when not a single work of art with her in her era makes her look different enough from a Roman?

Now no ancient historian would ever cite this literature as a source but plausibility is not the only factor which can influence a legend's longevity, although Not much, aside from Josephus there is a passage in Plutarch which implies that Cleopatra was able to charm Gnaeus Pompeius Minor and another

"I don't get bored for a second"

And this general culture, which you adore so much, you also "knead" it in Minute papillon !, on France Bleu, every day from 2pm to 3pm…

Yes, I'm passionate about it all over ! We always offer three topics that aim to decipher the world around us. I always put myself in the listener's shoes, wondering what I don't understand.

You host with Olivier Minne Everyone has their say, every afternoon on France 2. How do you keep this game going at the time of Covid-19?

Our tables have doubled in size. Through the realization, we feel like we are close, but we are really far from each other. In the audience, there are only about 20 people and we have created a sense of movement behind the scenes, there are no more buffets and all the staff are masked. Despite these constraints, I am not bored for a second. Some shows are such unbearable delusions that sometimes I cry with laughter!

Everyone has their say, at 6:05 pm, on France 2.

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