Offbeat Why do you have to pay taxes for dogs - but not for cats?

05:25  24 november  2020
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Pets do not pay taxes , so why should the government provide tax incentives to the owners of these adorable freeloaders? Ahhhh, now do you see? I read an article from an ex irs agent last week, to which I cannot find now, but it stated no you cannot claim your dog but if you have a service dog you

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Dog and cat owners regularly argue about why dogs are taxed but cats are not. There are various reasons why there is currently no cat tax in Germany.

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It was only three years ago that a possible introduction of a kind of cat tax - the equivalent of the dog tax, which costs German dog owners between five and 186 euros a year - was discussed. The result: There will be no cat tax in Germany in the future either.

Historical reasons: The cat as a utility animal, the dog as a luxury animal

One of the reasons why there has been a dog tax more or less "always" in Germany lies in history: This is how dogs were taxed as early as the 19th century - They were considered luxury goods for a long time, which is why dog ​​owners had to pay a luxury tax.

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This means ‘ dog tax ’, and you ’ve got to pay it if you own a dog in Deutschland. A microchip is also mandatory and this has to happen before your pet gets vaccinated. There is a handful of diseases that all EU countries suggest you should vaccinate your dog or cat against, but you can do what you want

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cats, on the other hand, like some other domestic animals, were considered to be farm animals that catch mice on farms and were not a luxury item for people, but rather helpers. That is why they have not been taxed in the past.

Of course there were exceptions: In Prussia, for example, according to the Spiegel, both dogs and cats, horses, ducks and housebirds were taxed.

There are some good arguments in favor of the cat tax

There are many arguments in favor of a cat tax. They often move around freely in cities, which is why their owners do not clean up the faeces left behind like dog owners. Apart from that, they kill a lot of birds and can therefore - in certain regions - be a thorn in the side of conservationists. The FAZ cites the extremely poor ecological footprint of cats as another reason.

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While these aspects are a very good justification for introducing a cat tax, they still do not exist.

Taxing cats is not directly profitable

Why is that? In Germany, cats do not have to be registered like dogs, which is why the registration of animals, which is necessary for taxation, would initially mean great efforts.

Der Spiegel explains that recent attempts to introduce a cat tax have repeatedly failed due to their inefficiency. Survey and control would cost more than the resulting volume.

This inefficiency of course only includes the direct euros for the tax authorities. The introduction of a cat tax would probably still be worthwhile for ecological reasons - possibly even economically over time.

It's not that far yet and cat owners can look forward to not having to pay any tax for their pets. Dog owners, on the other hand, pay around 300 million euros in dog tax every year, according to Spiegel as of 2016. Finanzen.net editorial team

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