Offbeat Poison Quallets again on Mallorca.

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on Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands are currently besides bathing, because the toxic jellyfish Portuguese galley (Physalia Physalis) was again spotted several times. In addition, large swarms of fire were strapped.

Physalia physalis, Portugiesische Galeere © Getty Images Physalia Physalis, Portuguese galley

as reported " Mallorca Magazine ", in the waters around Mallorca and the neighboring Islands Ibiza and Formentera in recent days, several copies of the so-called Portuguese galley. The poison quallets were surfaced on several beaches.

Poisoning diving again and again on Mallorca on

In recent years, there has been sightings of Portuguese galleies on the Balearicaries. In 2018, even a bathing ban had to be imposed in the bay of Palma de Mallorca and other beaches and bathers are brought out of the water. A year later, Benidorm in the seaside resort of Benidorm injured seven people through a contact with the Portuguese galley, as reported to the Spanish newspaper " El País ".

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up to 50 meters long tentacles

The Portuguese galley is actually no jellyfish, but a huge polypenkolony in which each individual takes over a specific task. The tentacles of this highly toxic type to 50 meters loose red, aching strips on the skin and in some cases of breath. In the worst, extremely rare case, it can come to a deadly allergic shock.

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thousands of fire quirky in Mallorca swifted

Not only the poison clap Portuguese galley rabbies currently a few tourists in Mallorca the beach visit. As the "Mallorca Magazine" further reports, thousands of fire were rinsed to a beach in Port Adriano last Saturday in Port Adriano in the southwest of the island. In the previous week, swarms of fire thicknesses were surfaced on two beaches near Cala Rajada in the northeast of Mallorca. A touch with this jellyfish type may cause painful skin injuries to a report of the NDR. Accordingly, most affected describe the pain like burning after touching a nettle. For sensitive people, the skin can also highly reduce and swell as with a burn injury, with bubbles and strong itching.

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This helps against the squeegee of the Portuguese galley

who comes into contact with the poison strap occurring in the swarm, the skin should rinse immediately with salt water. Then you have to remove the wins. Humid Sand can help, recommends that " pharmacy magazine ". He is applied to the spot. As soon as it is dried, the nettles remain sticking in it and the sand can be removed with a hard object like a bank card. Also shaving foam should help.

Then alleviate ointments or brands pain and itching. For large combustions, those affected should be a doctor. While the poison can kill smaller fish, it is usually not life-threatening for people. Portuguese galleies have also been spotted in recent years from the UK, Thailand and Australia.

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