Offbeat Russia: Moscow sends signs of relaxation

01:25  23 april  2021
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Putin and Biden ready to "continue the dialogue" to guarantee global safety

 Putin and Biden ready to during a telephone conversation, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin said they are ready to "continue the dialogue" to guarantee global security. © Reuters / Alexander Natruskin Russian and American presidents, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, said they are ready during a telephone conversation on Tuesday to "continue the dialogue" to guarantee the global security, said the Kremlin. Moscow also confirmed in a statement that Mr. Biden had proposed to Mr.

Wladimir Putin: Sein System reagiert offenbar weiterhin auf Druck von innen und außen. © Alexei Druzinin / AP Vladimir Putin: His system apparently responds to pressure from inside and outside. Moscow sends sign of relaxation

by the Ukrainian border troops are deducted and nawalny is apparently in a civilian hospital. But not everything that Putin says, sounds like deESscalation.

Michael Kretschmer has apparently caught a good day for his conversation with Vladimir Putin. The Russian president, it seemed, was mildly voted on Thursday. Not because he took a little half hour for the Saxon Prime Minister - by the way on the phone, although Kretschmer was personally in Moscow. The CDU politician also spoke the two topics that the German relations with Russia are currently highest burdening: the conflict in Ukraine and the health of Alexej Nawalny.

Ukraine conflict: Angela Merkel and Joe Biden demand Russian troop deduction in front of Ostukraine

 Ukraine conflict: Angela Merkel and Joe Biden demand Russian troop deduction in front of Ostukraine Despite ceasefire, the fighting in the Ostukraine are repeated. The Chancellor and the US President require Russia to deduct the troops on the border with Ukraine - Moscow speaks of "combat training". © Evgeniy Maloletka / DPA Chancellor Angela Merkel ( CDU ) and US President Joe Biden prompted Russia to reduce its troop reinforcements on the border with the Eastern Ukraine.

Certainly it was coincidence that it was still on the same day sign of relaxation in both points. On Thursday afternoon, the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Schoigu, a large part of the Russian troops, which he had laid in the past few weeks near the Ukrainian border and on the annexed peninsula of Crimea, will now go back to the way home. The march of ten thousand soldiers with tanks and guns had grown in Kiev, in Brussels and in Washington the worry grow, Moscow could openly attack the competitive Ostukraine.

The goal of the surprise inspection is achieved, the exercise completed, now explained Schoigu. Until the beginning of May, most units should be back to their initial locations. That sounds quite tight time, considering that the troop march on the Western border ran over weeks. In addition, a part of military technology should probably still stay up to the Great Sapad exercise in the autumn near VoroneSch, about 170 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

ready to "sanction", macron wants "define clear red lines with Russia"

 ready to © Christian Hartmann French President Emmanuel Macron during a visit to a hospital in Reims, April 14, 2021 "We must define Clairs red lines with Russia, "said French President Emmanuel Macron, claiming to be ready for sanctions in case of" unacceptable behavior "in an interview extract at the American CBS channel broadcast on Saturday.

Nevertheless: Less troops mean less tension, also wrote the Ukrainian President Wolodimir Selenskij in response to Twitter. He had previously invited Vladimir Putin to meet him in the competitive Donbass. Putin reacted on Thursday evening, he would like to talk to Selensky - but the must come to him: "When it comes to the development of two-sided relationships, then please. We welcome the president of Ukraine to everyone pleasant time in Moscow for him. He pushed after the Ukrainian government has recently undertaken "many steps to destroy our relationships".

Putin's system respond to pressure, says a familiar Nawalny

after relaxation, this barely sounds. Many experts had previously speculated that the Kremlin wanted to demonstrate with the troop march, for which he would be able to actually attack. Nevertheless, the deduction in Kiev was initially considered good news.

Lead 1-Russia promises reprisals against Prague after the expulsion of its diplomats

 Lead 1-Russia promises reprisals against Prague after the expulsion of its diplomats Chequia-Russia / Nuclear (Lead 1): Lead 1-Russia promises retaliation against Prague after the expulsion of its diplomats (updated with Moscow reaction, details, interview with Macron on CBS and Drian on France 3) Moscow / Prague, April 18 (Reuters) - Russia has qualified on Sunday unfounded and absurd the accusations of the Czech Republic on An involvement of Russian secret services in the explosion of a deposit of ammunition and announced retaliation after the expulsion by Prague of 18 member

and even in the case of Alexej Nawalny there are positive news. He was apparently brought to a civilian hospital in Vladimir on Tuesday, not far from the criminal colony in which he is imprisoned. According to Nawalny's staff leader Leonid Wolkov, his lawyers have now received the results of all medical examinations and their doctors have viewed them. Nawalny's doctors now ask him to end his hunger strike. On Wednesday evening, tens of thousands and many other Russian cities went to the road to demand medical care and freedom for Nawalny.

It was "very sad," Wolkov wrote to Telegram that 23 days of hunger strike and the urging of celebrities and other people were needed worldwide before treating Nawalny. The good news is that Putin's system continues to react to pressure from the inside and out, "Even if it is deaf mummy, such as a thousand tons of heavy black monolith".

Michael Kretschmer had heard from Putin, "that the medical care is guaranteed". Of the latest developments, the CDU politician could not know anyway. The main entity of his visit was the opening of a romantic exhibition in the Tretyakov Gallery, where the state art collections of Dresden are involved. He used the opportunity to talk about Sputnik V. According to his statement, Germany wants to have 30 million vaccines - but only when the EMA approval is there. And when it comes to negotiations relaxed, the better.

Emmanuel Macron says to Vladimir Putin "His serious concern" on the health of Alexei Navalny .
© Maxim Shemetov / Reuters Alexei Navalny announced last Friday that he ceased his hunger strike started three weeks before to denounce his conditions detention. in a telephone interview with its Russian counterpart, on Monday, April 26, the French President also said about "respect for fundamental rights" by Alexei Navalny, while opposing No. 1 to Vladimir Putin, currently In prison, announced Friday that it ceased its hunger strike started three weeks ago.

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