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a "builder" and "faults": what Macron says when commemorating the death bicentennial of Napoleon

 a © Copyright 2021, Obs "Napoleon Bonaparte is a part of us": Emmanuel Macron Despised this "in chiaroscuro" portrait of this controversial figure in the history of France, denouncing its "faults", as the restoration of slavery, but also celebrating its qualities of "builder and legislator" and defender of national sovereignty.

After Napoleon I, emperor of France, was defeated at Waterloo, he was banished to a remarkably remote location. Find out why the British chose St Helena … Thank you for subscribing to HistoryExtra, you now have unlimited access. You will shortly receive a receipt for your purchase via email. Visit My Account to manage your subscription, profile and preferences. There seems to be a problem, please try again. Thank you for registering to HistoryExtra.

Rumors circulated in Saint Helena that Napoleon would try to escape, but no serious attempts were made to do so in reality. In 1816 Lowe decided that the post of the exiles should be viewed only by the governor. The purpose of this measure was to make any attempt to escape impossible. Napoleon would have preferred death rather than exile to Saint Helena . Still, Napoleon believed that the British wanted to give him a slow death by poisoning him. According to several people within his company, he would have complained about the wine and suspected it contained more than just grapes.

L'ANTISECHE -  La France commémore cette semaine les 200 ans de la mort de Napoléon Ier à Saint-Hélène. Mais pourquoi a-t-il fini sa vie là-bas? Chaque jour, l'antisèche du JDD répond à une question pas si bête que ça, pour mieux comprendre l'actualité. © Reuters

The Anti-Peche - France commemorates this week the 200 years of the death of Napoleon I in Saint-Hélène. But why did he finish his life there? Every day, JDD's antisic answers a question that is not so stupid as that, to better understand the news.

This week, France and Europe commemorate the 200 years of the death of Napoleon I in Saint-Hélène. But why did the Emperor finish his life there? Everything started in 1814. After a series of military defeats, Napoleon ends up abdicating. The Allies then decide to exile it on Elba Island, which becomes his kingdom.

In March 1815, after 300 days of presence on Tuscany Island, Napoleon I managed to escape and returned to Paris. It's the episode of hundred-day days. The Fall Monarchy and Napoleon resumes power until June where he is again defeated in Waterloo. The emperor abdices then a second time. The English want to make sure that Napoleon will not attempt a new military adventure. The island of Sainte-Hélène, located in the Atlantic Ocean, 7,247 km from Paris, is chosen. "

Bicentennial of the death of Napoleon: How Macron will commemorate Emperor

 Bicentennial of the death of Napoleon: How Macron will commemorate Emperor © Stephane MAHE / Pool / AFP France commemorates Wednesday the bicentennial of the death of Napoleon. While the event has aroused, in recent days, the controversy between the members, Emmanuel Macron will give a speech to pay tribute to the one who posed the basics of the modern state, without obscuting the worst of the Empire. . The memory of Napoleon sometimes raises injuries: the restoration of the colonial status, the place of women ...

Napoleon was exiled to St . Helena in 1815 because it was the most remote, bleak, and impregnable place that his captors could think of. Situated in the middle of the South Atlantic, St . Helena lies over two thousand miles from the Eastern coast of

When he was defeated in 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte was given the Mediterranean island of Elba to rule with an army of 1,000 men. He escaped the next year, only to be defeated at Waterloo. Deciding that was not enough, the British put Napoleon under armed guard, stripped him of most of his companions and placed him a lonely, windswept house named Longwood. Despite such precautions there were plots to rescue Napoleon , including one hatched by a group of French ex-soldiers living in Texas (then a province of Mexico) who wanted to resurrect the Napoleonic Empire in North America.

has such a distance and in such a place, any intrigue will be impossible, and to such a long distance from the Europe, it will be quickly forgotten, "British Prime Minister thought. On the island, the fallen emperor takes the opportunity to deliver his memories to one of his faithful Emmanuel collaborators of Las Cases. It publishes the memorial of Sainte-Hélène in 1823 which poses the basis of Bonapartism and allows to perpetuate the Napoleonic legend.

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