Offbeat China: Dogs and cats found suffering, ready to be shipped in a surprise package

22:40  07 may  2021
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Des dizaines de chiens et de de chats ont été découverts dans un conteneur dans la ville de Chengdu, lundi 3 mai, dans le sud de la Chine. Images postée sur le compte Weibo du refuge d'animaux de Chengdu. © @ 成都 爱 之 家 动物 @ 爱 爱 之 家 动物 救助 中心 Dozens of dogs and cats have been discovered in a container in the city of Chengdu , Monday, May 3, in the south of China. Images posted on the Weibo account of Chengdu Refuge.

dozens of dogs and cats enclosed in stacked crates, apparently ill in point: sold on online business platforms, these animals were about to be transported to their buyers when they were discovered, Monday, May 3 , by a group of defenders of the animal cause in a warehouse in Chengdu, in southern China. This practice is inspired by the "Blind Box" that is raging in China, and which consists of unpacking a surprise package containing a collection figurine.

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The images of the discovery were posted on the Chinese social network Weibo , Monday, May 3rd.

Video initially posted on the Weibo account of the Chengdu Animals Refuge.

A total of 160 boxes containing dogs and cats were found by the activists of the Chengdu Animal Protection Refuge. The animals were stored in a container, waiting to be routed to buyers in different cities across China.

"The container is filled with cats and dogs that shout. If the container door is closed, the air does not circulate and they could all die of asphyxia. Many cats and dogs are dying or already dead [...] ", writes Chengdu's animal shelter, in this publication Weibo , Monday, May 3rd.

Some animals were piteous. Activists had to feed them with glucose and water, using syringes, explained Zhou, a member of an animal shelter at the Online Information Website Sixth Tone . Two days after this discovery, Wednesday, March 5, four of them were dead.

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images posted by the animal refuge at Chengdu , Monday, May 3, on its page Weibo.

Send animals in a classic mail package is illegal in China. But this practice is widespread according to several media. Since January, online traders have begun to offer surprise packages containing dogs, cats and turtles, on platforms such as Taobao and Pinuoduo. These boxes, in fact crates, are generally small holes to allow the animal to breathe, and covered with adhesive tape or an opaque tissue, to preserve the effect of surprise with the person who receives the parcel.

Screenshot showing sales ad on an online business. The animals are placed in "surprise parcels". Via @天眼 闻闻 on Weibo.

This practice is largely inspired by the fashion of surprise boxes launched by the company Pop Mart , which consists in opening a package containing a collection figurine, with the effigy of a manga character.

Tuesday 4 May, CCTV state television offered this phenomenon in a press release on Weibo, denouncing a "deviance" and "alienation". "Locking animals in surprise packets, to please people leave to cause the suffering or even the death of these animals, it is a deviance [which moves us] of our humanity, which transforms an entertainment into alienation", Explains state television in a post Weibo.

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The Zto Express logistics company, owner of the warehouse where the animals were discovered, on his side indicated having suspended a security director in the province of Sichuan ( of which depends on the city of Chengdu), following this discovery. The company also recognized having broken the regulation of the postal services by accepting to send packets containing animals.

The Chinese authorities remained vague on this incident . Cited by Sixth Tone , the Chengdu police indicated that it did not have the power to intervene. While the local agriculture and rural office officials said that recent r was only responsible for the supervision of the transport of anti-Covid controls.

"On most boxes, it is stated that they come from expensive animal breeds. But it's just campaign dogs, "says Zhou still. "People buy them, and when they are not happy with what they find in the boxes, they return the animals, or simply give up."

The Animal Refuge from Chengdu indicated that the animals were transferred to an animal shop where they will be quarantined. They will subsequently be placed in an animal refuge in the region.

photos showing animals during their transfer to Chengdu's animal shelter.

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