Offbeat Tree: "On Schalke I had to make hard decisions"

16:40  18 may  2021
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Schalke also as a relegated a flop

 Schalke also as a relegated a flop The greatest relief should have the football professionals of relegated FC Schalke 04 have felt before the kick-off. © Uwe Anspach / DPA The Schalke Timo Becker is kinked after the defeat. A good two weeks after the physical attacks of their own fans also followed a follower before the Sinsheim Stadium - but this time, but to «away win! Away win! » To roar and the team peacefully to tune in the huge challenge 2. Bundesliga.

Manuel Tree looks back on an exciting career as a coach. In the podcast "LeadderTalk" he talks about his time on Schalke and values ​​of coaches.

Baum: © Provided by sport1.de tree: "On Schalke I had to make hard decisions"

Manuel Tree has a professional bandwidth as a coach that can be seen.

He was player coach in the national league, goalkeeper at 1860 Munich, team boss of third division Unterhaching, NLZ leader at FC Augsburg, where he also trained the Bundesligate team for three years. Lastly, Tree was sitting at the traditional club Schalke 04 for four months on the coach bank after he had previously been boss of the DFB U-20 national team.

per three comparison: S04 in the playoffs, Bavaria excreted

 per three comparison: S04 in the playoffs, Bavaria excreted on the last matchday of the regular efootball.pro season 2020/21 the German teams had to take to the end. While the FC Schalke 04 feeds into the targeted playoffs, the season is already finished for the score. FC Bayern Munich. © FC Schalke 04 The FC Schalke 04 attracts slightly thin into the playoffs of the efootball.pro. The final spurt of FC Bayern was not enough for a happy end on the ninth matchday. At the end, the Munich finished a remarkable appearance.

in Sport1 -Podcast "LeaderTalk" speaks Tree with business coach and author Mounir Zitouni, among other things, Valuevermittlung in football professionals, the drawers of the public and its conflictiveness on Schalke.

in Gelsenkirchen Old tree was no easy time: in September 2020 of office at Schalke and in December already the finish again.

The full load of sports on the ear with the podcast family of Sport1

tree: "Hard decisions on Schalke"

The football teacher indicates how conflict is the time with the royal blue: "I'm not mandatory a friend who Compromise all the time. I know the myself and had to meet hard decisions on Schalke. It was already so that you are already communicating from hard decisions with the team council to get a sense of doing. But it was always better for me If I have one that actually meets decisions that can be hard as if he says all the time, here a compromise and there one. "

Schalke: The estimated starting right against Hertha

 Schalke: The estimated starting right against Hertha On Wednesday evening, Schalke against Hertha picks up the game exposed to the Berlin quarantine. For the guests from the capital it is about the league, for the scarce only one halfway reconcilient seasonal completion. Dimitrios Grammozis is likely to change too much on his lineup compared to the last weekend.

basically sees tree deficits in the value scale of Bundesliga professionals:

"players today know extremely much over values, but only as a word sleeves. They can bother well individual values. What is behind, that is back on another sheet." It is important to work out again. "

he says, "It is important to me to have a uniform value system in the team. This develops the team in the first step. The team needs something together. It is important to work out in groups, for which we are standing for me Word 'Together' at the forefront. Values ​​are the kitt, which holds a team together. But as a coach one has to present values ​​as well. "

Tree: "You have to be creative"

classic mental training is not so much in the foreground for the coach. It is more about how the players tick and highlight their strengths: "If you understand what's behind each individual player, then you can increase the probability of many times that they bring mentality into the place. This has something with appreciation to do."

Next Corona Case on Schalke - Seven Players fall against Hertha from

 Next Corona Case on Schalke - Seven Players fall against Hertha from The PCR test series On Tuesday, the next Schalke professional has been positively tested on Covid-19. He is the total third player in which currently a positive corona finding is present. The game against Hertha is still not in danger. © imago images Home game not in danger: Schalke plays against Hertha on Wednesday. The newly affected Schalke actor is in strict isolation within the quarantine training camp.

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Standing questioning, continuing education and training are for the Munich elemental: "You have to be careful as a coach that does not fall asleep the whole thing. You have to be creative. You have about 200 meetings in the year with the workforce, say With the players, who has that in a company? If you do the same in 200 times, 200 times the same picture to the wall throw, the same tonality, then a fatigue can happen to the players who then say: I can not listen to that anymore. You must therefore see that it lives that it is dynamic. "

Mounir Zitouni (50) was editor at the kicker from 2005 to 2018 and has been working as a business coach since 1 January 2019, supervised athletes, coaches and executives in terms, communication and personality development. The former professional footballer (OFC, SV Wehen, FSV Frankfurt, Esperance Tunis) has recently written the autobiography of Dieter Müller and publishes regularly a column on www.sport1.de.

Schalke gives details about the new bond known .
The FC Schalke 04 announces details about its new bond. Financial Chef Christina Rühl-Hamers talks about runtime, interest rate and goals. © Provided by Sport1.de Schalke gives details about the new bond known The financially disguised Bundesliga relegated Schalke 04 will stretch its new bond over a five-year term and provided with an interest rate of 5.75 percent per year. holder of the previous bond, which was listed with a 4.25 percent interest, can exchange them from 26 May.

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