Offbeat Queen Elizabeth: Will she throw her "never complain, never explain" policy overboard?

13:40  13 june  2021
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Buckingham Palace 'Banned' Minorities from Office Jobs: Report

  Buckingham Palace 'Banned' Minorities from Office Jobs: Report People of color were permitted to work as domestic servants but not in clerical roles until at least the late 1960s, according to a new report . © Provided by People STEVE PARSONS/POOL/AFP via Getty Image Queen Elizabeth Citing unearthed documents from the U.K.'s National Archive, The Guardian reported Wednesday that Queen Elizabeth's chief financial manager announced in 1968 that "it was not, in fact, the practice to appoint coloured immigrants or foreigners" to clerical roles in the royal household. However, they were permitted to work as domestic servants.

Queen Elizabeth has a very clear rule when it comes to rumors and scandal within the British royal family: it will be silenced. But the latest events should have changed their opinion.

Queen Elizabeth © Dana Press Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth , 95, since its 69-year-old regency on the throne of the British monarchy adheres to the supreme rule: never complain, never explain. Never before, the monarch has evaluated to speculation and media reports. Her grandson Prince Harry , 36, and his wife Herzogin Meghan , 39, see that differently, since her withdrawal as Senior Royals media reports have no longer been deformed. More and more often they talk openly about private events within the royal family. Queen Elizabeth has apparently enough of this one-sidedness.

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Prince Harry Should Queen Elizabeth only "informed" about the name of his daughter,

reported as the British "Mail On Sunday" reported, Queen Elizabeth had sent a clear message to her palace employees. If false reports and rumors are reflected in the media, the courtiers may correct them over the press. The reason for this dramatic step should be the "untruths" that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have spread to the naming of their daughter Lilibet Diana Mounting Windsor.

The Sussexes after Prince Harry asked his grandmother for permission to give his daughter the personal nickname of the queen. However, the conversation between the 95-year-olds and their grandson should not have taken place. Like palace insiders leaving leaking, it was more "to tell, not a request." Since the announcement of the name there is disagreement: Is it an honor for the Queen or rather too intimate intervention. After all, she was only called "Lilibet" by her tight relatives and her husband.

G7: The very covid family photo of the leaders around Queen Elizabeth II

 G7: The very covid family photo of the leaders around Queen Elizabeth II © Jack Hill The Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain poses for a family photo with the leaders of the G7. Jack Hill / AFP Elbow greetings, social distancing more or less respected ... It was a first day of reunion charged and necessarily marked by the Pandemic of Covid-19 for G7 members. Always very expected moment, the family photo has not escaped the rule.

speaker of Harry and Meghan manifests

video: Queen Elizabeth II.: Queen Elizabeth II. - Secret Photo of Meghan and Harry appeared in their living room (Bunte.de)

According to a speaker of the sussexes Prince Harry have announced the desired name choice for his daughter at "his family in advance." In addition, it says: "In fact, his grandmother was the first family member he called. During this conversation he shared his hope to name Lilibet in honor. If she had not supported him, they would not have used him. "

Whether it was a request to the monarch or more information? It is clear that Queen Elizabeth would bypass its own rule with the request to your employees, but not breaks themselves. That palace insiders talk to the press is also no secret. Harry himself spoke about this unofficial deal between monarchy and media in his interview with Oprah Winfrey, 66. That the Queen would take a step like Harry and Meghan and would comment on a TV interview to the problems within the family, stands out of question.

Sources used: dailymail.co.uk, thesun.co.uk

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Queen is smiling at the horse race in Ascot .
The British Queen has been visiting the horse race in Ascot for the first time on Saturday for the first time for two years. Queen Elizabeth II showed a radiant smile when she arrived in the afternoon under the applause of the visitors in the mint green outfit and matching hat. The color of your headgear is traditionally object of betting. © David Davies / Pa Wire / DPA The British Queen Elizabeth II. Comes on the fifth day of the Royal Ascot by car on the Ascot Racecourse.

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