Offbeat Raphael Barontini exposes the crocodile as an art object at the Acacias Studio in Paris

14:28  20 july  2021
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as part of the artistic residences on the initiative of the LVMH crafts, the artist Raphaël Barontini presents his croocodile leathers Handworked of master.

  Raphael Barontini expose le crocodile comme un objet d'art au Studio des Acacias à Paris © provided by FranceInfo

After a long stay in Singapore where he learned from the best craftsmen to work croocodile leathers, Raphael Barontini exhibits at the Acacias Studio in Paris. A jubilant and splendid exhibition for this French artist who never ceases to enchant lovers of art and images by these Cross-cutting dreamlike and bright crepes.

Make crocodile leather, a rebellious art

for a hired artist as he, the challenge was size: working a luxury object such as crocodile leather and making the art rebellious and disrupted. The result is beyond all expectations. The prestigious Paris Gallery is not filing. Back on the genesis of this success. Selected by the very prestigious Foundation LVMH art business, which puts all the power of its patronage in the service of young artists, and by his audacious and visionary Commissioner Léa Chauvel-Levy, the Plastic Painter Raphaël Barontini (38) should have Stay a few months in Singapore but the global pandemic blocked it there much longer than expected. BLOOR.

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Its mastery of the work of crocodile leathers, object of his learning in Asia, today offers an amazing result twirling where the multicultural humor and the offset take us on a trip well beyond the usual European visual galaxies. After the United States and Haiti, Barontini proves once again that he is an artist who travels well, since every expanded and deepened journey admirably his already very rich vocabulary.

A Singapore He totally immersed in a culture he knew badly. Hours spent with local craftsmen who work as a person the crocodile leather, the result is a new series of works where imaging and eras agglomerate are shocking and mutually electrifying.

Soukhous, the Crocodile-Divinity

By penetrating this splendid place of the studio of Acacias, close to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, we are immediately seized by the dimensionality of the place, and the quasi geometry - Japanese of the proposed pieces and highlighted. The exhibition is for Soukhous title, the Crocodile Divinity (in Greek).

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In the middle of the room on the ground floor, a huge crocodile skin of an electric blue and deep, is stretched on a gold-shaped gold bed. The craziest invitation of travel is launched. On each side of this total object, splendid and unlikely kimonos seem to scroll and cups with iridescent colors worthy of a Cosmic Funky Trip tear away from the real with grace and audacity. The borders are not repulsed they are annihilated.

One of these sublime capes is dedicated to the great musician Explorer Sun Ra, who never did anything like the others, and this, all his life. His face in an electric rainbow. The royal heaviness of the cape. Barontini juggles with crops and images like a magician.

The crocodile dresses kings and divinities

all at home is creolization. Nothing is dominant if it is the imperative mix of visual and pictorial traditions. Slips and transgressions. Sliding and Black Panther. Rebellion. Dream of lions and kings. No trace of cultural imperialism. Games, and Rebattus cards. Labyrinth and improvisations. These pieces form a vast heterogeneous constellation that enchants and that saked perfectly with modern heroes and divinities of a joyful cosmogony in the process of inventing themselves. On the floor, chimeric capes and fabrics with shimmering colors offer visitors the sensation of a wonderful procession.

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Barontini proposes, in his jubilatory creation of the invented kings and divinities fictional science that we adopt immediately, as if they had already been seen somewhere, which is not the case. But this feeling of already seen in front of the novelty is not the sign of the works that will mark and last? The bets are taken.

Barontini counts on magic and joy. He uses it, feeds himself and metamorphosis. We needed so much. This exhibition, before redecoloring for another galaxy, proves that LVMH crafts art has a lot of flair with highlighting this unique artist. In a few years there was a hard time betting that visitors to this exhibition, will say in lightly frimming, "I was". Will you go? You have all summer.

Acacias Workshop by Mazarine

Exposure in partnership with Reiperts Art Initiatives and Gallery Mariam Ibrahim

Until 28 July 2021

30 rue des Acacias Paris 7507

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