Offbeat Moon Mission: NASA makes it shot materials

14:40  14 september  2021
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to be present on the lunar surface, is more dangerous than many thinking. NASA must therefore first shoot materials for spatial suits, dwellings and vehicles.

Hochgeschwindigkeitsaufnahmen zeigen den Aufprall von Materialien auf andere Materialien im Ballistics Lab. © Screenshot NASA / T3N High speed shots show the impact of materials on other materials in the Ballistics Lab.

The NASA presents the IMPACT Dynamics Lab on your page. The employees: Inside, the Department of the Glenn Research Center also call "Ballistics Lab" (Tour) , because there are materials. For this purpose, a series of air pressure protects in the rooms in Cleveland (Ohio). The largest measures over twelve meters in length. It can bring objects with up to 40 centimeters in diameter to an impact speed of almost 3,300 kilometers per hour. That sounds like a whole lot, but NASA editory explains Ellen Bauback, on the lunar surface can occur on the moon surface micromete or metal with over 35,000 kilometers per hour . The astronauts to preserve their dwellings and vehicles from damage is therefore the top priority of the research center materials research center.

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from the bird to space scrap

"If the object is under pressure, a leak can have catastrophic consequences, depending on how big and fast the leak," explains Mike Pereira, the technical director of the laboratory. The tasks are to measure the impact of bird collisions up to ballistic impact on spaceships. Currently, the team tests for Pereira Textiles for the controversial mission Artemis , which is expected to start 2025.

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moon tents: soft, but Hard in taking

First, it was about the materials that the NASA wants to spend the habitats. They should be soft, light and flexible, but extremely hard when taken. The experts experimented with a different amount of layers and shocked them with steel balls. The large air cannon connected to a vacuum chamber to achieve even higher impact speeds. Sensors and high-speed cameras recorded the impacts. The fabrics came to the edge of their load limit and with intention. The scientists: inside want to understand the limits of durability and find out the best material mix.

with such basalt brockets test the engineers and engineers the durability of the moon suits. (Image: NASA / Glen Research Center)

basalt rocks drop to suits

In the next step, you attended room suits. The astronaut: inside you want to carry in outer inserts on the lunar surface and in the earth's matroad. A combination of substances connects solid fibers with binding harves for the discharge of impact energy. In the vertical falltester, the experts and experts hurled simulated moon rocks from basalt on the material candidates.

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