Offbeat Beijing: emergency landing of an aircraft air France after "a technical incident"

14:45  18 september  2021
14:45  18 september  2021 Source:   20minutes.fr

new plane brings DFB team back to Germany

 new plane brings DFB team back to Germany Edinburgh. Peau for the DFB team: The German football national team has had a stopover in Scottish Edinburgh when returning from Iceland. The team rose into a replacement aircraft. © steve parsons An airplane at landing (symbol image). Turbulent Home Tour: The German Football National Team has had an unplanned intermediate landing in Edinburgh during her return flight from Iceland. This was announced by the German Football Bund (DFB) on Thursday.

The Boeing turned around after only 14 minutes of flight

C'est un Boeing-777 comme celui-ci qui a dû faire demi-tour moins d'un quart d'heure après avoir décollé de Pékin. © JP Pariente / Sipa it's a Boeing-777 as The latter who had to turn a quarter of an hour after taking away from Beijing. Fear in the sky - The Boeing turned around after only 14 minutes of flight

an airline aircraft to Paris had to turn around early Saturday morning, shortly after his Beijing takeoff, to The rest of a "technical incident," announced the airline, stating that the device had landed "normally". The Boeing The crew of the flight AF393, on a Boeing-777, "decided to come back to Beijing after 14 minutes of flight due to the detection of a technical incident," the carrier indicated in a statement. "The device arose normally in Beijing at 4:03 [local time]", or 20:03 GMT.

Greece will buy 6 additional burst aircraft to France

 Greece will buy 6 additional burst aircraft to France © Reuters / Benoit Tessier Athens has signed for six additional new devices. In total, twenty-four gusts will soon bear the colors of the Greek air forces. (Image of illustration) Prime Minister Greek Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced this Sunday 12 September the purchase of six additional burst aircraft. After the acquisition of 18 copies at the beginning of the year, Greece therefore becomes the first partner of Dassault Aviation in Europe. Athens has signed for 6 additional new devices.

According to Beijing's daily life, "an explosion has been heard at the back of the cabin and black smoke emerged" inside the unit. "Fortunately, no one was injured," writes the local newspaper. A smoke release on board has been confirmed at AFP by a aeronautical source in Beijing, but neither Air France nor the Chinese airport authorities did commented the information of the Chinese newspaper.

Video: Air France: Big fear for passengers of a Pékin-Paris flight (Capital)

Another flight in the day for Passengers

contacted by AFP, the French company has Indicated that passengers were going to be forwarded to Paris in the day aboard another vacuum brought from Seoul to Beijing. "The crews are regularly trained to this type of situation" and the incident enters the "scenarios envisaged", a spokesman for Air France. "Maintenance interventions will be carried out on the apparatus concerned prior to delivery," added the carrier.

For its part, the Office of Investigations and Analysis for the Security of Civil Aviation (BEA) did not enter the incident, according to a source close to the file.

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Kelly McParland: China's hostage diplomacy opened the world's eyes to the depth of its depravity .
If you’re Chinese President Xi Jinping and you’re enjoying the festivities marking the return of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou to the motherland — freed from her luxury mansion in Vancouver for the glories of polluted Beijing — maybe you pat yourself on the back and conclude you were right all along. Thuggery works. Bullying pays. Just look at the results of the 1,020 days of abuse levelled on two harmless Canadians: in the end, the price for Meng’s release was a measly four-page statement, in which she admitted making a series of “untrue” statements to hide Huawei’s interests in Iran in order to avoid U.S. sanctions. No fine, no nothing.

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