Offbeat German-Chinese mailbox company wants to raise satellite internet

18:35  21 september  2021
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Trudeau has abandoned promise to lower cellphone bills, says NDP

  Trudeau has abandoned promise to lower cellphone bills, says NDP NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said Tuesday the Liberals have abandoned the promise they made in the last federal election to lower cellphone bills, accusing leader Justin Trudeau of siding with “big telecom.” Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the world for wireless and internet service, Singh said in a press conference near the Rogers headquarters in Toronto. “And it is because Mr. Trudeau and Conservatives beforehand, have allowed the big telecom companies to exploit us. There’s really no other way to put it,” Singh said.

A German-Chinese consortium wants to offer Liechtenstein from Elon Musks StarLink Paroli. TRION SPACE, however, has little more than a mailbox - and contacts to the Chinese army.

Mehrere Unternehmen planen ein globales Satellitennetzwerk zur Internet-Kommunikation. © Nicoelnino / Shutterstock.com Several companies are planning a global satellite network for Internet communication.

288 Satellite Will TRION SPACE in "Phase 1" in the earth-close orbit, the Low Earth Orbit (Leo), shoot. Later so many. For the beginning, four billion euros will flow into the project, reports the Süddeutsche . The problem: TRION is a "small partnership", which at any rate, the founders have ticked on the commercial registration. It has an equity of 25,000 francs and an equity package of 50,000 francs - and no additional values. That Trion Space is located at the trustee Sophos Trust, the guess nourishes that it is a mailbox company.

Teures Surfing: In Germany, the cost of mobile Internet with the highest

 Teures Surfing: In Germany, the cost of mobile Internet with the highest who likes to surf the web on the smartphone on the internet, in Germany, are pretty deep in the pocket: in the EU comparison, Germany is one of the most expensive countries with the most expensive Prices for mobile and mobile Internet. The consumer center criticizes missing competition and a policy that does not cover the wishes of the people. © Provided by Finanzen.net Lichtmeister / Shutterstock.com Mobile Internet is more expensive in Germany than in most EU countries , as a price comparison

German business people secure Frequenzen

As early as 2014, Findigen business people fell on that Liechtenstein has claimed no claim to radio frequencies. The small state is entitled to a certain quota. The United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) managed the hot coveted frequencies. The predecessor company of Trion Space requested the allocation to the Vaduzer Office for Communication. The status was first positive to the request. Then doubts piled. The operative partner is the company Kleo Connect based at Munich, which set up KLEO AG in Liechtenstein. It is intended to build the control center for the satellites, while Trion itself applies for the frequencies and manages the rights of use. The problem: It lacked the necessary capital for the expensive plans.

Results of the Potential Analysis of German Lace Sports

 Results of the Potential Analysis of German Lace Sports The German Athletics Association introduces the ranking of an expert commission to evaluate future medal elevations. © Michael Kappeler / DPA The DLV is best cut during the so-called potential analysis. The so-called potential analysis serves as the basis for the awarding of the federal sports promoters. With a distance very back is therefore the German basketball federal government.

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Chinese money should make the network possible

in search of donors The German businessmen in Shanghai found what. The main financier should be the state-controlled Shanghai Alliance Investment (SAIL). Sail also financed the expansion of Tesla works in Shanghai. The investment trust is also involved with 42 percent of the Shanghai SpaceCom Satellite Technology (SSSI). It is designed to build the satellites along with the Shanghai Engineering Center for Microsatellites (SECM) and book the launch missiles.

military in the aerospace technology active

Liechtenstein media are disturbed by that SECM also looks after military satellite projects. The research center is an important part of the "military-civilian" merger, you can read there. There are intentions to use civil technologies for military purposes. Thus, the SECM research about the global navigation system BeDou. Militarys would have described the civilian system as an important component for security and military purposes. In addition, the Director of the SECM made its degree in aerospace technology at a military university.

22 Latinx-Owned Makeup Brands to Shop and Support Right TF Now

  22 Latinx-Owned Makeup Brands to Shop and Support Right TF Now All the products (and the shades!!) you could ever want. If you're searching for beauty brands created, founded, or owned by/for the Latinx community, or you're just interested in learning more about and supporting cultures outside of your own, you've most definitely come to the right place. Because I went ahead and rounded up 22 Latinx beauty brands that you most definitely should check out and shop ASAP — and then, like, forever after. From brands that offer super-pigmented lipsticks and eyeshadows in every shade imaginable to brands that carry all the brushes and tools your vanity is sorely missing, here are the best Latinx-owned beauty brands you need to know about immediately.

German Space Expert advises Consortium

In an interview of the medium, the German expert for space travel, Klaus Ratig, explains the benefits of a "own communication network". So you can communicate directly from Germany to Shanghai - without nodes or interfaces. This is a great advantage in the safety of this information. It is known that the US supervises many important internet nodes with its intelligence partners.

consultant: purely civil uses is ensured

ranktig explained, the satellite building parts between Europe and China. So you talk about about Airbus and OHB. The Chinese side will specifically deal with laser communication to transfer large amounts of data more reliably and further distances. For possible military use says Rettig: "The satellites are certified by European authorities to create a security structure that ensures purely civil use."

Conservatives could have done better job talking to Chinese voters: former MP .
OTTAWA — A former Conservative MP who lost his seat in the recent election thinks the party could have done a better job speaking directly to Chinese Canadians. Kenny Chiu was defeated in Steveston-Richmond East, a British Columbia riding with many residents of Chinese descent. The party also saw the losses of longtime Conservative MP Alice Wong in Richmond Centre and Bob Saroya in Markham-Unionville, both home to many voters with Chinese roots. The defeats have the Conservatives wondering what happened, and what connection the losses might have to the party's stance and messaging on China.

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