Offbeat murder of Idar-Oberstein: Suspected perpetrator is AfD fan with war fantasies

23:15  21 september  2021
23:15  21 september  2021 Source:   ksta.de

child reporters disgraced AFD Chief: Chrupalla not think of a favorite German poem

 child reporters disgraced AFD Chief: Chrupalla not think of a favorite German poem The AFD Chairman Tino Chrupalla would like that in schools in this country more German culture is mediated - when asked by a ZDF children's reporter after his favorite German poem, however, he had to fit . © Kay Nietfeld / DPA Tino Chrupalla, AFD Chairman Visibly unsettles replied the 46-year-old: "My favorite poem, is, Ehm, I have to, I would have to think now, I can not think of now." On the demand of "Logo!" - Reporter Alexander, whether the AFD politician maybe have a favorite poor, Chrupal

The alleged murderer of Idar-Oberstein is RDN information about the 49-year-old Mario N. on a Writter account actively used by 2019 The man recognizes himself as a fan of the AFD and various right online media and as a climate change.

Polizisten sichern die Tankstelle, in der ein Kassierer erschossen wurde. © DPA Policemen secure the gas station in which a cashier was shot.

N. Should have shot a 20-year-old petrol station employee in Idar-Oberstein last Saturday, after which he had repeatedly pointed to the mask obligation. A Twitter profile used by the alleged perpetrator, which identified the extremism expert Miro Dittrich by the Center for Monitoring, Analysis and Strategy on Tuesday, now gives insights into the man's thought. The "mirror" had first reported on the man's Twitter profile.

Municipal election in Lower Saxony: Green with the biggest gains

 Municipal election in Lower Saxony: Green with the biggest gains in the last major mood test before the general election, the CDU is likely to land nationwide just before the SPD. But the Greens pick up clearly. And become strongest strength in the state capital Hannover. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich / DPA Many Rathauser in Lower Saxony will be governed green in the future. Greens with the biggest gains according to the local elections in Lower Saxony are characterized alone for the green clear voice growth.

N. Follow Steinbach and Maaßen

among the 26 accounts of which Mario N. followed on Twitter, several AFD politicians, but also today's CDU Bundestag candidate Hans-Georg Maaßen and the former CDU politician and today's chairman of the AFD-Middle Desiderius Erasmus Foundation, Erika Steinbach.

Climate Change Divities and Violence Fantasies

Also several rights, but mostly not far-right journalists and journalists and media portals followed N. Underneath about the journalist and media activist Boris Reicherter, the AfD-Close Germany courier, or the Tichy's portal insight. N. regularly commented in 2019 tweets of various AFD politicians and media and also wrote their own tweets.

"I'm looking forward to the next war."

So he wrote, "I'm looking forward to the next war. Yes, that may now be destructively listen but we just do not come out of this spiral. "In a discussion with another Twitter user he wrote in September 2019:" There is no man-made climate change. "

protest against hoop appearance in Dresden

 protest against hoop appearance in Dresden Dresden. In Dresden there was a Pegida Assembly, where the Thuringian AfD faction leader Björn Höcke was on site. Against the march protested a number of counter-demonstrators. © Sebastian Kahnert counter demonstrators are on the right side in front of the Dresden Central Station, while on the left side a rally of Islam and xenophobic Pegida movement takes place.

from investigator circles was on Tuesday , Mario N. is "wandered" in the theories of the corona denominational.

The man's Twitter profile now shows that two years ago - before the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic - has persecuted the publications of media and politicians, which last year as a bitter opponent of state corona measures and in some Cases have also been proven as a zealous widening of Corona consumer counts.

If his Twitter profile has no longer seemed to have been active since 2019, a profile of the independent software developer on the professional social media platform LinkedIn suggests that he has also consumed rights "alternative media" in recent months - also To Corona topics. Only four months ago N. marked a contribution of the page "Epoch Times" about the low utilization of a Corona emergency hospital with "Like".

The police found both the suspected turmoil and several other weapons in Mario N.'s apartment. According to police, he did not have any of these weapons.

'I Knew Right Then ... the Kids Were Dead': Lori Vallow's Brother Recounts Harrowing Conversation .
"Lori talked about death a lot and how her kids won't have to suffer in the next life," says her brother Adam Cox in a new podcastThey swam together. He taught her to play basketball. She became a cheerleader. But years later, Adam became concerned when Lori and another brother, Alex Cox, adopted religious beliefs that embraced doomsday prophecies. Even before Lori met her future fifth husband, Chad Daybell, an author who espoused such prophecies, she was listening to end-of-times podcasts, he says.

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