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12:30  13 october  2021
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French senators in Taiwan despite the protests of China

 French senators in Taiwan despite the protests of China © CNA Pool / Pool / AFP Taiwan U Delegation of four French senators led by a former Minister of Defense arrived in Taiwan Wednesday, despite the lively protests From the Embassy of China in France . The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected China's protests, saying that senators were free of their displacements.

Taiwan — a self-governing island claimed by Beijing as a Chinese province — has long been a hub for Chinese language study among foreign diplomats, scholars and reporters, though that status has waned in recent decades as mainland China opened up. Mandarin Chinese is the primary official language in The Harvard program ’s relocation to Taiwan also comes as the island has supplanted Hong Kong as a bastion of free speech in the Chinese -speaking world, an idea that Taiwanese officials have been keen to emphasize. Joanne Ou, a spokeswoman for Taiwan ’s Foreign Ministry, said the

The Harvard Beijing Academy summer study abroad program will be relocated to National Taiwan University in Taipei and will be renamed the Harvard Taiwan Academy. Program Director Jennifer L. Liu said the decision is due to “a perceived lack of friendliness” from the host university, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Harvard ’s student newspaper The Crimson reported. Liu said the program began to have trouble gaining access to the classrooms and dorms they required.

La délocalisation du programme linguistique de la célèbre université américaine Harvard est accueillie à bras ouverts par les autorités éducatives taïwanaises. © Getty Images North America / AFP / File The relocation of the Language Program of the famous American University Harvard is welcomed with arms open by the Taiwanese educational authorities.

Havard will move its Chinese summer program from Beijing in Taipei next year. Announcement made by the management of the institution in the University Student Journal. In particular, a decision-related decision to study in China since the beginning of the health crisis.

with our correspondent in Beijing, Stéphane Lagarde

This decision is all that is more pragmatic. In fact, Harvard's program in China is already suspended due to the Covid-19. The country has closed its borders to most international trips since March 2020, ceasing at the same time to grant visas to students from abroad.

Taiwan assures France of its support in the Indo-Pacific region

 Taiwan assures France of its support in the Indo-Pacific region © Sam Yeh, AFP / file The President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-Wen, thanked France for his support. Taiwan will continue to ensure regional peace, said Thursday, the President of the Island, Tsai Ing-Wan to a delegation from French senators. Their visit occurs on the background of tensions with China, including 148 devices, crossed Taiwanese airspace last week.

“ Harvard Beijing Academy summer study abroad program …will move from Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing , China to National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan starting the summer of 2022.”https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2021/10/7/harvardbeijingacademy/ … pic.twitter.com/MEBXtAuvRy.

Harvard is moving its Chinese language programme from Beijing to Taipei next year, its organiser said.Jennifer Liu, director of the Harvard Beijing Academy summer study abroad programme , told student newspaper The Harvard Crimson that the decision was made because of a perceived lack of friendliness from the host institution, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU).Liu said the programme faced greater difficulty. Getting access to the classrooms and dormitories it needed, compromising the… Visit Direct Link. Share this: Share.

Even in the event of a derogation, the intensive mandarin courses during the summer are difficult to conceivables because of the 28 days of quarantine required upon arrival in the Chinese capital. But for the moment, the health authorities made no statement that would hope for a lifting of restrictions.

Sanitary restrictions and lack of "conviviality"

Some 1,300 students participated in these summer courses in 2019. Now foreign students can not come in China, even Chinese universities are forced to provide visio programs with many less registered. "Two years, it's starting to do a lot, we are all about the sustainability of our activity in China," says the head of an exchange program with a European school of anonymity. The "Harvard Beijing College" depending on the University of Beijing's Languages ​​and Culture will be renamed "Harvard Taipei Academy" and will be hosted by the National University of Taiwan in 2022.

Taiwan: China admonishes the US

 Taiwan: China admonishes the US after reports on American troop exercises in the island State Taiwan announces Beijing to "take all necessary measures" to defend his sovereignty © Wang Guosong / AP for years China has been flying exercises in the South China Sea for years , Just like here on a photo from 2017. Last week, a record number of about 150 Chinese fighters penetrated into the Taiwan's air defense zone.

Harvard is moving its Chinese language programme from Beijing to Taipei next year, its organiser said. Jennifer Liu, director of the Harvard Beijing The new Harvard Taipei Academy will be hosted by National Taiwan University, with students given full access to dining, library and other facilities as well as “comfortable rooms with private bathrooms”, the website of Harvard Taipei Academy said. Harvard ’s decision comes at a time of intensifying competition for influence between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

The most famous Chinese programs in American Universities (such as Princeton in Beijing , Harvard in Beijing , Columbia in Beijing ) Choose Beijing as their summer session base and have close connections with different universities in Beijing . However, by this, some of the visual meaning of the character are erased. Taiwan Mandarin would be the harder way, learning the traditional characters with lots more strokes in the characters. Other than the accent and characters, some stuff learnt in Taiwan are very colloquial and if you are planning to say it to Chinese friends, they probably will not

The Director of Study Programs at the Foreign of the institution also highlighting, very diplomatically, with the cooling of Sino-American relations, the climate of exchange with the partner university had become "less friendly", including difficulties in accessing classrooms. and the dormitories.

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This relocation of a linguistic program of a famous American university is, however, welcomed with arms open by the authorities Taiwanese educational. With Seoul, Taipei became a hub for the Anglo-Saxon media, many American correspondents expelled from popular China during the Mandature Donald Trump to relocate their office in Taiwan or South Korea.

Taiwan: China calls Joe Biden to "Caution" and refuses all "compromise" on his sovereignty .
The US President stated that the United States was ready to defend militarily Taiwan. © Provided by franceinfo A new step taken in l es tensions between China and Taiwan . China called on Friday, October 22, Joe Biden to "Caution" after the US President's comments that his country was ready to defend Militarily Taiwan in case of invasion by the Chinese army.

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