Offbeat smoke detector? In these rooms better not!

22:40  26 october  2021
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smoke detectors are important and can save lives. However, there are a few rooms in which they do not better install a conventional detector. Which rooms that are and why certain smoke detectors have nothing to look there in this post.

Nicht in jedem Raum ist die Montage eines Rauchmelders sinnvoll. © Provided by the house Not in each room the assembly of a smoke detector makes sense. smoke detector in the kitchen can become a problem

actually you should think that a smoke detector in the kitchen for the preventive fire protection is indispensable. Too great is the fear of dressing the stove or the oven, not to remember without smoke detector and cause a fire. There it is surprising at first glance that there is no federal states a smoke detector of in the kitchen. But actually logical: Cooking water vapor and smoke is interpreted by many smoke detectors as a fire and regularly leads to false alarms - unless they install a detector with BI sensor technology. Such a smoke detector combines heat and smoke sensor and thus significantly reduces the risk of a false alarm. In our large smoke detector test you will find appropriate devices of different manufacturers.

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smoke detector in the bathroom? Not always a good idea

A similar problem like in the kitchen there is in the bathroom. Also in this room, the water vapor, which is created during hot shower, trigger a false alarm of the fire alarm. And who wants to end his wellness program under the shower, just to try desperately to switch off the penetratic warning signal of the smoke detector ? Remedy also produces models with BI sensor technology that reduce incorrect alarms.

Garage, Cellar and Loft: Smoke detector assembly not always useful

to anticipate it right away: The warning signal of a smoke detector can of course also be useful in the garage, in the basement or in the attic and warn against fire. Because especially in these rooms, we would not immediately notice the smoke or the fire without smoke detector . A conventional fire detector is still not a good idea: exhaust gases, dust and the often elevated temperatures regularly lead to false alarms of the smoke detector. Anyone who reliably monitor the spaces and would like to increase security, selects special heat or heat markers as fire detectors. In very dusty rooms where there is no problem with exhaust or higher temperatures, smoke detection with pollution compensation are also suitable. Such a device gets used to gradually be reduced to the dust in the air and false alarms.

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Need shared rooms in multi-family houses a smoke detector?

There is currently no obligation to install a smoke detector in collaborative rooms in multi-family houses. The legislature assumes that people are only for a short time and would recognize a potential risk due to smoke and fire in good time. An smoke detector may thus be exaggerated. In addition, this also applies here: False alarms of the smoke detector can, especially in the shared cellar, become a real problem - especially if no one does not feel responsible for the loud fire alarm and turns off the wrong alarm.

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Jean Castex had given the green light to the establishment of new drug consumption rooms © Olivier Coret / SIPA a manifestation on 2 October against the project of new drug use rooms.

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