Offbeat Libyan presidential elections: a promise and challenges

19:00  10 november  2021
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Elections Canada apologizes to Ontario First Nations voters unable to cast ballots

  Elections Canada apologizes to Ontario First Nations voters unable to cast ballots After a federal election riddled with problems for First Nations voters in northwestern Ontario's Kenora riding, Elections Canada has issued an apology "to any elector who was unable to vote as a result."The electoral agency said it is still working to get a complete picture of what happened in Kenora and is looking into whether the problems are indicative of wider issues across Canada.

on December 24th, Libya takes the path of the polls to choose its president. 10 years after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi and then a cycle of violence and uncertainties, this horizon has the contours of a promise. The tensions between the different camps and the divisions of the international community testify that it is also a bet.

"Libyans are waiting for these elections, there is a quest for integrity on their part," says Jalechaoui, researcher at the Global Organization Against Transnational Organized Crime. And the hope that they close the wounds of 10 years of political chaos. Nearly 3 million voters, in a country with 7 million people, have already registered to vote.

Libya: beginning of the filing of applications for presidential and parliamentary elections

 Libya: beginning of the filing of applications for presidential and parliamentary elections © Mahmud Turkia AFP / file Voting operations in Tripoli, Libya, January 2021. The Libyan High Electoral Commission (HNC) stated that candidates for the presidential election will have until November 22 to apply. This period extends until December 17 for parliamentarians. "It's the real beginning of the electoral process," said Imad Al-Sayeh, the HNEC director. Nearly three million Libyans, on seven million inhabitants, registered to vote.

The current parliamentary regime will not have known to unify this country, torn by its factions, the intervention of regional powers and the wounds born of the Kadhafi years. Certainly, the Libya , politically divided, from 2014 to 2020, with two assemblies, one in cyrenaic, east, and the other, to the west, in tripolitan, is no longer. It is now conducted by a unique government, elected at the initiative of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), under the aegis of the United Nations, and today led by Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Ddeibah.

Its main mission, established by the UN Roadmap, is to organize general elections by the end of the year 2021 to turn the page of this bruised decade. This exercise is delicate. Faced with this power a priori united, the cyrenaic remains under the control of Marshal Haftar, the militias maintain their influence and foreign forces, their presence.

How a grocery store visit highlights voters' fears that Kevin Vuong will be a lame duck MP

  How a grocery store visit highlights voters' fears that Kevin Vuong will be a lame duck MP As a newly elected MP ditched by the Liberals days before the federal vote, observers suspect Kevin Vuong will be unable to get much done in Parliament and constituents will not want to approach him for essential matters. In the final days of the election campaign, the Toronto Star reported Vuong had been charged in 2019 with sexual assault — a single count that prosecutors later withdrew. The Liberals asked Vuong to pause his campaign after it was made public he didn't disclose the charge during the Liberal vetting process. The party then cut ties with him two days before the election. Vuong has denied any wrongdoing.

The objective of conducting presidential elections and concomitant parliamentary elections has also been questioned by Parliament Libyan, early October and even on October 30, the United Nations Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) was still called " Respecting the principle of the presidential and parliamentary elections, simultaneous, necessary to preserve the integrity of the electoral process, maintain its credibility and the right and aspirations of the Libyan people to democratically elect their representatives. "

The seconds are finally shifted at the beginning of the year 2022. And the presidential elections, who must be held on December 24, should not go smoothly. Disputes are sharpening and some actors are already threatening to resume weapons if any doubts about the results appear to them.

In this fragile security context, the international community maintains pressure. The international conference on Libya meeting on 12 December in Paris must, according to the Elysee, contribute to "making the electoral process undeniable and irreversible" for "respected" results. And since 8 November, the Libyan High Electoral Commission (HCN) has opened the submission of applications. Looking forward to those expected from Abdel Hamid Ddibah, at Marshal Khalifa Hafta, a strong man of the East Libyan, or the leader of Parliament Aguila Saleh, 4 personalities have already worn candidates: Aref Ali Nayed, former ambassador of Libya at the UN, Fathi Bachagha, former Minister and Western Man, Ibrahim Dabbashi, former Minister of Muammar Gaddafi and Hafez Kadour, former representative of Libya to the EU.

Libya: The international community insists on the need for "credible" elections

 Libya: The international community insists on the need for © Yoan Valat Pool / AFP The leaders gathered in Paris for the International Conference for Libya call for inclusive and credible elections in December, On November 12, 2021. to six weeks of crucial elections in Libya, a conference was held this Friday in Paris to reaffirm the support of the international community on this ballot and the transition process. Emmanuel Macron recognized him from the outset at the press conference this Friday night: the goal is "ambitious".

Doubts on the stability of the period preceding the election, are added fears over the next few, following the results. "There is a form of precipitation on the part of the West, the desire to expose this presidential election as a showcase, after the intervention of 2011," says J.harchaoui. "The risk is to make this election a Western exercise when the main actors, Russians and Turkish, have positions hostile to them and then it is first of all a Libyan issue. »

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