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02:45  25 november  2021
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The Brazilian mentality monster

 The Brazilian mentality monster Leonardo Bewtcourt is impressively reflected in Werder Bremen. He can become the crucial key. © Provided by sport1.de The Brazilian mentality Monster Leandro "Leo" Jesus Loureiro Askourt is a fine footballer. This is as half Brazilian and as the son of Cottbusser Football Legend Franklin Bewtcourt as well as somehow hardly surprising. But he is much more than that. He embodies what one wishes for a football team and what has manifested itself as a term in recent years.

“He does [ his ] homework ” is correct, for simple present tense: meaning, he does homework habitually. More common, since usually people describe what they are currently doing for such things, is “Do” just doesn’t make sense for this context. Example sentences (some might differ slightly: He does homework . (someone might have asked what your son does after school and this could be your response). My son does his homework every night before dinner. My daughter has done her homework .

Jack didn’t do his homework . That’s very _____ of him. USUAL.

2. League: Holstein Kiel - SV Werder Bremen (Saturday, 20:30 clock)

Macht Werder seine Hausaufgaben? © Provided by sport1.de makes Werder his homework?

next Saturday at 20:30 clock meet the storks on Werder. Lastly, Kiel conceded a defeat against the 1st FC Heidenheim 1846 - the sixth seasonal. With a 1: 1 draw Bremen had to satisfy himself recently against FC Schalke 04.

Holstein Kiel takes the descent relegation place with 14 points. The shaped defense, which allowed to date 25 counterparts, is a crucial reason for the poor cutting of the host this season.

More than place nine is not in it for the SV Werder Bremen. So far, guests have a total of five achievements, five draws as well as four bankruptcies.

With Werder, the storks have a away with a away opponent (3-2-2). Bremen as well as Kiel have lately slimmed a little, so that both from the last five games were only once as a winner from the field.

Formally, the storks in the game against the SV Werder Bremen are not the favorite. Nevertheless, Holstein Kiel expects opportunities to one or the other point.

Pavlenka: "Honestly, I do not know what's" .
the last half year was not planned for Jiri Pavlenska. A lengthy injury cost him only an EM participation and at Werder's status as a number 1. He has now returned - but how is it in the medium term for Czechs in Bremen? In the 2nd league probably not. © Imago Images / Nordphoto Look forward: Jiri Pavlenka. Werder-Keeper speaks about possible exit for four years, he had been Werder's undisputed stemkeeper in the Bundesliga.

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