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11:45  08 december  2021
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Madewell's Cyber Monday Sale Just Started Early — and It Includes Double Discounts on Meghan Markle-Loved Items

  Madewell's Cyber Monday Sale Just Started Early — and It Includes Double Discounts on Meghan Markle-Loved Items These deals are even better than Black Friday . © Madewell These deals are During this year's Cyber Monday Sale, Madewell is offering 30 percent off of everything sitewide, including best-sellers like these everyday leather Chelsea boots and this cozy cable knit turtleneck sweater which comes in four pretty colors.

Männer und Schmuck; Wir zeigen dir, wie du die Stücke trägst © Dominik Kielbasa / Unsplash men and jewelry; We show you how to order the pieces ASOS design - chain of sterling silver

here: asos design "chain of sterling silver"

With a simple thin silver chain you can not go wrong, not too striking and not too chef. Actually perfect to enter the world of men's jewelry. Asos is a very good way in the low price segment to find its favorites from the large selection, and to see what you like and what is a good thing without right hundreds of euros on the table.

s.Oliver - Men's ring

Here: s.Oliver "Men's ring"

A ring often says a lot about the character of a man and should therefore be worn confident. So if you have never worn a ring, it is not a good idea to wear a thick rocker ring directly. This often works like a foreign body. With the certain personality, of course, great rings can still be good, but for beginners, it is advisable to start first, as in this example from the middle price segment of s.Oliver.

Meghan Markle’s Friendship Bracelet Makes the Sweetest Holiday Gift

  Meghan Markle’s Friendship Bracelet Makes the Sweetest Holiday Gift Meghan Markle’s Friendship Bracelet Makes the Sweetest Holiday GiftSome days, we wish we could go back in time to the glory days of youth. Don’t you miss slumber parties, sleepaway camp and school spirit? As Kacey Musgraves sings, “Me and all of my best friends, we were always together. I remember talking on the phone all night, didn’t know it was a simple time.” Those simple times were simply the best. Now we’re nostalgic for friendship bracelets! We always used to bead and braid during play dates with pals. But just because we’re grown up doesn’t mean we have to give up our favorite jewelry from our past.

DesignB - Creoleohr ring with cross pendant

Here: DesignB "Creoleohr ring with cross pendant"

Yes. Men can also carry earrings. At the latest since the 2000er trend of the metrosexual man, with David Beckham as a figurehead, it is nothing special about wearing a husband's earring. The trend was not so present in recent years and is always pretty much popular. You can choose a subtle ear plug or a creole earring, as here in the example of DesignB. The trailers come in all shapes and sizes, especially popular are currently crossing in the popper style of the 80s.

FAVS - Cuban Link Necklace

Here: FAVS "Cuban Link Chain"

This chain style, in this case of FAVS, is called Cuban Link chain and has been enjoying increasing popularity for several years. The chain is clearly more conspicuous than a thin silver chain, but you can do it exactly because of the statement piece by combining it with a black turtleneck powder. If you wear a Cuban link chain, the style should fit well, so that the outfit does not look like a costume. Especially suitable for this: Streetwear, hip-hop or rock influences.

Maison Margiela - Gold Bracelet

Here: Maison Margiela "Gold Bracelet"

This gold bracelet from the French fashion house Maison Margiela is an example of high-fashion jewelry, which is only completely refined. This Margiela bracelet comes in simple design and is characterized only by minimalist accents (in this case the famous numbers). The high recognition value of the Margiela-typical design makes the bracelet to an elegant alternative to the famous Love Bracelet of Cartier. Ideal, you combine such jewelry elegant and noble with suit or evening wardrobe or confidently put it as a stylish to jeans and hoodie.

Phantom's First Black Christine, Emilie Kouatchou, Almost Changed Careers During the Pandemic .
Phantom of the Opera star Emilie Kouatchou tells PEOPLE that she was planning to apply for business schools before getting the call that changed her life Kouatchou, 25, is the first Black performer to play leading lady Christine Daaé in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway hit. On Oct. 27, the actress — who performs the role three times a week at the Majestic Theatre — made her debut on the Great White Way and tells PEOPLE that the moment was incredibly "special." Still, she says that she felt immense pressure in the days leading up to her first performance.

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