Offbeat tear gas against demonstrators in Tunis

08:45  15 january  2022
08:45  15 january  2022 Source:   dw.com

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Where the "Arab Spring" started once, democratic fundamental rights are now threatened. Tunisia experiences an emergency state. Human rights are in great concern.

Sicherheitskräfte gegen Demonstranten in der tunesischen Hauptstadt © Yassine Mahjoub / Maxppp / DPA / Picture Alliance Security forces against demonstrators in the Tunisian capital

in Tunis have demonstrated more than a thousand people against President Kais Saied, according to the Ministry of Interior. They throw him a "coup d'" stroke, because he had discontinued the government on July 25th. The Tunisian security forces set tear gas and water windows against the demonstrators in the capital. Dozens of people were arrested as it is called in agency reports.

Glavin: Kazakh uprising is an optimistic sign that citizens can prevail in dark places

  Glavin: Kazakh uprising is an optimistic sign that citizens can prevail in dark places The most encouraging aspect of the mass uprising in Kazakhstan this week isn’t that the hideously decrepit Soviet-era kleptocracy that runs the country is suddenly coming apart at the seams. Or that the riot police and soldiers who didn’t lay down their truncheons and join with the people were overpowered by the sheer physical force of tens of thousands of furious Kazakhs pouring into the streets of cities all across the country. It’s not even It’s not even the heartwarming sight of dozens of troop carriers and police vans upturned and burning all along the boulevards of Almaty, or the mayor’s office in flames, or all that smoke billowing so magnificently from the nearby prosecutor’s offices.

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Meetings were banned with reference to safety precautions because of the increase in corona infection cases in the North African country. "Stop the coup, the people want the end of the citizen," called the demonstrators. At the end of July, the President had issued the government with the help of an emergency article of the Constitution , exposed to Parliament's work and repealed the immunity of the deputies.

opposition against the head of state

The hitherto ruling Islamist Ennahdha party then threw the President a "coup", in the population has always been protests . In October, the head of state entered a new government.

The human rights organization Amnesty International described the demonstration bans in Tunisia as a "restriction of the right to expression and peaceful assemblies".

ml / RB (AP, AFP)

protests against corona measures do not take end .
all lateral thinkers? People who keep the Corona pandemic for an invention or at least not so dangerous? In many German cities there were again protests against state corona measures. And against media. © Federico Gambarini / DPA / Picture Alliance The protest in the NRW state capital Dusseldorf ... from protest against the Corona measures and a planned vaccination obligation again several thousand people in Germany went to the street.

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