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09:23  12 february  2018
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YouTube Go is launching in over 130 countries

  YouTube Go is launching in over 130 countries YouTube announced today that its YouTube Go app is launching in over 130 countries. YouTube Go is a redesigned version of the regular YouTube app (available only on Android) that’s designed for places with poor connectivity or expensive cellular data prices.YouTube Go allows users to download videos for offline viewing (something that the company usually charges for as part of its $10-per-month YouTube Red subscription), which users can then share locally with friends over a direct device-to-device connection without using up more data. The app first launched in beta in India last year.

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Anastasia Bulgakova is a Russian digital illustrator and she is behind these incredible works of art of countries as people.

She imagined the characters with some stereotypical attributes but also created an imaginative backstory, often drawing on the relationships between different countries in the real world.

Anastasia usually uses Photoshop to create her art and posts it to her page on Art Station.

The form of art she produces is similar to a kind of manga known as Hetalia - which was adapted from Japanese webcomic Hetalia: Axis Powers

She wrote on her page: "I draw personifications of different countries. All of them will be militant and warrior-like, with dirt and blood. Not because of some political persuasion, but simply because that what I always draw in any case, and the idea of warrior-countries gives a lot of creative freedom. Every character is going to have some stereotypical attributes that I am going to use in one way or another."

Trappist planets have water, may be 'habitable': researchers

  Trappist planets have water, may be 'habitable': researchers Seven planets recently spotted orbiting a dim star in our Milky Way galaxy are rocky, seem to have water, and are potentially "habitable", researchers studying the distant system said Monday. Though much remains unknown about the planets' surfaces and atmospheres, the new measurements have not ruled out the possibility that they may harbour even rudimentary life, the scientists reported.


She wrote:

My first ancient civilizations character.

I was interested in arabian tales. You know, Aladdin, djins, travelers and heroes in sands, mysterious creatures and so on.

I didn't know to which country should I attach to my character. After reading a few articles I decided that it would be Iran.


Even though it's England and not Great Britain, I chose Union Jack's colours, since they are more recognised. The hairstyle is wild and red, since he is a punk. I have a few versions with different heads that you can see in the link below.

'Oumuamua Is Spinning From Violent Space Collision

  'Oumuamua Is Spinning From Violent Space Collision The haywire spinning will continue for billions of years.This is the latest of several revelations following the first-ever discovery of a solar system invader last October. Initially believed to be a comet, then an asteroid, scientists think the wandering “interstellar object” is a hunk of ice wrapped in organic sun-blocking material.


Canada is simple guy with puppy eyes. He is kind and not conflicting. Prefers to be at home and not look for any problems in others' battles. He only fights in sports- hockey. He finds it honest and cheerful. Because of his success in hockey, he's called "The King of ice". Sometimes a crown appears over his head and he often dreams about future victories.

Japan, Russia, USA and Germany

N.S. artist's stolen painting of grandfather found in thrift store 24 years later .
N.S. artist's stolen painting of grandfather found in thrift store 24 years later Charmaine Wheatley, artist-in-residence at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York, painted a portrait of her grandfather, Thomas Wheatley Sr., while studying at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in the mid-'90s because he looked so much like her father, Thomas Wheatley Jr.

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