News: Offbeat

5: 1-power demonstration at the Cologne sharks: The polar bears are only a victory from the semi-final

Wednesday  00:20,   13 april 2022

The Berliners shoot their goals at the right moment and ultimately a class are better than their opponent. © Photo: Imago / Andreas Gora Jonas Müller scored two goals at 5: 1 in Cologne. for some fans of the polar bear went the journey to Cologne... >>>

IHKS beat alarm: Energy supply of companies endangered

Tuesday  20:11,   12 april 2022

The IHKS of the region beat alarm. You do not see the energy supply of companies sufficiently secured and warns against supply gaps. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the plans for a preferred coal phase 2030 are unrealistic. Instead,... >>>

Uganda: a Colombian researcher killed by an elephant in a park

Tuesday  16:10,   12 april 2022

The animal continued the victim then trampled © Hoerwin56 Illustration of an elephant. Drama - The animal continued the victim then trampled a Colombian researcher working for an American university died, this Sunday, trampled by an elephant in the >>>

Pakistan: Shehbaz Sharif, New Prime Minister and "Old Road Political Life"

Tuesday  03:20,   12 april 2022

© Reuters - Akhtar Soomro Shehbaz Sharif, the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. aged 70, Shehbaz Sharif is the leader of the PML-N, the Muslim League of Pakistan. He led with other opposition leaders the sling that overthrew Imran Khan, to whom he... >>>

new fear for Nabilla!

Monday  13:15,   11 april 2022

© Provided by Cover Media Nabilla still had a healthy fear. As it revealed it to its Snapchat community, the influencer is indeed at the hospital, following discomfort and dizziness. "This morning I got up from the bed, I fell on the floor. I made... >>>

teleworking visas to leave it soft in Italy

Monday  09:35,   11 april 2022

it's official: it will soon be possible for distance workers who live outside the European Union to get special visas to make their calls Zoom from Italy. Called "Nomadic Digital", these permissions will allow their telecompillating holders in the... >>>

Real Madrid: Strange vertigo for Mariano Diaz

Monday  00:06,   11 april 2022

Mariano Diaz plays bad luck, he who suffers from vertigo at Real at the worst moment of the season. © Provided by Football 365 Mariano Diaz, the cupboard Mariano Diaz had a quite strange career. Real Madrid sold it in Lyon, then redeemed, to... >>>

Pakistan: Shehbaz Sharif presents his candidacy to become prime minister

Sunday  19:35,   10 april 2022

Pakistan politics: Pakistan: Shehbaz Sharif is applying to become Prime Minister © Reuters / Akhtar Soomro Pakistan: Shehbaz Sharif presents his candidacy to become Prime Minister Islamabad ( Reuters) - Shehbaz Sharif introduced Sunday to the... >>>

Peru: Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori remains in prison

Sunday  15:35,   10 april 2022

© PREENSA FUJIMORI / AFP / FILE The former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori (photo) had to be soon released according to a recent verdict of the Constitutional Court. It will finally be nothing. The "Saga" Alberto Fujimori continues. Sentenced... >>>

Yannick Jadot: Who is his companion Isabelle Saporta?

Sunday  10:25,   10 april 2022

© Bespsy FA Mounting / Sipa Yannick Jadot: Who is his companion Isabelle Saporta? Yannick Jadot celebrated his success in the last European elections next to his companion Isabelle Saporta. Together for two years, it was only at the time of the... >>>

Lead 1-The IMF "Very concerned" by the crisis in Sri Lanka

Saturday  21:20,   09 april 2022

Sri Lanka-crisis / IMF (Lead 1): Lead 1-The IMF "Very concerned" by the crisis in Sri Lanka (updated with interview of Minister of Finance) Colombo, April 9 (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund said Saturday "Very concerned" by the economic... >>>

These signs that you need holidays

Saturday  17:40,   09 april 2022

© Adobe Stock These signs that show that you need holiday lack of momentum, motivation, loss of logic and ability to focus ... all these Signs are there to remind you that you have a great need for rest. Medisite takes stock with Sébastien Hof,... >>>

Princess Anne visits Australia

Saturday  16:15,   09 april 2022

The British princess Anne (71) traveled on behalf of the Queen to Down Under. The younger sister of Prince Charles (73) took part on Saturday at the beginning of a three-day visit to Australia as a guest of honor at the opening ceremony of the... >>>

FIA conducts an examination a against pole man Charles Leclerc

Saturday  15:50,   09 april 2022

© Motorsport Images Charles Leclec in the Ferrari F1-75 in Melbourne / Australia 2022 Ferrari driver Charles Leclec stands on the pole position to the Grand Prix of Australia 2022 in Melbourne ( that Race here in the Formula 1 Liabticker! ), but... >>>

Basketball - LFB (J19): Charleville-Mézières Home Tomb

Saturday  02:25,   09 april 2022

© Panoramic Angers Basketball 2016 Charleville-Mézières lost 76-84 after home extension against Angers at the 19th day of LFB. There are only three regular season days of LFB, and the defeats and victories are more expensive than ever.... >>>