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Norse Altantic Airways takes Nonstop connection from BER to Fort Lauderdale in Florida on / flown three times a week - on Sundays, Mi

Wednesday  22:20,   07 december 2022

Norse Altantic Airways takes Nonstop connection to Fort Lauderdale in Florida on / flown three times a week - on Sundays , Mi Berlin/Schönefeld (ots)-Winter, Wellen and Walt Disney with Norse from BER to Fort Lauderdale in Florida Norse Altantic... >>>

Schubert: Right-wing extremists are not allowed to speak

Wednesday  18:00,   07 december 2022

Berlin's left-wing chairman Katina Schubert as “incredible” that an incumbent Berlin judge and former AfD member of the Bundestag is among the arrested at the raid in the so-called Reich Citizens' scene. "Right -wing extremists cannot and must not... >>>

for US career: Does Motsi Mabuse leave "Let’s Dance"?

Wednesday  15:50,   07 december 2022

career -based things are going really well with Motsi Mabuse! The popular dancer and " Let’s Dance " juror not only seem to be well received by the German audience. In addition to her job in Germany, she has been sitting on the British counterpart... >>>

Fabien Roussel finally elected… For his humor

Wednesday  15:30,   07 december 2022

© Sopa Images/Getty Images Fabien Roussel, the leader of the Communist Party during a political meeting The jury of the twentieth edition of the Prize "Press Club, Humor and Politics ", Created by Jean Miot, met under the direction of Olivier de... >>>

WinterCamping is in demand: Five popular campsites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Wednesday  14:31,   07 december 2022

Wintercamping is in demand: Five popular campsites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland The winter holidays do not have to take place in the hotel. Winter campsites are also an alternative for many vacationers. Camping is popular. For many, this... >>>

Sanofi wins a legal victory in the United States in the Zantac

Wednesday  14:00,   07 december 2022

file several thousand complaints filed in front of the federal justice against the GSK, Pfizer, Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim pharmaceutical groups denouncing a link between Zantac, acidity against acidity Gastric, and cancer were rejected by a... >>>

An ex-secretary of a Nazi camp expresses regrets during his trial

Wednesday  09:00,   07 december 2022

© Jean-Michel Delage / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP " d E am sorry for everything that happened. I regret having been to stuffhof at that time. That's all I can say, "said Irmgard Farchner. 97 years old, she was secretary of a concentration... >>>

USA and Great Britain expansion from

Wednesday  06:51,   07 december 2022

in the course of increasing energy prices in the course of the Russian War against Ukraine, Great Britain and the United States expand their cooperation. The United States has targeted to export at least nine to ten billion cubic meters of liquid... >>>

"Disappointing", "Political conspiracy": in Senegal, Adji Sarr and Ousmane Sonko Face to face

Wednesday  04:50,   07 december 2022

© AFP - Seyllou Adji Sarr after his confrontation with Ousmane Sonko, December 6, 2022. in Senegal, a long face- Aparter took place Tuesday, December 6, between Ousmane Sonko and his accuser, Adji Sarr. The opponent, a candidate declared to the... >>>

Jungle Camp 2023: Are these candidates already determined?

Tuesday  20:20,   06 december 2022

, as always, wait fans of "I'm a star, get me out here" eagerly for the announcement of the candidate: inside. Most of the time there is the big revelation shortly before the start of the new season in January, but of course it is speculated wild... >>>

Nabilla celebrates the six months of Leyann… Anthony Rapp is dad…

Tuesday  17:40,   06 december 2022

All the news people is in “20 minutes” © Laurene Favier/Eliot/Starface The star of reality TV Nabilla Vergara Fil of the stars - All 'People news is in “20 minutes” December 6, 2022 Gabourey Sidibe got married in secret Gabourey Sidibe had... >>>

"Unter Uns" comeback: Cult role returns after 25 years!

Tuesday  13:30,   06 december 2022

In the past few months, the "Unter us" viewers have been happy to look forward to some comebacks inside. Among other things, Holger Frank suddenly saw in his role as Wolfgang Weigel in the... >>>

Anna-Carina & Stefan Mross: Embarrassing revelation after separation, but RTL star reacts cool ...

Tuesday  12:30,   06 december 2022

It sounds like a really bad joke, but that's a surprise in the separation drama around Anna-Carina Woitschack and Stefan Mross. © Imago / Hofer Stefan Mross and Anna-Carina Woitschack apparently stole the separation statement. It sounded as so... >>>

France: A teacher threatened by the extreme right for a visit to migrant camp

Tuesday  09:20,   06 december 2022

© AP - Rafael Yaghobzadeh A migrant camp in Calais on November 27, 2021 (illustration image). A philosophy teacher was to take her hypokhâgne preparatory class from the Watteau high school in Valenciennes near a Calais migrant camp. An educational... >>>

TPMP: Gilles Verdez, shirtless, celebrates a goal and creates the discomfort on the set ... (Video)

Tuesday  01:30,   06 december 2022

© Capture C8 to celebrate the qualification of the Blues in the quarter -finals of the World Cup, Gilles Verdez A Make a back to school noticed in Touche pas à mon poste. The beautiful story continues for the French team. Sunday, December 4, the... >>>