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18:55  06 december  2018
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Auston Matthews says he’s ready to return to Leafs lineup

Auston Matthews says he’s ready to return to Leafs lineup Auston Matthews appears to be on the verge of returning to the Maple Leafs lineup. “In my mind, I feel I’m ready to play,” the injured 21-year-old star said Tuesday after a solid workout with the Leafs, his first without the red non-contact jersey since injuring his shoulder in late October. Matthews has missed 14 games since a collision with Winnipeg Jets defenceman Jacob Trouba put him on the sidelines. Toronto went 9-5 without its top centre in the lineup. All that is required is clearance from the Leafs’ medical staff. If that happens, Matthews could return as early as Wednesday night when the Leafs host the San Jose Sharks at Scotiabank Arena.

Jerome Max Keliʻi Holloway (born December 4, 1991) is an American mixed martial artist competing in the Featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Max Holloway says they still don’t know what was wrong but he ’ s feeling fine and ready to get back to fighting. Now, less than a month later, Holloway says he is feeling better and ready to get back into the He ’ s one of the most exciting fighters in the world and it would suck to see him burn out early. Rachael Ostovich explains why she wanted to remain in Paige VanZant fight despite attack

Max Holloway ready to remind the world why he’s among MMA’s best© John Locher/AP

TORONTO — If you want to know exactly what Max Holloway is about, exactly why the 27-year-old Hawaiian is one of the most tenacious, game-for-anything fighters going today, it only takes 10 seconds to find out.

It was 2016. Riding an eight-fight win streak after his 2013 loss to Conor McGregor, Holloway was booked against veteran featherweight contender Ricardo Lamas, who had fought for the title two years prior. Holloway dominated the fight, both by the eye test and the metrics. He landed 103 significant strikes to Lamas’s 64. He stuffed all six of Lamas’s takedown attempts. By the final minute of the fight, Holloway was cruising to a unanimous 30-27 victory and everyone knew it.

UFC fighter Theodorou happily juggles jobs

UFC fighter Theodorou happily juggles jobs TORONTO - Ring boy. Model. Actor. Producer. Medical marijuana advocate. Elias (The Spartan) Theodorou delights in wearing many hats. But the Toronto middleweight returns to Job 1 on Saturday when he takes on former University of Alabama linebacker Eryk (Ya Boi) Anders on the undercard of UFC 231 at Scotiabank Arena. The main event pits featherweight champion Max (Blessed) Holloway against No. 1 contender Brian (T-City) Ortega while Valentina (Bullet) Shevchenko faces off against Joanna Jedrzejczyk for the vacant women's flyweight title in the co-main event.

Max Holloway breaking news and and highlights for UFC 231 fight vs. Brian Ortega, with official Sherdog mixed martial arts stats, photos, videos By: Eric Stinton Max Holloway has harnessed the good , the bad and the ugly from his hometown, becoming a force of positivity and inspiration for

Max Holloway ' s manager on why Max can't fight Aldo at UFC 208: FACT 1: This is the reason @blessedmma is not able to turn around and fight Aldo on Feb 11th. Then I heard he had a trip booked to Disney World with his kids and he wouldn't be able to reschedule.

But then the clapper went off, signalling the final 10 seconds. And something in Holloway’s psyche went off, too. Something he can’t ignore. Head bowed, looking up at Lamas through his eyebrows, Holloway pointed at the centre of the octagon, inviting his opponent to stand and trade. No defence, no technique. Just two guys throwing haymakers for 10 seconds — one of them with nothing to lose, the other with everything.

It has to be one of the worst strategic decisions in UFC history. If Lamas caught him, Holloway would have lost his easy victory, his win streak, his momentum toward a title shot. He would have been judged and ridiculed for the rest of his career. He didn’t care. He honoured his agreement and stood right where he was, swinging for the bleachers, pausing only to point at the ground once more when Lamas backed away under a barrage of Holloway’s bombs.

UFC’s Toronto return puts spotlight on local talent

UFC’s Toronto return puts spotlight on local talent Three weeks ago, lightweight MMA fighter Kyle Nelson scored a one-round knockout in a bout in Romania, and when he returned to his training base in Stoney Creek, head coach Alin Halmagean advised him to take a quick rest then stay in shape. Normally the 27-year-old would take a longer break after a fight, but Halmagean knew UFC 231 was scheduled for Dec. 8 in Toronto. If the world’s largest mixed martial arts promoter needed a last-minute replacement fighter, Halmagean reasoned Nelson needed to be ready. Tuesday night, the UFC called Halmagean. Brazilian Carlos Diego Ferreira lost his opponent, and the UFC’s matchmakers wanted to know if Nelson would take the assignment.

Max Holloway knows he can’t be caught slipping for even one moment against Brian Ortega at UFC He fights for the finish. He ’ s dangerous all the time, he ’ s dangerous all rounds, so I’ve got to step up my game. I’ve got to be extra focused. He ’ s fought great competition, but now it’ s time to fight the best

Interim UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway is ready to prove he ' s the undisputed king of If you thought Max Holloway thought twice about signing a fight contract to take on Jose Aldo in Brazil I'm going to show the world once again why I'm one of the best fighters to ever grace the octagon."

At the end of the melee, Holloway leapt straight up onto the top of the fence, yelling at the crowd and pounding his chest. Six months later, he was doing the same thing, this time before having the interim featherweight belt wrapped around his waist. Twelve months after that, he was finishing his second technical knockout of the greatest featherweight of this era, and possibly all-time — Jose Aldo, a man who had lost only twice in 28 fights prior.

The torch was passed. Snatched, more like. And yet, as he prepares to defend his belt this Saturday against the dangerous and undefeated Brian Ortega at Scotiabank Arena, you get the sense Holloway’s feeling a little unappreciated. He’s endured a year-long layoff due to various health concerns — more on that later — which has faded the memory of his dogged run to the title, of the 12-fight win streak he’s riding. There’s no questioning how ridiculously talented and willing Holloway is. But he seems to think some may have forgotten about it.

Max Holloway hammers Brian Ortega at UFC 231

Max Holloway hammers Brian Ortega at UFC 231 Max Holloway hammers Brian Ortega at UFC 231

UFC featherweight contender Max Holloway can take one step closer to a title shot with a win over Anthony Pettis at UFC 206. Holloway is ready to return to the Octagon and promises fans something special will go down Dec. 10 in Toronto. "I'm beyond stoked for this fight," Holloway told

“It’ s MMA – you can always improve,” Holloway said. “It’ s easy to judge and to point the finger while So that’ s why I want the best guy. I don’t want to hear no excuses. Stop being a ‘What If’ guy. Holloway has been bringing his best for a long time, but he hasn’t forgotten the days after he lost two

“Everybody keeps talking about Brian [Ortega], this and that,” Holloway said at Wednesday’s pre-fight press conference. “But everything the guy did, I did better. He’s on what, a six-fight win-streak? I got 12. He beat a champion? I beat two. And I beat one of them twice.”

Holloway’s actions support his words. In an era when UFC champions choose their shots more carefully than ever, seeking the most ideal circumstances in which to retain their belt and its massive influence on earning potential, Holloway’s been adamant about simply fighting whoever’s next. He says he wants to beat the best, wants to be prolifically active. He wants to return valour to championship behaviour — damn the consequences.

Only three months after his second victory over Aldo, Holloway agreed to fight the No. 1 contender, Frankie Edgar. He had to pull out of the fight due to an unspecified leg injury, with Ortega taking his place and dispatching Edgar with a brutal uppercut in the first round. That’s cool, Holloway said — now he’d just fight Ortega once his leg healed.

But only a month later, the UFC called and asked Holloway if he’d be willing to step into a lightweight title fight against undefeated Dagestani wrestler Khabib Nurmagomedov after an opponent dropped out due to a last-minute injury. Nurmagomedov’s a nightmare. He’s manhandled everyone he’s fought. At that point, he’d never even lost a round. Would Holloway move up a weight class and accept such a difficult fight under such disadvantageous circumstances?

AND NEW! Shevchenko Dominates Jedrzejczyk, Takes Decision (And Title)

AND NEW! Shevchenko Dominates Jedrzejczyk, Takes Decision (And Title) UFC 231 results live: Valentina Shevchenko vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk full fight recap of women’s Flyweight pay-per-view (PPV) co-main event match tonight (Sat., Dec. 8, 2018) from inside Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, featuring the unanimous decision win for "Bullet," the new 125-pound champion.

“When he was chicken-necking it at Aldo and he ’ s got his hands down and is talking s **t and stalking him Tommy’ s too good for YouTube anymore, he ’ s moved on up to the Fox Sports world . Max Holloway is a great fighter, the best 145er alive, and could end his career better than Aldo, but sorry

But, according to him he feels fine, but obviously he ’ s not fine. So we’re going to continue to try to figure out what’ s wrong with Max Holloway . It’ s a sad day for the mixed martial arts ( MMA ) community and a concerning development in the career of Holloway .

Of course he would. It didn’t matter that it was less than a week prior to the bout, that Holloway was in Hawaii and the event was in New York, that he wasn’t in a training camp and would have to starve himself merely to make weight. Holloway hopped on a plane hours after getting the call and went off to fight.

Ultimately, the extreme weight cut Holloway attempted in order to face Nurmagomedov proved too much. Fearing for Holloway’s safety, the New York State Athletic Commission deemed him medically unfit to fight only hours before weigh-ins. Holloway contends that if it was up to him he would’ve continued cutting weight — would’ve made it, too. All so that only 36 hours after depleting himself to the point of extreme exhaustion, he could be locked in a cage with one of the UFC’s most feared fighters.

“I’ve been a champion, I’ve defended the belt — now the next goal is to be the No. 1 pound-for-pound in the world,” Holloway said Wednesday. “If it’s a weight above, it’s a weight above. If it’s me staying down here (at 145 pounds) defending it 10 times, then I’ll defend it 10 times. If I’ve got to fight my good friend [UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier], let me know. I’m ready.”

Of course, there is a physical toll paid for Holloway’s abandon. For the severe weight cuts, for the frequency with which he fights, for the times he stands and bangs.

UFC 231 in Tweets: Pros react to Holloway vs. Ortega, Shevchenko vs. Jedrzejczyk

UFC 231 in Tweets: Pros react to Holloway vs. Ortega, Shevchenko vs. Jedrzejczyk The MMA community reacts to Max Holloway’s brillant victory over Brian Ortega, Valentina Shevchenko dominance over Joanna Jedrzejczyk, plus much more.

Holloway said he continues to work with the UFC’ s preferred doctors, as well as specialists recommended to him , as well . I just can’t wait until December comes around, and I get to remind everybody who’ s the He talked about depression, how he wishes everybody in the world … could

Khabib Nurmagomedov questioned Max Holloway ’ s reasons for taking a short-notice lightweight title fight at UFC Regardless of what Holloway was up to, Nurmagomedov maintains that he is ready to show he is the best in the world at 155 pounds. That’ s why I’m talking about you not ready for this.

He was originally scheduled to fight Ortega in July, but after his open workout during fight week, Holloway’s team had trouble waking him up from a nap. When he came to, he was experiencing flashing vision and slurring his speech. He was rushed to hospital and pulled from the fight.

Later, his manager revealed Holloway had already spent a night in hospital earlier that week due to concussion-like symptoms, and that the fighter’s team had to trick him into returning to the emergency room, telling him he was going to a media interview. Through it all, Holloway insisted he was fine, arguing with his team to let him fight. To this day, Holloway says neither he nor his team have been able to discern the cause of the symptoms.

It’s scary stuff. And one hopes Holloway and UFC officials have done everything in their power to ensure he’s healthy enough to fight. Every MMA athlete endures severe physical and mental hardship just to hear their name announced on a Saturday night. But what Holloway’s experienced is next level. Some things aren’t meant to be pushed through.

Even Ortega, who will try to take Holloway’s head off in a few days, expressed genuine concern for his opponent’s wellbeing at Wednesday’s press conference.

“I really do care about your health, and how you are, and how you’re doing,” Ortega said, breaking the promotional fourth wall and addressing Holloway directly on the podium. “Bull–––– aside. I know we’re fighting and all that s–––, but I do hope you’re all right.”

So, here Holloway is. Ready to defend his title for the first time in a year. Trying to remind the world of the insane confidence he possesses. In his way? Ortega, who’s no joke. He’s never lost and never seen a decision in seven UFC fights. He possesses some of MMA’s most lethal jiu-jitsu to go with powerful hands — which he used to knock out Edgar, who had never been stopped in his career.

And who more appropriate for Holloway to make his return against? What challenge could be more fittingly problematic? He’s never taken the easy route. Never tried to put himself in the most advantageous position. Game to a fault, Holloway’s perpetually on a quest to prove something. Not to himself. To you.

Brian Ortega reveals UFC 231 injuries: ‘I was willing to die in there’.
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