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16:32  11 july  2019
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Emma Teitel: Kawhi Leonard turned Toronto into a paparazzi town

Emma Teitel: Kawhi Leonard turned Toronto into a paparazzi town At any given moment, there are ten miniature Kawhi Leonards shooting hoops at the basketball courts in my east end Toronto park — aka kids wearing Toronto Raptors jerseys or t-shirts affixed with the name and number of their hero. And at any given moment, they will rejoice or perhaps more likely, they will despair. Because at any given moment they’ll find out if Kawhi Leonard—the mysterious guy behind the legendary buzzer beater and our city’s first championship title—will stay or if he’ll go. This isn’t your average free agency waiting game that interests the sports obsessed and no one else.

Okay, I think after today we can all and sundry mentions, comments, discussions of Kawhi - apalooza and move on with our collective lives for a couple of But a lot of people were combination of mystified and perturbed by the move and some were kind of thankful it ended as it did. I talked to agents who

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Kawhi-apalooza is over and it ended strangely© Provided by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited Kawhi Leonard.

Okay, I think after today we can end mentions, comments, discussions of Kawhi-apalooza and move on with our collective lives for a couple of months.

Deal? Besides, we have to move on to more pressing matters, like what the first game here with Giannis will be like in the 2021-22 season.

But, first …


Only doing a two-plus-one deal with the Clippers sure caught everyone I talked to by surprise and once again proved Leonard is impossible to read and to think you can is folly.

But a lot of people were a combination of mystified and perturbed by the move and some were kind of thankful it ended as it did.

Twitter wants you to believe Kawhi is a Laker (even if he is not)

Twitter wants you to believe Kawhi is a Laker (even if he is not) The Twitter hoax is a well-worn internet trope at this point, but that isn’t stopping anyone from shamelessly returning to that well to perpetuate the lie that Kawhi Leonard is joining the Lakers during the free agency period. The phrase “Kawhi is a Laker” was at the top of Twitter’s trending topics in the U.S. on Monday night, with roughly 25,000 tweets that include the trollish words. This whole moment of internet seems to have slowly metastasized since Sunday night, when Lakers fan account on Twitter shared an apparent Facebook post from former NBA player Corey Benjamin, who claimed that he knew Kawhi was coming to L.A.

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I talked to agents who simply couldn’t comprehend a client leaving that much money on the table and I presume some eyebrows were raised at the players association office, as well.

It’s kind of telling that no player – not Leonard, not Durant, not Kyrie Irving, not Jimmy Butler to name just four – got every last dollar they could have out of the market. Not sure if that means the market is flawed or just too full of money but I do think it means something.

What it also means, to me in the immediate moment at least, is that the Clippers got used and a bit played and now the pressure on them to win big and win fast is astronomical. It was one thing to pay the highest price ever paid by an NBA team on the trade market – basically two good players and a decade of draft picks to get the one guy the guy you wanted and demanded you get – when the expectation was you’d have Leonard for four year, a much longer time to win championships than just two.

Jalen Rose: ‘I’m 99 per cent hearing’ Kawhi is returning to Raptors

Jalen Rose: ‘I’m 99 per cent hearing’ Kawhi is returning to Raptors As Toronto Raptors fans clamour for new information on whether Kawhi Leonard stays or not, former Raptor and ESPN commentator Jalen Rose may just have given them the greatest glimmer of hope yet. The post Stroman injury marks latest uncertainty for Blue Jays’ rotation appeared first on Sportsnet.ca.

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I don’t know for 100 per cent that they knew they were only going two years guaranteed and if they did, wow, are they riverboat gamblers. If they didn’t, they got played.

I know they got the best player in the deal, the best two actually, and that has to be taken into consideration, but so does the price and the cost-benefit analysis of having to do this all over again in two years with a cupboard bare of assets.

The Raptors? Sure, they would have loved to have Leonard for two years or five years, that was the goal all along but I do think you have to give Masai credit for bailing on the process when things seemed to be spinning out of control.

The Thunder? Look at what they got and they still have a wonderful asset in Russell Westbrook to turn into even more future promise and current players and they undoubtedly took an immediate hit but they’re better prepared for the longer-term future than either the Raptors or the Clippers.

3 Reasons Kawhi Leonard to the Lakers Makes No Sense

3 Reasons Kawhi Leonard to the Lakers Makes No Sense 3 Reasons Kawhi Leonard to the Lakers Makes No Sense

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When I heard the end of the story, I was dumbfounded. Why are all kinds of support forces deployed only after the emergency situation is over ?

This has been a fascinating thing to watch unfold since June 30, it ended with as much drama, intrigue and twists as you’d want.

But, thankfully, it has ended.

As a last thought, this.

No matter how this thing ended -- and things in professional sports never, ever end in a good way for everybody – there can be no denying what Leonard helped do here and how he did it.

He showed up, he worked hard, he never complained and he never promised anything. He managed himself and his circumstances and his place on the team wonderfully and is play in the playoffs was other-worldly.

He may not have been the most personable of players we’ve ever seen but who cares? He did was he was contracted to do, helped bring the team to unprecedented heights in a truly magical year.

You should think about that rather than the last week, I believe.


Ball Four may not have been the first sports book I read but it was absolutely the first sports book I read that peeled back the curtain on baseball and, to this day, when something happens and we’re headed out, I might say to the group, ‘okay, let’s go pound some Budweisers.’

Report: Kawhi Leonard may not make decision until later in week

Report: Kawhi Leonard may not make decision until later in week Kawhi Leonard appears to have his free agency decision narrowed down to three teams or fewer, but the NBA Finals MVP is in no rush to choose between them. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said on “Get Up” Tuesday morning that Leonard “very much has a willingness to play it out this week” and may not agree to a deal until after the 4th of July holiday. "There's a possibility there may not be a decision until later in the week." —@wojespn on Kawhi pic.twitter.com/1EO5KckJma — Get Up (@GetUpESPN) July 2, 2019 The Lakers are believed to be the front-runner to sign Leonard, and there were a number of indications on Monday night that the deal is as good as finalized.

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I remember the book being laugh-out-loud funny in spots, relevatory in others and, yeah, back in 1970 it was a bit salacious in other spots.

It was outstanding and I wonder if we went back and read it today, how it would have stood the test of time.

But more than that, the book was the first true “inside look” at the game that I can remember and it spawned a generation of similar efforts that enriched the sports book industry beyond your imagination.

I never had a chance to meet Jim Bouton and that’s too bad because I would have liked to thank him.

RIP, Jim.


Yes, the Amber Alert woke me in the middle of the night.

No, I’m not the least bit upset about it, nor was I when the phone buzzed.

You shouldn’t have been either.

Hopefully we’ve collectively shamed into silence those who have bothered 911 or the other emergency services in the wake of other alerts.

Good for us.


If you want to load up the mailbag just a bit more today, that’d be okay with me.

Click on askdoug@thestar.ca and fire away, I’ll be here for you.

Or something like that.


So, Quebec City for Raptors training camp?

That’s outstanding. Been years since I’ve been in that great city and I hope a return trip is full of cool history, great meals, nice weather and a chance to at least expand my rudimentary French language skills.

Oh, and it potentially being the 25th training camp appearance in row running the game of Toronto to Barrie to Buffalo to Treviso to Vancouver and other destinations, that’s kind of cool, too.


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Report: Kawhi not taking any meetings Sunday.
Toronto Raptors All-Star Kawhi Leonard will not take any meetings during the opening day of free agency and will instead speak to teams over the coming days, sources told Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes. Leonard is coming off a season where he led the Raptors to their first NBA championship in franchise history. There remains a strong possibility that the two-time Defensive Player of the Year re-signs for an opportunity to repeat. Along with Toronto, the Los Angeles Lakers and L.A. Clippers remain aggressive in their pursuit to acquire Leonard. Leonard is now the lone big fish in free agency with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Jimmy Butler reportedly off the market.

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