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Sports FTB: I’m telling Rogers that Don Cherry needs to stop talking

17:15  10 november  2019
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Sportsnet apologizes for Don Cherry's anti-immigrant comments

  Sportsnet apologizes for Don Cherry's anti-immigrant comments Sportsnet apologizes for Don Cherry's anti-immigrant commentsSportsnet president Bart Yabsley says Cherry's comments are offensive and discriminatory.

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Cherry and MacLean talk at 9:30 Saturday morning, and a final list is drafted. Cherry speaks to Broderick around 11 a.m., signing off with the phrase, “ I ’ m going to be brilliant as usual.” “I bet you’re going to show that one,” he yelled. Mellanby said no — he had a mandate to stop glorifying fights.

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I’m going to tell you a story on this Sunday, the day before Remembrance Day.

My mother, who loved Frank Mahovlich, and therefore hated the Toronto Maple Leafs for trading him, was a teenager in the second world war. Oh, and she, like me, was half German. She had relatives who still spoke German at home, and she had some who changed their last names. Her parents had been born in Canada to recent immigrants, her father from England with a really hard to spell name. One of those old Saxon names that flummoxes people with vowels that do unexpected things.

Scott Stinson: Eventually Don Cherry really stepped in it, as it always seemed he would

  Scott Stinson: Eventually Don Cherry really stepped in it, as it always seemed he would Six years ago this month, when Rogers Communications dropped a five-billion-dollar bomb on the Canadian television landscape when it scooped up the national NHL broadcast rights, one of the most talked about questions was what it meant for Don Cherry . That this was one of the most talked about questions was indicative of just how incredibly outsized Cherry’s role as Canada’s Great Hockey Crank had become. The NHL rights deal had blown up the plans of TSN, the CBC, and was a massively risky bet for Rogers, but the big uncertainty was: what would it mean for Coach’s Corner? What if, gasp, the old guy dressed like grandma’s curtains wasn’t around to grouse about the old d

Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) needs to change or Rogers Communications will make changes. I ' m not a television producer. But I think like one. During "Coaches Corner" Don Cherry didn't want to talk about what happened. He was too emotional. Ron MacLean apparently made him.

Since the OITNB cast remixed the video of Tre-Coast and I , sampled from my vine based on Leah Suh's remake of Twaimz's vine, I figured I should upload this

She grew up near an airbase, and maybe you don’t know all the stories of those days like I do. The depression, the war that brought a kind of prosperity along with rationing, and the post-war world that changed everything about this country and the world. But in the early stages of the war, before America joined in, men from all over the Commonwealth and the US came to learn to be pilots.

She had a lot of romantic attachments to things that dated to those days. As you can imagine, a man in uniform with a sexy accent makes an impression on a teenage girl. She had a thing for the shade of blue worn by the RCAF back then.

And one day she told me all about phantom limb syndrome because one of her close friends, a boyfriend I think, came home with his legs blown off.

Nazem Kadri Thinks People Took Don Cherry’s Comments ‘Out Of Context’

  Nazem Kadri Thinks People Took Don Cherry’s Comments ‘Out Of Context’ nxfr autoPlay= It doesn't seem like this whole Don Cherry situation isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And naturally players and coaches alike have begun chiming in. Cherry was firedAnd naturally, players and coaches alike have begun chiming in.

Don Cherry made that plea on Saturday during his weekly segment on "Hockey Night in Canada" as "If you're No. 1, why would you fool around like that," said Cherry . "I know I ' m good. I didn't fall off a After being prodded Saturday by sidekick Ron MacLean to talk about the deal — "Do I have to wait

BERT LOWN led superior jazz-oriented dance band during 1929-33. As a violinist he worked for a time in the 1920's as a sideman, he collaborated with Hamm

I asked one ordinary day as a child why we got the newspaper, everyone did, but all she did was read the comics and do the crossword. And she told me she’d quit reading the paper in 1940 when the lists of the dead were too much to take. When the chance of a friend or a relative or just some man who’d been at a dance at the airbase one time was going to be on that list had become unbearable.

A lot of people here at this blog don’t like the association of sports with the military. They don’t like the idea of militarism or of nationalism or even patriotism. More for what people do in its name, I think. And they don’t like the anthems and the flags and all of that. That’s not me.

I like the bagpipes on opening day, and I wish they aired it on TV. I don’t mind the recognition of soldiers, and Lupes Troops was a fine thing. The Remembrance Day stuff on ice is tedious when it falls on the HHOF game, and I’m glad that’s not the way it is this year, but I see all of that stuff differently to “you kids today”. The phrase I like to use to satirize Don Cherry, and all that he represents. I grew up too close to what that war was. What it cost.

Tucker Carlson Interviews Don Cherry One Day After He Was Fired Over Immigration Rant, Says His Critics Are 'Fascists'

  Tucker Carlson Interviews Don Cherry One Day After He Was Fired Over Immigration Rant, Says His Critics Are 'Fascists' Don Cherry, a well-known Canadian hockey commentator, was fired by Rogers Sportsnet after an anti-immigration rant broadcast during a Veterans Day game. On Tucker Carlson's Fox News show the day after the firing, Carlson called his critics 'fascists.'Cherry, 85, and the play-by-play man for Hockey Night in Canada for three decades and known for his outlandish, loud suits, said the following about immigrants during a Saturday hockey game:

Hard To Say I ' m Sorry (1982). "Everybody needs a little time away." I heard her say, "From each other." "Even lovers need a holiday. When we get there gonna jump in the air No one will see us 'cause there's nobody there After all, you know we really don 't care Hold on, I ' m gonna take you there.

He keeps stopping to talk to fans, and not just in that cursory "Oh Fans from all over the world put together a 20 minute video telling me what they thought about me and that they appreciate me. So I just say fuck it all, I don ’t fuck with nobody, I ’ m just gonna chill and do what I’ve always done because

You know, I don’t want to talk about any of this, for all I like to tell stories. We just did the Don Cherry is bad and should go away thing, and it was a good, hard poke at this strange institution celebrating of Coach’s Corner that has become cemented onto NHL hockey in Canada.

But I have to. Because those men my mother knew, all her dead, they didn’t die for hatred or disdain or superiority or supremacy. They died trying to save the world from authoritarian genocide. The died for our way of life. And there cannot be an us and them here. There cannot be a central, important us over here, and “you people” over there.

Don Cherry, everything he said, and everything he represents is an affront to the dead we honour tomorrow and what they fought for. He needs to stop talking. Now.

It shouldn’t be up to people to argue the facts of the case against Don Cherry, and his anti-immigrant, which is therefore anti-Canadian hate speech that interrupted a hockey game. It shouldn’t be up to anyone with fewer generations than I from the moment of settlement to justify themselves for their anger. Particularly not those who aren’t white.

Buy a poppy or not, observe Remembrance Day or don’t. Hate the military or join up. None of that matters. All that matters is that we realize there is only one us. And we’re all in this together.

I’m talking about this today to tell Rogers that I’ve heard enough from Don Cherry. Hockey is for all of us.

Back to Hockey

Co-signed. I watched part of his game Saturday in the Karjala Cup, he’s on fire. Had the shootout winner as well as a goal.

I’m not sure why the NHL is so afraid of majors for major infractions, but it’s about time they started giving the only punishment players care about.

Our things and other things:

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No Marner for today’s game. We’ll have a preview at some point for you, and a recap later. It should be interesting. I have no idea what Chicago even is right now other than the home of Alex Nylander.

Back to Excited will be along later today too, and it’s always a good listen. Marlies weekend update, too.

And that’s all for today, thanks for being you, everyone.

Ron MacLean in Edmonton for honorary degree from U of A in midst of Cherry controversy .
Long-time sports broadcaster Ron MacLean was in Edmonton Tuesday to receive an honorary doctor of laws degree from the University of Alberta. MacLean's visit to Edmonton comes in the midst of a nation-wide controversy: his Hockey Night in Canada co-host Don Cherry was fired by Sportsnet following comments where Cherry appeared to say newcomers to Canada don't wear poppies. MacLean faced criticism for not intervening as his on-air partner made the comments, but made an apology shortly after the incident, saying Cherry's words were "hurtful and discriminatory.

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