Sports Petition To 'Bring Back' Don Cherry Gains Traction After Hockey Commentator Fired For Comments About Immigrants

22:10  12 november  2019
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Don Cherry has to go

  Don Cherry has to go For hockey’s culture to better itself, it needs to move on from one of its figureheadsThere’s probably very little that I could write about Don Cherry’s career that you haven’t read before. He’s a fan of “old school”, rough and tumble hockey. He’s unapologetic about his abrasive opinions and his loud suits. He’s an unabashed homer for the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He’s said some highly controversial things over the years, and your mileage will vary as to how much you love or hate what he has to say. I’m not breaking new ground here, and I’m not particularly interested in re-litigating all of the little battles that have been fought over the years.

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gains traction | Sky Canada Horoscope Cherry 's dismissal was announced on Monday by Sportsnet following his comments during his 'Coach's Corner' segment on Saturday's ' Hockey Night in Cancel Culture: Don Cherry Fired ! - Продолжительность: 9:03 Stefan Molyneux Recommended for you.

Bobby Orr, Don Cherry are posing for a picture: A petition to bring back hockey analyst Don Cherry after his firing has over 70,000 signatures© Dave Sandford/Getty A petition to bring back hockey analyst Don Cherry after his firing has over 70,000 signatures

Following Sportsnet's dismissal of NHL analyst Don Cherry, a change.org petition to bring him back has garnered nearly 100,000 signatures.

Cherry was fired after he made anti-immigrant comments during his 'Coach's Corner' segment on Hockey Night in Canada.

"You people...love our way of life, love our milk and honey. At least you could pay a couple of bucks for poppies or something like that. These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada," Cherry said on the program, referencing individuals he believed to be immigrants that were not wearing poppies to honor military veterans during Canada's Remembrance Day.

What the Puck: It was time for Rogers to put Don Cherry out to pasture

  What the Puck: It was time for Rogers to put Don Cherry out to pasture An apology wasn’t enough. Sportsnet needed to fire Don Cherry. And that’s exactly what they did, on Remembrance Day appropriately enough. In fact, the latest controversy around arguably the most famous broadcaster in English-speaking Canada underlines that Rogers Media and its sports subsidiary, Rogers Sportsnet, should’ve politely nudged Cherry into retirement when they first got the rights to the pricey National Hockey League package in 2013. That was the perfect opportunity for Rogers to announce that it was ushering in a new era for Hockey Night in Canada and that it would be an era without the old-school rantings of a guy who appeals to the worst elements in C

Iconic Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry said the "silent majority" as well as armed service members and first responders support him amid CTV, Canada's main news network , said so many complaints rolled in over Cherry 's remarks that the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council could no

Don Cherry was wrongly fired from Sportsnet over his supposed controversial statement regarding people who do not wear poppies for (3359 signatures on petition ). I wish to have Don Cherry brought back to Hockey Night in Canada, where he belongs. And regardless of what he says, we

Following backlash across social media, Sportsnet released a statement on Twitter Monday, detailing their decision to fire Cherry.

"Sports brings people together – it unites us, not divides us. Following further discussion with Don Cherry after Saturday night's broadcast, it has been decided it is the right time for him to immediately step down," Sportsnet tweeted. "During the broadcast, he made divisive remarks that do not represent our values or what we stand for."

Despite his dismissal from the network, some people believe that Cherry did not deserve to be fired, including the creator of the petition.

"Don Cherry is a Canadian icon and symbol of the working class. He may be politically incorrect, and may not have been as careful as he should have in his remarks, but his offence does not warrant firing. Sportsnet and CBC should not cave into a mob of liberals and twitter activists and should immediately restore Cherry to his job," the petition reads.

'Should have never let him stay that long': Don Cherry's firing seemed both inevitable and impossible

  'Should have never let him stay that long': Don Cherry's firing seemed both inevitable and impossible Don Cherry, a controversial hockey icon who was once named the seventh greatest Canadian in history, was fired Monday, two days after he delivered a confusing rant about poppies and newcomers on Hockey Night In Canada. The 85-year-old former hockey coach and minor league player has for decades been the defining face of hockey broadcasting in this country. Known for his garish suits and folksy manner, he embodied a particular vision of the English Canadian ideal: hard working, gritty, violent and, time and again, intolerant of outsiders.

An online petition is lobbying to ‘ Bring back Don Cherry .’ The 85-year-old hockey commentator was fired this week after making xenophobic remarks about immigrants not buying poppies for Remembrance Day.

Don Cherry was fired after making comments accusing immigrants of not respecting Canada's tradition of wearing poppies to honor military heroes. Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry , a man known for his flamboyant suits and controversial comments , has been fired after making a

Fans also used Twitter to express their support for Cherry.

"After what @sportsnet did to Don Cherry's long historic career, I will be cancelling my Rogers Center ice account and Boycotting them completely #BoycottRogers," said Twitter user Bowman Keith.

"Four decades of service. And terminated in one day – for speaking the truth. Stand firm #DonCherry. Never apologize. Never explain," Tweeted Katie Hopkins.

It's not the first time Cherry has gotten in trouble for comments some considered controversial. In 2013, Cherry said he didn't think women -- or female reporters -- should be allowed in male locker rooms and in 2018 Cherry expressed his unhappiness regarding European-born players being part of the Canadian Hockley League (CHL) and the National Hockey League (NHL).

"I'm not happy for that, to be truthful," Cherry told the media while coaching the annual Canadian Hockey League (CHL)/ NHL top prospects game. "What happens is, if you look at it, there is a Canadian kid not playing. No matter how you cut the mustard."

Following his dismissal from Sportsnet, Cherry refused to apologize for his comments when speaking to The Toronto Sun.

"I know what I said and I meant it. Everybody in Canada should wear a poppy to honor our fallen soldiers," he said.

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Hockey Never Wanted 'You People' Like Us. Don Cherry Was A Constant Reminder. .
I remember a dimly lit rink with wood panelling, old wooden flip seats in the stands, and the smell of sweat and cigarette smoke hanging in the air. It was the early ’80s, and it was that night in the arena that I first felt the sting of the word “nigger.” It was directed at my oldest brother who was a late-starting, first-year hockey player low on skill, but big in size. He couldn’t do much more than throw his weight around, which seemed to bring out the racial slurs from the opposing players with the quickness. On other nights, it was parents hollering the same names from the bleachers.

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