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Sports Ignore the negative noise, this is hockey’s reckoning

19:25  02 december  2019
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Oilers’ moment of reckoning has arrived after third straight loss

  Oilers’ moment of reckoning has arrived after third straight loss The Edmonton Oilers’ moment of reckoning has arrived. They are the last team in the NHL to lose three games in a row this season. Now we’ll find out whether this roster can dig in, turn things around, and stem the tide. The post Tim Thomas talks about the concussion that changed his life appeared first on time when they can continue to believe they are that team that doesn’t let the bad karma hang around. That they find a way to turn losing streaks around before they get out of hand.

“ Ignore the negative noise ” isn’t just good advice to help you think straight, it’ s also what we’re called to do as Christians who represent Christ. Second, list the reasons the person thinks his charge against your view is legitimate. This is the “because” factor. Your friend is right and you are wrong

Unfortunately, most of the climate change folks (including Ruffalo) have a poor grasp on the connection between fracking and the fight against climate change. Making this all too obvious, Ruffalo held the sign above that reads “FRACKING = CLIMATE CHANGE.”

Akim Aliu et al. standing in front of a crowd: Former NHL player Akim Aliu during his time with the Calgary Flames© Bill Smith/Getty Former NHL player Akim Aliu during his time with the Calgary Flames

It’s great that hockey’s having this moment, that topics such as inclusion, bullying and hazing have been pushed into the forefront by the forced resignation of Bill Peters as head coach of the Calgary Flames stemming from allegations of racial epithets dating back to his time as a coach with the AHL’s Rockford Ice Hogs.

But for this conversation to result in anything substantive, to go beyond whatever findings and action the NHL takes once its investigation is complete and not simply disappear amid the churn of an NHL season, then current and past NHL players need to refrain from this “bad guy” narrative that is seeping into the conversation not only on Twitter, but in the mainstream media.

Akim Aliu reveals Colorado Eagles staffer dressed in blackface, his jersey in 2011

  Akim Aliu reveals Colorado Eagles staffer dressed in blackface, his jersey in 2011 The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday published Aliu's account of a racist incident at a team Halloween party.Akim Aliu, who wrote on Twitter in November about racist comments by then-Rockford Ice Hogs coach Bill Peters that eventually led to Peters' resignation in late November as coach of the Calgary Flames, told the Journal of an episode that occurred when he was a member of the ECHL's Colorado Eagles. Aliu, who was born in Nigeria, was invited to the team's Halloween party, where head equipment manager Tony Deynzer was wearing an Afro-style wig, blackface and a custom jersey sporting Aliu's number and nickname, "Dreamer.

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by Matt Insley Daily Reckoning . Mark Ruffalo is an idiot. The Hollywood actor may be decent on the big screen. I’ll leave that to you. But a couple weeks ago, he proved to be a real-life idiot.

It’s the idea that a player with what his peers may deem to be a checkered past either on or off the ice should somehow not speak up. That somehow only the game’s “good guys” – “good” as defined by hockey players, executives or media – carry any real weight. That somehow, observations by players who made their living on some of the nastier edges of the game – yes, I am talking about players such as Daniel Carcillo – shouldn’t carry weight because of real or imagined past transgressions.

We’re all behind Akim Aliu now, because the way he described events under Peters has been corroborated by teammates who were with him on the Chicago Blackhawks Rockford affiliate. But let me tell you: the initial reaction of some in the hockey community was “oh, yeah … that guy.” When Mitch Marner was questioned whether the sneak peak he’d offered into a bizarre motivational technique used by Mike Babcock was a sign that players were ready to speak out, Marner remarked: “It’s your story to tell.”

Edmonton Oilers GM Ken Holland happy with season so far

  Edmonton Oilers GM Ken Holland happy with season so far Are the Oilers for real? Are they, finally, a good hockey team? "We've come a long way since the start of training camp. Lots more to go," said general manager Ken Holland in an interview with Oilers Now host Bob Stauffer."The elite teams, they go on run in the playoffs. The good teams, they make the playoffs. First order of business is to keep our foot on the pedal. We have to find a way to play our way into the playoffs."Then we have to make some noise in the playoffs," said Holland.So the general manager is taking the wait-and-see approach, but the numbers to this point are impressive.

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Ignore the Noise - MOTIVATION - Продолжительность: 1:24 Valuetainment 32 872 просмотра.

Damn if in all the words and sentiments to come out of this thing those five words aren’t among the truest. Here’s hoping that young Mitch doesn’t become “one of those guys,” for saying it …

Good guys. Great guys. Bad guys. I once had a former member of the Toronto Blue Jays roll his eyes at me when I mentioned that the guy in the locker next to him “seemed like a good guy.” “Everybody’s a good guy in pro sports,” he responded, “even when they’re an ass—- like that guy.” Point taken. And honest to god: I wish I had a buck every time I heard some commentator or coach or player (regardless of sport) say “He’s a good guy … great guy.” I mean, how someone is as a teammate on or off the field or how someone is perceived by fans on or off the field often says little about the person. I’ve seen beloved athletes be absolute jackasses when fans aren’t around. I’ve seen reviled athletes show uncommon kindness. Which is, you know, kind of how we roll as human beings.

Canadiens prospect Cole Caufield part of Team USA preliminary roster

  Canadiens prospect Cole Caufield part of Team USA preliminary roster Not surprisingly, Cole Caufield has been named to the Team USA preliminary roster for the 2020 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship. The Canadiens selected Caufield in the first round (15th overall) at this year’s NHL Draft and the right-winger has 12-8-20 totals in 20 games this season as a freshman with the University of Wisconsin. Five of his goals have come on the power play. Caufield leads the NCAA with 79 shots and ranks second in goals. Another Canadiens prospect, defenceman Jordan Harris, was also among the 28 players named to the preliminary Team USA roster on Monday. The final roster will include 23 players for the world junior tournament, which will run from Dec.

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Although praising positive actions and ignoring negative ones is a good method to teach how people should behave in their society, it is not enough and Definition of positive and negative is subjective and people will be confused if they do not have had enough information about the reasons that both

So is this a moment? I’m optimistic that it is, even though I fear that some of the NHL’s establishment voices – I’m talking former players and executives – are going to continue to pooh-pooh evidence and stories that come out from marginalized players. They’ll be written off as guys with grudges, guys who weren’t good players to begin with, or worse, guys with skeletons in their own closets from their own playing days in junior or the NHL. I mean, you just know how the fact that Aliu has been in touch with Colin Kaepernick’s law firm is going to be talked about in the corridors of NHL arenas.

Right. We can all talk about how coaches have evolved – hell, even Peters suggested he’d done so – without acknowledging that players, too, can evolve. That a guy can’t take a deep look at himself in his 40s and realize that what he might have had a hand in as an 18-year-old on some bus trip to North Bay was just awful and humiliating to the victim.

Look: if things really are different now, then this is a moment of which the game should be rightly pleased instead of running away from it. It has to be taken as a sign that much of the good work done at the minor-hockey level has borne fruit. That parents, coaches, players and minor-league executives are paying attention to some of the initiatives instituted through the efforts of the Sheldon Kennedys and Theoren Fleurys of the world. As Kennedy himself said Saturday night during Hockey Night in Canada: “there is a confidence now with our young athletes that is beginning to take shape around these issues … and we need to make sure everything’s in place and in line to handle it right.”

#MeToo’s influence reaches coaches’ corner

  #MeToo’s influence reaches coaches’ corner Anne Kingston: Two years after the first mass movement to protest sexual harassment and assault, we see the testing of new tolerances play out in the hockey arena .#MeToo is often compared to a dam bursting under decades of pressure, triggered by a torrent of allegations of sexual assault and harassment against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. In this case, the controversial firing of bombastic Coach’s Corner co-host Don Cherry, prefaced this volley of first-person revelations.

Is it possible to avoid or ignore the same for all the projects?

the author of the issue assets that negative actions should be ignored and positive actions should be encouraged is the best way of teaching.but this is not the solo way of teaching good to the people .the way of approach varies in regard with the field and whether educator ,employee,parent.

Welcome to hockey’s #metoo moment. Current players, former players, star players … guys on the margins. Good guys, bad guys. Sometimes the victims and their witnesses are imperfect, but that doesn’t mean the story they’re telling is any less important, accurate or just …


• I don’t know if it’s realistic to expect the NHL’s investigation to unearth what if anything the parent Blackhawks knew about Peters’ racial epithets while he was coaching their minor-league team, but this is to me the remaining salient aspect to all this: who with Chicago knew what and when, and how do we square former Carolina Hurricanes GM Ron Francis’ statements that he “briefed” ownership about Peters physically abusing players with those by the team’s former owner Peter Karamanos that he would have fired Peters if he knew instead of signing off on a new two-year contract? Francis, the face of the new Seattle franchise, has more at stake in this than anybody other than Peters …

• The Toronto Raptors are rightly proud of the way undrafted rookie Terence Davis has been able to write himself large in the 2019-2020 season. But he hasn’t been as impressive as another undrafted player the Miami Heat will bring with them to the Scotiabank Arena on Tuesday: 6-2 guard Kendrick Nunn’s 295 points in his first 18 games are the third-most by an undrafted NBA player going back to the 1963-64 season. Connie Hawkins’ 389 points are the NBA record but he and John Brisker (No. 2 on the list with 330 in 1972-73) both played in the ABA before making their NBA debuts. Nunn is 24 and played in the G-League last season unlike the 22-year-old Davis, who is making the jump after his senior year at Ole Miss …

Maple Leafs place Andreas Johnsson on long-term injury reserve

  Maple Leafs place Andreas Johnsson on long-term injury reserve Andreas Johnsson was placed on long-term injury reserve by the Toronto Maple Leafs on Friday after suffering a leg injury. The post A few backup goalies Maple Leafs should at least look into appeared first on details of what the injury is wasn’t disclosed, but the team said in a release that Johnsson underwent a CT scan on Thursday and will be reassessed after the Christmas break.

I timed myself with a stop-watch, and reckon I (9) crossed/arrived at the finishing line in 43 minutes - not bad for a novice. The heat proved too much for a tennis, football and track athletics can expect to become very rich. This worries some people, who complain that the old Olympic ideal has been lost

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• Of all the developments in the NFL in the past month or so, I wonder if what we’re seeing from the Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive unit isn’t the most important under-the-radar shift in terms of playoff implications. If they can give Patrick Mahomes’ offence a supporting cast — look out. The Chiefs blew up their defence in the off-season, bringing in six new faces, naming Steve Spagnuolo their co-ordinator and switching to a 4-3. Back-to-back performances against the Los Angeles Chargers and Oakland Raiders need asterisks – Philip Rivers is so past his best-before date I’m surprised he wasn’t in “The Irishman,” and Derek Carr has all the fortitude of papier-mache – but the Chiefs have become a free-wheeling unit with an eye for the turnover. One of the most impressive statistics from Sunday’s beatdown of the Raiders: it was the first time since 1974 that the Chiefs were not flagged for an accepted penalty. So, you can add discipline to the checklist, too …

• If you’re a fan of seeing silly money flashed around, keep an eye on what happens now that six-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton moves into the winter with just one year left on his deal with McLaren-Mercedes and Ferrari already having had at least two informal meetings with him …

• I keep hearing how the Toronto Blue Jays feel they might have a market for one of their catchers, but it sure seems like time’s a-wastin’: Free agents Yasmani Grandal, Yan Gomes and Travis d’Arnaud have signed, as has Stephen Vogt. Still out there are Robinson Chirinos and Austin Romine. Now, Omar Narvaez and Willson Contreras seem to be on the market …

Sony adds volume controls to its noise-canceling WF-1000XM3 earbuds

  Sony adds volume controls to its noise-canceling WF-1000XM3 earbuds And now you can see how much battery life the case has leftI haven’t had a chance to install the new firmware yet, but one WF-1000XM3 owner on Reddit makes it sound like Sony’s implementation will require you to choose between volume or toggling noise cancellation with the touch sensors; there’s no way to keep both.

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Ignore these people and move on from them when you must. Seriously, be strong and know when enough is enough! Letting go of negative people If the person doing this is you (your inner critic), try giving up all the thoughts and contemplations that make you feel bad, or even just some of them, for

• It’s not just Connor McDavid who made hay in what was a November to remember: for the first time since 1992-93 the NHL hit Dec. 1 with five 40-point players. Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche became the fifth with three points in Saturday’s win over the Chicago Blackhawks. His 25 points in November are the most in franchise history since Joe Sakic had 26 in 13 games in March, 2000 …

• Looking forward to a week of hearing Tom Brady’s time is almost done and the only thing that can save the New England Patriots is Antonio Brown? I sure am!


New head coach Sheldon Keefe has quickly put his mark on the Toronto Maple Leafs, both emotionally and stylistically, going so far we are told as to change some of the motivational messaging painted on the dressing room walls. The decision to remove “It’s a privilege, not a right,” – a line credited to Leafs legend Johnny Bower, and added at the request of former head coach Mike Babcock – likely raised some eyebrows. Putting Tyson Barrie on the first power-play unit seems full-scale Einstein given Babcock’s reluctance to do so, but if Keefe really wants to put his imprimatur on this team the best way to do it would be to hook up Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews on the same line when Marner returns to full health. He might also start Frederik Andersen both Tuesday against the Philadelphia Flyers and Wednesday against the Colorado Avalanche, unless he finds another backup goalie. Even though the Boston Bruins have essentially lapped everybody else in the division, it’s time to start collecting points and let the other stuff sort itself out. In fact, it’s just time, period …

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Maple Leafs receiving trade interest in Tyson Barrie .
The defenseman hasn't had a strong start to his time in Toronto. Could he be on the move?Barrie was acquired from the Avalanche back in July along with center Alexander Kerfoot in exchange for center Nazem Kadri and defenseman Calle Rosen. He has been a very productive offensive weapon from the back end and has recorded at least 49 points in four of the last five years. That hasn’t carried over to his new team though as through 22 games this season, the 28-year-old has yet to score and has just six assists.

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