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WRESTLEMANIA 36 night 1 ended with The Undertaker BURYING AJ Styles in a crazy, and cinematic Boneyard match. Elsewhere Braun Strowman downed Goldberg to win the Universal Title - but we're only halfway in! Night 2 takes place tonight with Drew McIntyre vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE title.

WrestleMania , Night 1 , also featured Braun Strowman becoming Universal champion with a win over Goldberg, and Becky Lynch retaining the Raw Gronk said WWE took a look at everything they had planned and said “nope,” because it was too much for one night. Replace the word “WWE” with

a man riding on the back of a motorcycle © WWE.com

The first few hours of WrestleMania were depressingly lackluster. And I realize that’s unfair, but I’m sorry, okay? I hear WrestleMania and I expect a certain thing. I thought I had lowered my expectations enough to make this show enjoyable, but apparently I didn’t.

(Actually, scratch that. I refuse to apologize for thinking Elias vs. Corbin in an empty arena singles match with no gimmicks or curveballs at WRESTLEMANIA is anything other than a travesty and colossal waste of time.)

But just as that disappointment and frustration was about to set in for good, we got a glimmer of hope from Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. Their match rocked - more on that in a minute - and the momentum from that one match set the stage for literally the match that made this entire no-crowd WrestleMania worth it.

Report: Roman Reigns withdraws from WrestleMania

  Report: Roman Reigns withdraws from WrestleMania Find out the latest on COVID-19's impact on the sports world and when sports are returning by subscribing to Breaking News push notifications in the Sports and COVID-19 section. WWE superstar Roman Reigns will not participate in WrestleMania, according to a report from Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet. Reigns was scheduled to face Goldberg for the WWE Universal Championship, but will not take part due to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak. Originally set to take place Sunday, April 5 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, WrestleMania was moved to the WWE's Performance Center in Orlando because of the pandemic.

WrestleMania 36 is the ongoing 36 th annual WrestleMania professional wrestling pay-per-view and WWE Network event produced by WWE for their Raw, SmackDown

WrestleMania 36 is a two- night event featuring 16 matches including Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre. The Undertaker will face AJ Styles in a " Boneyard " match at WrestleMania 36 . WWE. In the opening match of WrestleMania 36 , Cesaro hit an excessive airplane spin to finish Gulak.


Undertaker vs. AJ Styles was the main event on night one and it was literally the best thing WWE’s done in months. It was incredible. I can’t say enough positive things about it. From the first frame where the druids were opening up the back of a hearse only for Styles’ cocky smile to pop out from the casket, you could tell that WWE had put so much time and effort into this. For the first time all night, I was genuinely smiling.

After Styles got his little introduction, they cut to a motorbike screaming through the empty streets with Metallica blaring which was yet another reason for me to grin like an idiot. So stupidly, wonderfully over the top. Taker parked his bike and traded some words with Styles before they got to throwing punches.

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WrestleMania 36 is the only WrestleMania Too Big for Just One Night . For full results, photos and video highlights, stick with WWE.com today, Saturday The action includes Liv Morgan vs. Natalya and Drew Gulak vs. Cesaro. Then, WrestleMania 36 streams across two unprecedented nights on

Adam Pacitti provides live reactions to WWE WrestleMania 36 Night 1 . Stay tuned to Cultaholic for edited reactions featuring Ross Tweddell, Jack The Jobber, Sam Driver and Tom Campbell. WWE WrestleMania 36 Match Card/Matches: WWE Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre Universal

The camera work and the atmosphere were brilliant. The choreography of the entire fight was impeccable. And if there was one thing that I think really made this special, it was the Undertaker’s trash talk. He got the early advantage and just berated Styles like hell. It was special work, man.

When the OC showed up and turned the tides in Styles’ favor, we got this sad, cello music that sounded so much like it was ripped from Game of Thrones. It was hilarious. All through it, Taker was prone, wheezing, and Styles knocked him into the open grave and got ready to bury him.

Ol’ Allen took a moment to lean back and smile, and the Undertaker apparently teleported from the grave to standing right behind him. Styles was absolutely shocked, and started begging Taker off. He climbed up onto an old rusted shack, and Taker annihilated the OC before Chokeslamming Styles off of the roof of the building. Taker climbed down, and started asking Styles a few questions: “What’s my wife’s name again? Hey AJ, how old am I?”

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Night one of the two-part Wrestlemania 36 has come to a close, ending with the wildly entertaining Boneyard match between Undertaker and AJ Styles. Additionally, the Undertaker returns to Mania , and he'll be taking on AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match, and Styles explained to GameSpot why having

Recapping and reliving the epic first night of WrestleMania 36 , including all of the highlights, match results, and instant reactions you need. Night one of the stacked main card, which started at 7 p.m. ET, includes Goldberg defending his Universal title vs. Braun Strowman, The Undertaker and AJ

Y’all, they capped this off with a betrayal. Styles begged for mercy and Taker acted like he’d give it to him. He helped Styles up and told him he gave a great fight before wheeling back around an punting him into the grave. THEY BURIED STYLES WITH A FREAKING HAND REACHING OUT OF THE DIRT AND THE UNDERTAKER RODE OFF TO FIERY EXPLOSIONS AND HIS LOGO LIGHTING UP ON THE DINGY SHACK IN THE BACKGROUND!

This was wonderful. This was EASILY worth this whole damn mess. In fact, WWE needs to use matches like this more. This was the creativity that I’ve been begging for over the past few weeks. It was concise, creative, and gave the wrestlers so much more freedom to be characters than we usually see in WWE.

So much more of this please. This one match made WrestleMania this year worth it.

Even Messiahs sin

The other match on night one that I felt really stood out was the Owens vs. Rollins match, and it started right from the get go as Rollins walked out during his entrance. He had all white on and was really laying on the Chosen One gimmick thick. He was all smiles, all pride, and really living that “I’m a God when the lights are bright” statement to the fullest.

Ex-Pats star Gronkowski wins first WWE belt at WrestleMania

  Ex-Pats star Gronkowski wins first WWE belt at WrestleMania Rob Gronkowski enjoyed a stellar NFL career. Now the former New England Patriots tight end has a piece of WWE silverware for his collection.Gronkowski – who retired from the NFL in 2018 – made his WWE debut at WrestleMania almost three years ago, while the 30-year-old appeared on Smackdown for the first time last month.

The first night of WrestleMania 36 is upon us, and Sportsnet's Kevin Michie will be recapping all the action from Night 1 right here on sportsnet.ca WrestleMania 36 will be unlike any WWE event before it. Not only will it take place over two nights and be hosted by three-time Super Bowl champion Rob

WWE WrestleMania 36 taught us plenty about the future of WWE, including that The Undertaker isn't going anywhere after his memorable performance Thank you for signing in. If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account

He and Owens scrapped for a while, and they got into the trash talk game as well. Rollins called Owens a “fat piece of shit” at one point, and derided Owens for his failures and daring to challenge the Messiah at WrestleMania.

But Owens wouldn’t go away. He eventually got the upper hand, and Rollins rolled out of the ring to buy time. Owens pursued, and Rollins took the easy way out by reaching for the ring bell and smashing it into Owens’ face. He was quickly disqualified, but Rollins didn’t seem to care, he grinned and was all too happy to walk away from the fight.

Owens, however, wasn’t happy with a DQ win. He grabbed a mic and screamed at Rollins to get back to the ring and finish this mess. Owens insulted Rollins for calling himself a god and acting like that, saying that those were the actions of a “little bitch.” Owens then demanded a no DQ match, and Rollins was all too happy to oblige.

From there, it really got good. Rollins used every weapon he could and Owens kept talking trash. Owens finally got his shot after knocking Rollins onto a table and jumped off the WrestleMania sign to end this damn thing.

There we go! Our first real WrestleMania moment of the weekend right there, baby! That’s what we were looking for!

I liked the conclusion here. It felt really good to see Owens finally get Rollins one on one and deliver. Told ya those friends of yours were holding you back, Kev.

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An underrated ladder match

The Boneyard match is justifiably going to get all the attention, but I want to give some kudos to John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, and Jimmy Uso. At the time that it happened, this match was the clear match of the night, and they were literally the first thing on the show that I’d call WrestleMania worthy.

In short, they had a viciously violent ladder match that I quite honestly didn’t expect. There’s no crowd, right? Why go all out with high risk stuff for no crowd?

These three clearly didn’t care about any of that and went all out for this, which I greatly appreciate. We got a rope run into a Spanish Fly from Morrison, Kingston swinging a ladder like a baseball bat…

We also got a creative little finish to this, too. All three men were up near the tag team titles and had their hands on the belts when they got unhooked. That meant that the match hadn’t ended, so they were using strikes to try to get the others to let go. And do you remember the Usos/New Day beef from SmackDown? It turns out that their cooperation was their downfall, not their rivalry. They ganged up on Morrison with headbutts, and Morrison fell backwards onto a bridged ladder - taking the titles with him.

The Miz and Morrison retained, which might or might not be your cup of tea, but the match and finish were actually quite nice. I just really want to recognize these guys for having so much professionalism when they could have taken it easy. 

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 © Getty Images In Japan it was demonstrated before the decision not to host the 2020 Olympic Games Due to the corona crisis, the Olympic Games will only take place in 2021. The athletes are relieved. SPORT1 summarizes reactions. athletes and officials around the world are relieved: After a conference call with the Japanese participants, the IOC has decided not to hold the 2020 Olympic Games this year and will postpone the major event until next year.

The Rest

Braun Strowman def. Goldberg for the Universal Championship - Alright, let’s get to the not so great stuff. Y’all, this match was lame. We’ve had finisher spam matches in the past, and they really rely on a crowd to work, or at least a lot of things being broken.

Instead, this was all in the middle of the ring and was finished in two minutes. It just felt lackluster. The one thing I do like is it sets up the potential for a Braun/Fiend feud for the title, but we’ll see after the Firefly Fun House match. I have no real positive thoughts about a Strowman title reign otherwise.

Becky Lynch def. Shayna Baszler - What I learned from this match is that Baszler is Samoa Joe. She talked a big game...and lost with a reverse roll up on her sleeper hold. The match itself was fine, but had no moments that really stood out. It could have been on Raw and felt perfectly at home, which is probably as big of an indictment as I can give on its booking.

Sami Zayn def. Daniel Bryan - I really enjoyed this match, but I’m not sure how I felt about the ending. Zayn doing his best to avoid Bryan? Awesome, totally get it and love it. Bryan finally getting his hands on Zayn and slapping him silly? Brilliant! Totally what the goober deserves!

...Bryan losing by a simple distraction when he’s got a guy who’s literally coaching him in his corner? That feels too easy, right? I guess the scouting report didn’t cover Zayn actually being able to do something on his own.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross def. Kabuki Warriors - This was another match that just felt...okay. I think it’s because we’ve seen these two teams so much during the quarantine. It was solid enough, but nothing that you wouldn’t expect to see on Raw or SmackDown any week of the year. 

Cesaro def. Drew Gulak - This was a pre-show match and featured Gulak having a really obvious game plan to attack Cesaro with. Makes sense for a coach, right? Cesaro was able to overcome the game plan, however, with some crafty ingenuity and a no-hands airplane spin.

Elias def. Baron Corbin - This was the most SmackDown match of all time with absolutely no hype to it. Elias won via a roll up, further cementing how little I cared for it.

I’m grading this on a curve because have you seen the world recently? Up until the final four matches of the night, I was supremely disappointed and feeling like I’d wasted an entire night.

But then that damn BONEYARD match happened and I bumped the grade up by two letters.

Grade: B

And in case you’d forgotten...we have a Firefly Fun House match presumably capping off night two. I am actually really excited for that.

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