Sports But how did the resumption of football take on such a political dimension?

10:35  31 may  2020
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No resumption of Serie A before June 15

 No resumption of Serie A before June 15 © Provided by Sofoot Resume? Not resume? In a press release published this Monday evening, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) extended the suspension of the sporting activity until June 14. This decision is in line with the Italian Prime Minister's decree of 17 May, containing urgent measures to maintain control of the coronavirus in the country.

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  Mais comment la reprise du foot a-t-elle pris une telle dimension politique ? © Provided by Sofoot

For a few days, and this, when the question has already been decided at the highest summit in the State, a debate continues to fuel the chronicles: but why the hell Ligue 1 remains it dumb while the other European championships are preparing their resumption? If this battle could first be limited to technical or basically regulatory questions, it is now placed on the political field. Henceforth, it is therefore in the corridors of assemblies and of the various ministries that the blows come and go. Rest assured, there are very good reasons for this.

First, the facts. It should be understood that the decision to put an end to the various competitions this season was taken by the State, in the wake of a speech by the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe. Faced with this choice, amateurs had anticipated for themselves the inevitable consequence of the pandemic and confinement with, by the way, an economic impact on tens of thousands of small clubs, which is, proportionally, as serious as the problems encountered by large professional structures in the country. Problem: that did not prevent all this small world to launch out in a internal war which naturally overflowed on the political field, which allowed the majority of the elected officials to break too long weeks of a national consensus more or less assumed.

Spain: Pedro Sanchez announces the resumption of football and the return of tourists

 Spain: Pedro Sanchez announces the resumption of football and the return of tourists The football championship was suspended since mid-March. Tourist arrivals will be authorized again "from July". © afp.com/OSCAR DEL POZO Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on July 25, 2019 in Madrid After the Bundesliga, the Liga will soon resume its rights.

The resumption of the 2019-20 season was probably a foregone conclusion from the moment the prime minister It was to this end that the league commissioned such a formidable array of expertise and scientific research to It’s worth noting the astonishing inversion that has subtly taken place here.

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Freedom, equality, recovery ...?

The list of skirmishes which come to demonstrate how France remains a country worked by the need for partisan shock and obsessed by its addiction to statolatry - the adoration of the State, thank you Louis XIV and De Gaulle for that - is long. First of all, there are these “cheats”, who turned to the Republic and its elected officials to seek reparation and justice. The Assembly of Corsica thus unanimously adopted a motion mandating "the chairman of the Executive Council of Corsica in order to take the necessary steps, in particular with the FFF" so that AC Ajaccio can play the play-off. Here, it is above all an old island tradition, that is to say pointing an avenging finger against the Jacobin offenses against the teams of the Isle of Beauty. Which brings us to the "victims" of the stoppage of competitions (Amiens, Toulouse, Lyon in the lead), who have directly filed their complaints before the Council of State, infusing in fact a symbolic vocation to their approach, since '' it involves invoking fundamental constitutional principles such as equity or equality.

OL calls on Macron

 OL calls on Macron © Provided by Sports.fr Panoramic Welcoming the announced recovery of the La Liga, OL takes the opportunity to demand a re-examination of the situation in France this Saturday. Rejected on Friday by the Paris Administrative Court and decided to seize the Council of State from now on, OL enthusiastically welcomes this Saturday the announcement of an imminent resumption of La Liga.

Bolstering such an impression They were remarks of a President who often appears unprepared, riffs on intricate issues and hasn't done the homework to master details of a complicated Political leaders must consider what level of infection and ultimately death is acceptable in a modern society in

So just how did she come to these conclusions? The organisers of Extinction Rebellion have stated that Chenoweth's work inspired their campaign (Credit Regarding the “3.5% rule”, she points out that while 3.5% is a small minority, such a level of active participation probably means many more people

Patrick Kanner: "We could perhaps have resumed competitions"

Faced with these various approaches, the opposition did not fail to hit on the choice of government, suddenly became "premature" , to stop Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Thus, on the side of the Senate, six senators and senators on the right (François-Noël Buffet, Catherine Di Folco, Élisabeth Lamure, Michel Forissier, Michel Savin and Claude Kern) amendment, finally rejected, in order to offer the possibility to the delegated sports federations and to the professional leagues "to decide to resume professional competitions in order to complete the 2019-2020 season, if the sanitary situation allows it and after opinion of the committee of scientists ”. At the other end of the spectrum, the Communist deputy Marie-George Buffet took advantage of the "gift" made to Philippe de Villiers - the reopening of Puy du Fou - to question himself out loud about a form of double standards: “If Puy du Fou is able to manage its stands, can we imagine that sport is too? I think so. (...) Unless we consider that the spectators of Puy du Fou are intelligent and responsible people and that the supporters in a football stadium are fools and do not know how to be responsible for the community. " Another voice heard in this joyful mess, that of Patrick Kanner, former Minister of Sports under François Hollande, who for his part mowed down the rigor of the majority: " We could have resumed - maybe - competitions every month of June, in surely extraordinary conditions, of course behind closed doors, for example for the football championship. Quite honestly, I would prefer that the French could watch Ligue 1 matches on television rather than Bundesliga matches which are surely very interesting ... "

Aulas sends an open letter to the government

 Aulas sends an open letter to the government © Provided by Sofoot JMA will therefore never stop. After having written two letters to parliamentarians , Jean-Michel Aulas, (still) took out his best pen to challenge Edouard Philippe, the Prime Minister and to Roxana Maracineanu, the Sports Ministers in a (very) long letter in Three parties.

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Franklin published the image with a specific political objective in mind. At the time, he was preparing to join other colonial leaders at the Albany Congress, a Franklin’s cartoon made such a powerful impression on Americans that it took on a life of its own. A decade after it originally was published

Puy du fou vs L1?

Today, the Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, finds herself suddenly in the middle of a shooting range, where she must firmly assume her positions, while maneuvering with the contradictions and the evolution of the decisions of the government to which it belongs. A posture that puts her to the test and who saw him tackle his opponents in a register that we did not know. So she authorized herself in L'Alsace : "What do you want me to tell you?" The cinemas will reopen soon. If Mr. Aulas has different scenarios to suggest, I invite him to make a film and to propose it in theaters since there will be audiences.

Because France

Whether the resumption or not of our championships has become so political is more than normal and refers to what founds the very essence of politics. We have in our hands a social, cultural and economic phenomenon, and each action inevitably challenges the role of the State and the ambition of the public authorities to take care of the common good as a priority at the expense of the selfish blindness of certain people. . We are still a little in a democracy and, in fact, the partisan forces present have every legitimacy to challenge, criticize and speak out for the people to guarantee the rights of all. This period allows football to once again become a common affair and, as always, it is too serious to leave it to footballers.

TV Rights: TF1 joins forces with Mediapro and recovers Ligue 1! .
Mediapro and TF1 join forces and sign a four-year partnership. Earthquake in the French TV rights landscape? Mediapro has just announced the name of the creation of its channel in France: Telefoot . The Spanish group has entered into an unprecedented partnership with TF1 , lasting 4 years. The Téléfoot channel therefore becomes "the new home" of French football from August 2020, and will broadcast more than 80% of Ligue 1 games, including the big games on Sunday evening.

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