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06:50  02 june  2020
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Trump accuses Twitter of interfering in the US presidential election

 Trump accuses Twitter of interfering in the US presidential election TWITTER-TRUMP: Trump accuses Twitter of interfering in the US presidential election © Reuters / JONATHAN ERNST TRUMP ACCUSES TWITTER OF INTERFERING IN THE US PRESIDENTIAL SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Donald Trump accused Twitter on Tuesday of interfering in the November presidential election in the United States after the social network prompted its users during the day to check the veracity of a double message published by the President of the United States on postal voting.

Mr. Trump and his team seemed taken off guard by the protests that materialized outside the White Hundreds of people surged toward the White House as Secret Service and United States Park Melania Trump opted not to travel to Florida for the rocket launch. One person briefed on the events

The protests were largely peaceful on Sunday but turned violent in the evening. On Monday U . S . President Donald Trump urged state governors to Markets were cheered by U . S . manufacturing activity turning up slightly from an 11-year low in May. The report was the strongest sign yet that the

Washington, le 1er juin 2020. Donald Trump passe devant un mur couvert de graffitis récents, pour se rendre à l'église Saint-John après son allocution à la Maison Blanche sur la crise sociale en cours aux États-Unis. © REUTERS / Tom Brenner Washington, June 1, 2020. Donald Trump walks past a wall covered with recent graffiti, to go to Saint John's Church after his address to the White House on the ongoing social crisis in the United States.

For his first public speech, live from the White House, Donald Trump made several martial announcements: deployment of thousands of soldiers in Washington, asks governors to "dominate the streets" of their states ... While the he official autopsy of George Floyd's death a week ago confirms the homicide and as protests spread across the country, the President takes another step towards escalation.

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Slams Trump For Tweet Inciting Violence: ‘What Is This, 6th Grade?’

  Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Slams Trump For Tweet Inciting Violence: ‘What Is This, 6th Grade?’ Geraldo Rivera has been a friend and ally of Donald Trump in the past, but he now believes the president’s behaviour during the past few days has apparently gone even too far, even for the correspondent at large of Trump-friendly Fox News. As The Daily Beast reported, Rivera unloaded on Trump during a Friday broadcast, targeting the controversial tweet that wound up being censored by Twitter when Trump addressed protests of the murder of George Floyd, writing that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts." “But the other thing is, the president, in these tweets, ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts,’ c’mon!” Rivera said.

US President Donald Trump was briefly taken to an underground bunker for less than one hour on Friday amid the George Floyd protest in front of the White House, CNN reported on Monday, citing a White House official and a law enforcement source. According to the publication, First Lady Melania

“President Trump conveyed that the United States is working hard to care for Americans at home and provide assistance to other countries in need After urgently pleading for calm following a violent night of protests on Friday, Bottoms said her city “was able to receive some grace” in the streets.

US President Donald Trump promised Monday to end "now" the violent protests that have rocked major cities in the United States since the death last week of a 46-year-old African-American man, George Floyd. The official autopsy confirmed, Monday, June 1, a death from asphyxiation and cardiac arrest during his arrest by the Minneapolis police, a policeman's knee on his neck having fatally cut his breathing .

In this speech delivered live at 10:30 p.m. GMT from the White House gardens, Donald Trump described the outbursts of Sunday May 31 in Washington as "shame" and considers them as "internal terrorism".

The American president invoked the law on the insurrection which allows him to mobilize the army, specifies our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki.

Tucker Carlson Faults Trump After Violent Weekend Protests: 'No One in Charge Stood Up to Save America'

  Tucker Carlson Faults Trump After Violent Weekend Protests: 'No One in Charge Stood Up to Save America' Tucker Carlson criticized Donald Trump's response to the ongoing protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd, saying the president did not "protect [his] people" but then praised Trump for mobilizing the military to put down protests across the country. [17:19] "For people who like Donald Trump, who voted for Donald Trump, who support his policies, who have defended him for years and years against the most absurd kinds of slander, this was a distressing moment. The first requirement of leadership is that you watch over the people in your care," Carlson said. "People will put up with almost anything if you do that.

U . S . President Donald Trump lambasted the nation’s governors as “weak” on Monday, demanding they crack down on protesters and arrest them after six nights The marchers say they are protesting not just harsh police treatment of black men and women, but also systemic racism in the United States .

US President Donald Trump has vowed to deploy the military to "dominate the streets" of the United States if states cannot deal with riots and looting themselves. He said he was deploying thousands of troops in the nation's capital, whose Mayor has been sharply critical of Trump 's handling of the crisis.

"I mobilize all federal, civil and military resources to stop the riots and looting, destruction and fires. And protect the rights of the Americans, including the 2nd Amendment, "he said. He decides to send military and police reinforcements to the streets of Washington. "Thousands of heavily armed soldiers," even supported the President.

The last time the law on insurrection was used, it was in 1992 during the riots which followed the death of Rodney King . The army was deployed at the request of the governor of California.

Donald Trump also addressed mayors and governors asking them to "dominate the streets" of their cities and states. "If a city or a state refuses to take the measures necessary to defend the lives and property of their inhabitants, then I will send the American army and quickly solve the problem for them," he threatened. A message confirming the leaks that occurred a few hours earlier.

Merkel describes fatal police operation against George Floyd as murder

 Merkel describes fatal police operation against George Floyd as murder © John MACDOUGALL Chancellor Angela Merkel has sharply condemned the fatal police operation against African American George Floyd and described it as murder. "First of all, this murder of George Floyd is something very terrible," said Merkel on ZDF. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has strongly condemned the fatal police operation against the African American George Floyd and described it as murder.

Although Trump ’s tweet seems far-fetched, there might be some truth in what he is saying. On Saturday, it was revealed that staff working on Biden’s presidential campaign donated to a group that is paying the bail fees for people arrested in the ongoing protests in Minneapolis – which continue to

She also criticised Donald Trump for his tweets on the matter. “This is so reminiscent of Charlottesville when President Trump just made it worse,” she said Donald Trump had a busy Saturday, travelling to Florida for the SpaceX launch from a White House that was the scene of violent protest on Friday

But so far no governor has called for the intervention of the army. Several of them believed that this would only worsen the situation, reports our correspondent in Washington, Anne Corpet .

While the president was speaking, the police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators near the presidential residence. Mostly pacifists during the day, the demonstrations rock into violence after dark, giving rise to looting and clashes between protesters and police.

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Donald Trump brandishes a Bible

His speech finished, in an act of a theatrical nature, Donald Trump left the White House to go, on foot, to Saint John's Church, an emblematic building nearby and which was damaged on Sunday evening with a fiery start on the sidelines of a demonstration against racism.

Arrived, Bible in hand, in front of this emblematic building nicknamed "the church of the presidents", he declared: "We have a big country", and "it is the biggest country in the world. And we will guarantee his safety, "he added a little later, joined in front of the building by the Minister of Justice Bill Barr and the White House spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany.

NFL boss Goodell on player protests: "We were wrong"

 NFL boss Goodell on player protests: © MADDIE MEYER Supports the fight against racism: Roger Goodell NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has described the league's previous handling of player protests against racism and police violence as wrong . "We, the NFL, admit that we have been wrong in the past. We have not listened to our players and have not encouraged them to speak out and protest peacefully," Goodell said in a video message posted on social media was spread.

President Donald Trump pledged a crackdown on the protests that arose from the police killing of George Floyd, sparking concerns from some Democrats and Republicans that his response to the crisis further deepens the divide in a country already unnerved by a pandemic

As cities reel under protest and violence, Black Lives Matter leaders say the president has failed his country.

A sequence that the photographers have immortalized in a cliché which will undoubtedly please the electoral base of the president.

The police had previously evacuated the numerous demonstrators present on the site and in the adjacent Lafayette square.

Neither the dismissal of the agent guilty of blunder, Derek Chauvin, nor his subsequent arrest have calmed the spirits, quite the contrary: protests have spread in to at least 140 American cities . Faced with clashes mixing demonstrators, thugs and riot forces, National Guard soldiers were deployed in more than two dozen metropolises, in a climate of tension never seen since the 1960s.

Agent Derek Chauvin, who was charged of manslaughter, is scheduled to appear on June 8 in court. No reason to hope for an immediate drop in ambient tension, especially since this same next week will be celebrated the funeral of George Floyd, in Texas.

The emotion has crossed the borders of the United States. Demonstrations against police brutality and racism in the United States also took place during the weekend in Great Britain, Germany or Canada and Monday in New Zealand. Also on Monday, thousands of people gathered in Dublin and Amsterdam.

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Trump is legally protected against the risk of corona during campaign appearances .
© Nicholas Kamm US President Donald Trump wants to protect himself legally against possible corona infections during his campaign appearances. US President Donald Trump wants to protect himself legally against possible corona infections during his campaign appearances. Republican supporters were asked on the Trump team's website to declare their waiver of a lawsuit against his campaign team.

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