Sports The video of a wildebeest migration colliding with a tourist camp causes a scandal… perhaps wrongly

22:10  21 september  2020
22:10  21 september  2020 Source:   observers.france24.com

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Scroll down for video . Thousands of wildebeest sprint across a fast-flowing river as part of a perilous migration a third of the herd will not survive. Every year, from July to September, around one million zebra and wildebeest migrate from Masai Mara in Kenya to Serengeti in Tanzania.

In the video a coastguard officer aboard a large dingy is seen waving his arms at the boat full of migrants before prodding them repeatedly with a Last week, hundreds of local people on the Greek island of Lesbos protested against government plans to build a new migrant camp , clashing with riot

Une vidéo tournée mi-aout montre un troupeau des gnous traverser une rivière et arriver en plein dans un camp de tourisme... d'où ils sont repoussés. © Supplied by France 24 A video shot in mid-August shows a herd of wildebeest crossing a river and arriving in the middle in a tourist camp ... from where they are repelled.

The video of guards from a tourist camp pushing back wildebeest who were about to cross it has caused a heated controversy in Kenya since September 8. Some saw it as an example of the excesses of the safari business, which would parasitize the lives of animals. But our Observers affirm that the situation was exceptional, and explain that it was recovered politically.

The images are impressive. The video shows hundreds of wildebeest huddled together, crossing a river, arriving in front of the camp, from where several people push them back, effectively forcing them to turn around. A woman can be heard exclaiming from behind the camera, "It's horrible", in the video shot on the shore opposite the Mara Ngenche safari camp, within the Masai Mara National Reserve, in southwest Kenya . This camp is located along the annual wildebeest migration route.

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Video taken by a tourist, mid-August, in the Masai Mara National Reserve.

The video was actually shot in mid-August, but it didn't start making noise until September 8, after Najib Balala, Secretary of State for Tourism and Wildlife, condemned the actions of the vigils on Twitter. According to him, the camp should be closed following this incident. He proposed to develop in parallel a plan to protect migration corridors used by wild animals in Kenya.

Najib Balala, Secretary of State for Tourism and Wildlife, shared the video calling for the camp to be dismantled.

The Masai Mara National Reserve, located on the border with Tanzania, covers 1,500 square kilometers of savannah. It is a popular destination for international tourism. It is known for its "great migration" a biannual phenomenon during which nearly 2 million zebras, wildebeest, gazelles and other animals migrate between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Masai Mara Reserve. Migration to Massai Mara depends on rainfall, but usually takes place between June and September, and involves crossing the Mara River.

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 Sebastian Kurz: The distribution of refugees in the EU has © AFP Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has described the distribution of refugees within the European Union as a failure. “So many states reject that. That won't work either, ”Kurz said in an interview with the AFP news agency on Tuesday - one day before the EU Commission wants to present new proposals in Brussels for the asylum reform that has been controversial for years.

A video circulating on social media shows police in Canada's Quebec province raiding a home and arresting at least two people, reportedly after a A YouTube screenshot shows police in Quebec dragging a man out of a home after being called over alleged violation of a Covid-19 ban on gatherings.

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"The point at which the wildebeest decide to cross the river changes every year"

Jane Wanjurai is the coordinator of Masai Mara Travel, a tour operator that offers tours of the reserve.

This migration takes place once a year, the animals appeal to their primary instincts, they follow the precipitation, in order to find fresh grass to graze.

The point at which the wildebeest decide to cross the river changes every year, and there are plenty of crossing locations along the river at different times during the migration period. The fact that the wildebeest are crossing right in front of the camp, it just happened like that. This Mara Ngenche complex has been there for ten years, and there do not appear to have been any major incidents involving wildebeest crossing in the past.

Many Internet users were moved by the video. The Nara Ngenche camp received a phone call from the Secretary of State, ordering it to to dismantle , according to Nagib Popat, executive director of Atua Enkop Afrca, the company that manages the encampment. In an press release, he pointed out that the place where the camp is located was "not a traditional crossing point", and that on the day of the crossing, the camp was "full of customers, including young children" . "Our team reacted to save human lives and protect animal lives," he also said.

Orphaned Canadian girl, 5, finally on way to Canada from Syrian camp for suspected ISIL supporters .
A five-year-old Canadian orphan who was stuck in a refugee camp in Syria is finally on her way to Canada to join her uncle, a sudden deviation from Ottawa on repatriating Canadian families languishing in camps for suspected ISIL supporters. As celebration for the girl known as Amira rang out from family and human rights groups, so too did an urgent question: What about the other 25 Canadian children stuck in Syrian camps — those with politically less palatable prospects because they still have their parents with a suspected ISIL past. Early last year, when she was four, Amira was found walking alone on a road in war-torn northeastern Syria.

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