Sports Who paid bail for Derek Chauvin, the police officer accused of George Floyd's death?

15:45  11 october  2020
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Mr. Chauvin ’s bail is higher than the bail of at least 0,000 given last week to the other three officers accused of aiding and abetting in Mr. Floyd ’ s death . Lawyers for two of those men, both rookies who had just days on the job, blamed Mr. Chauvin , who was a training officer for both of them.

A judge has set bail at .25m for Derek Chauvin , the former Minneapolis police officer who has been charged with second-degree murder in connection to the killing of George Floyd . Chauvin , 44, appeared in court by video link on Monday to face charges of murder and manslaughter after he was

Lors d'un rassemblement en hommage à George Floyd, le 5 juin à Sacramento en Californie. © Rich Pedroncelli At a rally in honor of George Floyd, June 5 in Sacramento, California. In prison since May 29, the agent was released after paying a $ 1 million bond.

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Derek Chauvin, indicted for the death of African American George Floyd (since dismissed from the police) on May 25, had been in custody since May 29. On Wednesday, he was released on bail, awaiting trial, which is to be held next March. His bond was $ 1 million. How could he have collected such a large sum?

Release on judicial bail allows the accused person to remain free, under certain conditions (such as being prohibited from leaving the state or coming into contact with certain people), while awaiting trial. For justice, it is a guarantee that it will not try to flee by the date of the judgment. The Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution requires that this deposit, requested by the judge, not be "excessive". In the state of Minnesota, where the trial is taking place, the law states that for most torts, the maximum amount requested for bail cannot exceed double the highest fine that can be imposed for the offense in question. However, for crimes, there is no ruling on the maximum sum, so only the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution applies.

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Ex- policeman Derek Chauvin awaits trial over the killing of black American man George Floyd in Mr Floyd ' s death led to global protests and calls for police reform, spurred by the Black Lives Ben Crump, a civil rights lawyer representing Mr Floyd ' s family, said Mr Chauvin 's release on bail was a

Derek Chauvin was released on bail on Wednesday morning, court documents show. The former Minneapolis police officer charged with murder in the death of George Floyd has been released on Floyd ’ s death was captured in widely seen bystander video that set off protests around the world.

It is the judge who sets the amount of the deposit. "It is based on different criteria such as the seriousness of the crime, its notoriety or the risk that the accused will escape. The psychological aspect that goes with the nature of the crime also plays a role in the case of Derek Chauvin ", explains Pierre Hourcade, lawyer at the Paris, New York and California bars. The amount of the bail is negotiated with the lawyer for the arrested person.

Surety guarantee companies

When the amount of the surety requested by the judge cannot be assured by the accused, the latter can appeal to bail bond insurance companies, which could be translated as "guarantee companies of judicial surety ”, which are responsible for advancing the required amount. Banned in France, "they are very common in the United States", indicates Pierre Hourcade.

Derek Chauvin, indicted for the death of George Floyd, was released

 Derek Chauvin, indicted for the death of George Floyd, was released Video: Death of Victorine: three appointed examining magistrates (Le Figaro) Your browser does not support this video Derek Chauvin, the officer indicted for causing the death of George Floyd by keeping his knee in the back of his neck for nearly nine minutes, has been released on bail. © REX / SIPA Four months after the death of George Floyd, all the police officers indicted in the context of the investigation have now been released.

Derek Chauvin , the former Minneapolis PD officer charged with killing George Floyd this spring, has been released Floyd ’ s death sparked months of riots in Minnesota and across the US. Chauvin is the last of the four to be released on bail ; the three others were let out between June 10 and July 4

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin could receive more than million in pension benefits during his retirement years even if he is convicted of killing George Floyd .

In the case of Derek Chauvin’s lawsuit, the surety insurance company is called Allegheny Casualty Company. It is a branch of the AIA Bail Bond Surety, which describes itself on its website as the oldest surety bond agency in the United States. The bondsman, the surety agent, therefore provides the required sum, and charges a certain percentage of that sum in return. This is how he finances himself. In addition, the guarantor company itself asks for assurance that the accused will honor his end of the contract. This deposit can take the form of a sum of money or material goods. In the FAQ section of the AIA Security Agency website, it reads: "Collateral is anything of value that is pledged to secure the bond, such as cash, property, jewelry, etc. After the defendant's case has been completely resolved and all premiums have been paid in full, the guarantee is returned to the indemnifier [a person who stands surety for the one who needs the surety, note]. " It can also be read that the deposit fee generally represents 10% of the total deposit.

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The former Minneapolis police officer seen in the viral video kneeling on the neck of George Floyd before his death in 4 ex-cops charged in George Floyd ’ s death appear in court. Derek Chauvin , who is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter, was released

Chauvin , the former Minneapolis police officer accused of murdering George Floyd (i.redd.it). Also, for some murders (especially very public murders done by people who can easily make bail or It' s paying for a lawyer who can twist the law, and paying for witnesses to forget stuff, or for expert

In the case of Derek Chauvin, the bonding agency in question has paid 10% of the total amount of the bond required, i.e. $ 100,000, as indicated in this article of New York Times . How was the remaining 900,000 dollars advanced? "These agencies work with other financial companies, such as banks for example, with which they had to guarantee themselves to be able to reach the total amount. For him to be released, he had to pay the million ", explains Pierre Hourcade. If Derek Chauvin does not show up for trial, the surety company will be responsible for paying the full bond.

Bounty hunters

Another American feature, which goes hand in hand with surety guarantee companies: the possibility of hiring bounty hunters. “If the accused does not show up for trial, the surety agency has to pay the amount. In order not to lose money, they will therefore hire bounty hunters, called bounty hunters. This is a practice that dates back to the Far West, "explains Pierre Hourcade.

Banned in four US states (Illinois, Oregon, Wisconsin and Kentucky), these bounty hunters are commonplace in most US states. In Minnesota, like in 21 other states, no specific license is required to be a bounty hunter, as shown in this 2013 publication from Grand Valley State University, Michigan. Bounty hunters have the right to use force to bring the accused back if the accused does not appear at trial.


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