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Fewer women in Dax management

 Fewer women in Dax management The consequences of the pandemic on the economy are serious. It is often criticized that women are particularly suffering from the crisis. According to a recent study, they are on the decline even in German management. © Imago Images / Westend61 / S. Brookland Provided by Deutsche Welle , of all things, in the corona crisis, the proportion of female managers in Germany is falling.

Excel based payroll management involves doing payroll calculation on excel sheets using standard payroll calculation template. The mathematical formulas are set that help the payroll officer do the

A company's payroll is the list of employees of that company that are entitled to receive pay and the amounts that each should receive. Along with the amounts that each employee should receive for

Gestion de la paie © HJBC / Getty Images Payroll management Payroll management encompasses all the social tasks related to the hiring of an employee: drafting of pay slips, drafting of employment contracts, establishment of social declarations or even establishment of documents related to the termination of an employment contract. It can be done internally, as the employer hires a payroll manager who will perform all social tasks within the company. It can also be outsourced, the employer then entrusts the management of the payroll to an external service provider. Payroll management: definition

Payroll management is not just about creating employee pay slips. Indeed, the establishment of the payslip and the payment of remuneration to the employee are the purpose of payroll management and involve, beforehand, performing certain tasks allowing these purposes to be achieved. Thus, payroll management is above all a work of collecting and processing data related to the employee's activity such as absences, planning, overtime, taking paid leave , payment of bonuses or gratuities or benefits in kind.

Optimizing your savings with the SCPI

 Optimizing your savings with the SCPI The SCPI investment is an ideal tool for saving well, but also for preparing for retirement, for building regular additional income or even for diversifying your assets. SCPIs meet several objectives and currently offer the best risk / return ratio. © Provided by Vie Pratique Optimizing your savings with the SCPI The SCPI investment is an ideal tool for saving well, but also for preparing for retirement, for building regular additional income or even for diversifying your assets.

Payroll Management is a family-owned and operated independent payroll processing, time and attendance, and tax support services provider for small and medium-sized businesses that want

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This work of collecting and processing employee information then makes it possible to calculate the employee's remuneration, the related social contributions and contributions and the rate of withholding at source. Finally, developing the payslip is not the final step in payroll management. The payroll manager must also establish the various social documents related to hiring, retirement or termination of an employment contract such as the single hiring declaration, the nominative social declaration , the employment contract , the employment center certificate, the balance of any account, etc.

Payroll management: what are the challenges?

Payroll management is a complex task since it involves taking into account changes in regulations and contractual provisions. Employers must therefore entrust payroll managers with legal watch work, the objective of which is to ensure compliance with the legislation in the context of payroll management. This legal watch work is essential to avoid errors during the preparation of the payslip and makes it possible to avoid both penalties during a URSSAF control or even a dispute with labor contracts .

“Obvious faults” in the management of the Covid crisis in France, according to an assessment mission

 “Obvious faults” in the management of the Covid crisis in France, according to an assessment mission © Copyright 2020, L'Obs This is a very mixed report delivered by the experts appointed in June by Emmanuel Macron to assess the management of the coronavirus crisis. On Tuesday, October 13, a progress report pointed to "obvious shortcomings in anticipation, preparation and management" in the health aspects.

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Payroll management solutions

Each company must choose its solution to manage payroll. There are two different payroll management strategies: in-house management and payroll outsourcing.

Internal payroll management

A company can opt for internal payroll management. This system consists of having a specific "payroll management" service and therefore of hiring a payroll manager and investing in payroll software to develop payslips. The payroll manager is responsible for:

the collection, analysis and processing of information and data related to each employee of the company; the preparation of the payslip; the mastery and use of payroll software; the drafting of employment contracts; personnel administration activities (monitoring of absences and leaves); drawing up of various social declarations; drawing up of documents linked to the termination of an employment contract or to retirement.

This system in-house management is often chosen by companies with a large payroll, as it reduces the costs associated with outsourced payroll management.

Few fans, masked umps, muted celebrations for World Series

  Few fans, masked umps, muted celebrations for World Series ARLINGTON, Texas — A World Series like no other opens Tuesday night with Clayton Kershaw’s Los Angeles Dodgers pursuing redemption, Kevin Kiermaier’s Tampa Bay Rays seeking acclaim and Major League Baseball relieved just to reach the championship of the pandemic-delayed season. Buzz figures to be dampened, with attendance down to about 11,000 in the smallest crowd for a Series game since roughly 1909. The entire Series will be played on artificial turf for the first time since 1993, at new $1.2 billion Globe Life Field, home of a Texas Rangers team eliminated on Sept. 20. Traditional postgame victory celebrations are barred.

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Outsourcing payroll management

A company that does not have a human resources, payroll management department can opt for the payroll outsourcing method. This method consists of entrusting an external service provider with the management of payroll.

Outsourcing of payroll management offers many advantages:

The company entrusts the payroll management to an external person, which allows it to concentrate on its professional activities The company delegates social watch to the service provider and thus benefits from regulatory updates and the expertise of a professional in his field. The company does not need to recruit one or more employees to perform payroll management tasks.

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DRC: the Ministry of Public Health examines the cases of “fictitious” doctors .
© (Congolese Ministry of Foreign Affairs) The Cinquantenaire hospital in Kinshasa (illustrative image). In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the scandal of the lists of fictitious doctors receiving a salary and a risk premium splashes the Ministry of Public Health. The latter launched, at the beginning of the week, a solemn appeal to denounce those who unduly receive salary and risk premium.

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