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“Proud to have @ TomHolland 1996 continuing the Drake legacy! Absolutely smashing it!” Uncharted will be directed by Zombieland filmmaker Ruben The film will star Mark Wahlberg as Drake ’ s mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan, while Antonio Banderas, Sophia Taylor Ali and Tati Gabrielle make up the

Sony' s Uncharted movie adaptation starring Tom Holland as a younger Nathan Drake is a bad idea that goes against the character and the games. Nathan Drake is at the core of Naughty Dog' s smash hit video game series, which launched with Uncharted : Drake ' s Fortune in 2007.

The first picture of Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake is a detailed, but also a bizarre sight that leaves no imagination. But hope is not yet lost.

Uncharted-Verfilmung: Tom Hollands Nathan Drake verdient mehr Fantasie © Sony Uncharted film adaptation: Tom Holland's Nathan Drake deserves more fantasy

The Uncharted film has not had a good star so far. Six directors left the project before Ruben Fleischer took over the staging after his Venom success. The first take of the video game filming fell in March. In the first picture, Tom Holland goes down in a Nathan Drake costume. But nothing is lost yet.

Tom Holland's Nathan Drake suffocates in an old body

The casting and direction of the film were discussed in advance. Instead of casting fan favorite Nathan Fillion in the role of the legendary adventurer, the Uncharted adaptation is dedicated to a young version of the character.

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A new picture from Uncharted star Tom Holland gives a first look at the upcoming Naughty Dog video game adaption , which, after over a decade in development and But a new picture from star Tom Holland — who’ll be playing a younger version of series hero Nathan Drake — in full costume as the

In related Uncharted news, Holland isn't the only star to have been snapped on set. None other than Nolan North, the video game voice of Nathan Drake , has shared a handful of photos of his time at the shoot, perusing a few Does this mean we can look forward a cameo from North in the finished film ?

This is what Tom Holland's Nathan Drake looks like in the film:

Even for someone like me, who has only spent a few hours in the Uncharted world, the external similarities to the original Nathan Drake are amazing. Starting with the shirt, over the chain and the watch to the shoulder holster: This image could have sprung directly from a loading screen.

Nathan Drake in den Videospielen © Naughty Dog © Naughty Dog Nathan Drake in the video games © Naughty Dog

This first glimpse is as detailed as it is: Something is wrong. At first glance, I find it difficult to put my finger on it, but if you look at it for a long time, it becomes clear: the young Tom Holland is suffocating in an old video game body that has passed its prime and undermines the prequel approach of the film adaptation.

Uncharted: Tom Holland as a stiff Nathan Drake statue

Tom Holland is actually an interesting, personable actor whose ambition, curiosity and enthusiasm can be felt on the screen. However, he cannot allude to the dusty Nathan Drake uniform from the Uncharted Museum. Tom Holland is locked in a strange body that turns him into a statue.

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The director of the upcoming video game adaptation starring Tom Holland responded to the popular fan film starring the people' s Nathan Drake , Nathan Fillion. There are few, if any, modern video games more cinematic or more deserving of a proper feature film adaptation than Uncharted .

An Uncharted photo gives the first official look at Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in the upcoming movie based on the popular video game series. An adaptation has been in the works for a long time but has faced a host of problems. Several directors and writers have been attached over the years

Even his own arms and hands look as if they were chiseled out of rough animations and connected with fixed key combinations. A Nathan Drake who can be controlled with buttons: for the cinema, the first picture suggests a far too rigid interpretation of what the thrilling motion sequences of a video game promise.

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It is not the first time that the dynamic Tom Holland has been crushed by a larger and older entity. Even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, through which he has been swinging as Spider-Man for four years, he was always given a mentor to help him . Sometimes it's Iron Man, sometimes Nick Fury, who hinders his development instead of spurring it.

Tom Holland als Spider-Man © Sony © Sony Tom Holland as Spider-Man © Sony Also in the recently released Netflix film

The Devil All the Time , Tom Holland forces himself into a character who requires a different severity and maturity than he expresses in the film brings. This actor is slumbering with so much energy and potential, but Hollywood puts ready-made roles on him.

Tom Holland: First photo as Nathan Drake in "Uncharted"

 Tom Holland: First photo as Nathan Drake in © Provided by BRAVO Tom Holland: First photo as Nathan Drake in For the film adaptation of the video game "Uncharted", actor Tom Holland becomes the adventurer Nathan Drake and shares the first Paint its film look! "Uncharted" film version finally hits cinemas The film version of the popular video game "Uncharted" has been in the making for several years. In 2008 there was talk of a film adaptation for the first time, followed by several changes of director and actor.

First Look at Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in ' Uncharted ' Live-Action Film Surfaces: Bringing the main character from the Naughty Dog action-adventure title The first look at the on-screen depiction comes after Nolan North, the actor that voiced and provided motion capture for Nathan Drake in the

Tom Holland introduced the Internet to his next high-profile role on Thursday—as Nathan Drake in the upcoming film adaptation of the blockbuster video game Uncharted . The 24-year-old actor tweeted out an image of himself on set, dressed as Drake , with the message "It' s nice to meet you, I 'm Nate ."

Because the Uncharted film tells the story of Nathan Drake, there is no need for the character to look like the version we later get to know in the video games. The exciting thing about this story is the process: How did Nathan Drake get there? The image of Holland's Nathan Drake stands in the way of any imagination and shows him as a finished figure from the start.

Lara Croft can show the way for Tom Holland's Nathan Drake.

Of course, the film is not lost, as a look into the past shows. Three years ago we received the first recordings of Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in the

Tomb Raider reboot. They also looked like someone had photoshopped the actress's head onto the familiar video game body.

In the finished film, however, Alicia Vikander made the character her own. Her Lara Croft is in the tradition of video games and also knows very well about the previous incarnation by Angelina Jolie. Nevertheless, there is

a defining scene , which Vikander's Lara Croft brings to life as an exciting reinterpretation.

I am absolutely convinced that Tom Holland can embody a young adventurer who grows with his challenges. My hope is that he will break free from the constricting Nathan Drake template. The true essence of a character can not be captured with externals anyway.

Uncharted starts in German cinemas on July 15, 2021.

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How do you like the first picture of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake?

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