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15:11  26 october  2020
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The second wave of coronavirus is rolling into Europe . Whether or not this is a bad thing, or just The pandemic in Europe is witnessing a second wave . The question for everyone is whether the Here, people gather during a protest against the [+] mandatory use of face masks as well as a return to

Europe scrambles to avoid a second coronavirus wave , as infections rise. Health workers collect samples at a coronavirus testing station in Mamming, Germany. After an outbreak at a local cucumber farm, state authorities have quarantined the entire farm and its workers.

Record values ​​for the number of new infections worry people in several European countries. Politicians are fighting for the right measures.

Kundgebung am Sonntag in Brüssel gegen die neuen Beschränkungen in Belgien © Jonathan Raa / NurPhoto / picture-alliance Rally on Sunday in Brussels against the new restrictions in Belgium

In the fight against the second wave of corona, new requirements have come into force in many parts of Europe. Many governments are putting on night curfews and further contact restrictions - in the hope of avoiding a complete lockdown.

So in Italy all restaurants and bars have to close for guests at 6 p.m. from this Monday. Cinemas, theaters, fitness studios, swimming pools, ski resorts and concert halls are also no longer allowed to open. Most of the high school students are initially taught via the Internet.

Europe reacts to the corona pandemic

 Europe reacts to the corona pandemic The Corona model student Italy is gearing up for the second wave: Rome announces a billion-dollar program for business, schools and the labor market. France is also reporting corona record values ​​again. © Remo Casilli / Reuters Tourists in front of the Colosseum in Rome The government in Rome has decided on a draft budget with new measures amounting to around 40 billion euros for anti-corona measures and strengthening the ailing economy.

There is much talk of a second wave of coronavirus in Europe . But what does the data tell us? Coronavirus: What part could rapid antigen tests play in the fight against COVID-19?

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Frankreich - hier eine Szene vor dem Invalidendom in Paris - verzeichnet mehr als 50.000 Neuinfektionen © Lewis Joly / AP Photo / picture-alliance France - here a scene in front of the Invalides Dome in Paris - records more than 50,000 new infections

In Denmark no more than ten people are allowed to gather at one place. Kiosks and supermarkets are not allowed to sell alcohol after 10 p.m. In the Belgian capital Brussels and the surrounding area, it is again mandatory to wear a mask, the nocturnal ban on going out now begins there at 10 p.m. Swimming pools, sports clubs and fitness studios will have to close here, as will theaters, cinemas and museums.

"We are in an extreme situation"

Spain had already imposed the so-called alarm state on Sunday - as it did during the first Corona wave in spring. This is the third highest level of emergency. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez warned: "Spain is in an extreme situation." But this time there is no total curfew as between March and June, but only a night-time ban. The Canaries are excluded from the order.

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What are second waves and how big a problem are they? You can think of it like waves on the sea. The number of infections goes up and then comes back down again - each One argument against a deadly second wave is that viruses become less dangerous as they evolve, to better infect people.

European affairs >. Europe >. Some Members of the European Parliament say that the EU should be given more competence on healthcare in the future. Jytte Guteland is a Swedish socialist MEP and says, “I think the corona crisis showed cooperation between member states on health policy.

Polizeistreifen kontrollieren das nächtliche Ausgehverbot in Madrid © Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images Police patrols control the nocturnal ban on going out in Madrid

Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz meanwhile put a second lockdown in the room. If it is not possible to stop the current sharp increase in new infections, this would be the last resort, said Kurz. The criterion for this is the location in the clinics. "No country in the world will allow intensive care medicine to be overwhelmed." In Austria, the impending collapse of the health system is a legal requirement for a lockdown.

More than 50,000 cases per day

In France, the number of new infections within 24 hours exceeded the 50,000 mark for the first time. On Saturday there were more than 45,000. On Friday, the country - the second in Europe after Spain - reported a total of one million detected corona infections. The government in Paris wants to get the situation under control, among other things, by extending the ban on going out to two thirds of the population. Since Saturday, 46 million French people have not been allowed to leave their homes between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The Czech Republic is currently experiencing that the partial restrictions do not have to lead to a noticeable decrease in the number of cases. Despite exit restrictions, new infections are at a very high level: According to official information, more than 7,000 cases were added on Sunday alone, although fewer tests are carried out on weekends. The Czech Republic has almost eleven million inhabitants. Prime Minister Andrej Babis swore the population on difficult times in a video: "If no miracle happens, we will have no choice but to tighten the measures."

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The corona lockdown is bad enough - and now we should also refrain from alcohol during this time (at least doctors say) .
While the whole world tries to covid through hygiene measures such as wearing a face mask, thorough hand washing and regular disinfection -19 sources of infection, it is also worthwhile to refrain from excessive consumption of alcohol. ( Read also: hearing loss by Corona - solves Covid-19 is a disturbance of hearing and tinnitus from ?) © Getty Images health coronavirus infection risk Alkohol.jpg Heavy drinking can increase the risk of Covid-19 to fall ill To massively reduce alcohol consumptio

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