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10:05  28 october  2020
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Optimizing your savings with the SCPI

 Optimizing your savings with the SCPI The SCPI investment is an ideal tool for saving well, but also for preparing for retirement, for building regular additional income or even for diversifying your assets. SCPIs meet several objectives and currently offer the best risk / return ratio. © Provided by Vie Pratique Optimizing your savings with the SCPI The SCPI investment is an ideal tool for saving well, but also for preparing for retirement, for building regular additional income or even for diversifying your assets.

Most defined contribution pension plans offer a range of investment funds that are designed to invest your money in different ways over the years until your retirement. You need to choose a fund (or funds) that offers the broad investment strategy you want. All the details – such as the choice of the specific

Is My Pension Safe ? Wondering how long you can rely on those pension checks to keep coming? Pension assets consist of a combination of employee and sponsor (employer) contributions and investment gains. Because the power of compounding is so cool, the vast majority of all pension

(Bloomberg) - Concerns about the economic effects of the restrictions in public life had the financial markets firmly under control on Tuesday. After a somewhat subdued start to the day, the yields on government bonds continued to decline as investors' risk aversion increased.

Until the close of trading, it was the German government bonds and the Italian government bonds that brought in the greatest price gains. The latest decisions of the Italian cabinet to support the companies affected by the current measures to contain the virus with an additional 5.3 billion euros in benefits had no effect on the movement of BTP returns.

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  RedBird Capital Opening LA Office, Sets Longtime Goldman Sachs Media Banker Andy Gordon To Run It RedBird Capital Partners, the investment firm with stakes in David Ellison’s Skydance Media and the YES Network, is opening a West Coast office in Los Angeles and has hired longtime top Goldman Sachs banker Andy Gordon to lead it. He starts in February as partner charged with extending the firm’s expertise in media, sports and technology.

Safe havens are currencies and investments that are expected to either retain or increase in value when the market is under stress; therefore The way safe haven currencies and assets, especially the dollar, reacted to the events of the Great Recession led to a fundamental shift in the way experts view

Farm land is an attractive safe haven for investors due to its limited supply and perpetual demand. Tom Eisenhauer, President of Bonnefield Financial, remarked that farm prices are a more consistent hedge against inflation than gold. Most watches are not investment - grade material.

It remains unclear whether this will increase the refinancing needs of the Italian state again in the current year. The Italian Ministry of Finance recently announced that the refinancing for the current year was 90% complete. A little more than 5 billion euros in additional borrowing should be manageable.

As a result of the price movements on Tuesday, the yields at the long end of the yield curves fell by between three and four basis points - with simultaneous bull flattening. Italian government bond yields, like those on the Iberian Peninsula, moved back towards their all-time lows. For the yield on 10-year paper from Portugal and Spain, the zero line is again within reach.

Portugal/Spanien machen sich auf, für 10 Jahre keine Zinsen mehr zu bezahlen © Bloomberg Portugal / Spain set out to stop paying interest for 10 years.

On Tuesday almost all government bonds from the euro area were perceived as safe havens again. This development will also be due to the fact that a deterioration in the economic outlook and the associated low inflation will prompt the European Central Bank to take additional monetary policy easing measures. A further decline in yields in the coming weeks and months cannot be ruled out, especially in the case of further lockdown-like measures and the lack of vaccinations against the virus infection.

Supreme Court of Canada sides with women in RCMP pension dispute over job-sharing

  Supreme Court of Canada sides with women in RCMP pension dispute over job-sharing OTTAWA — Women who enrolled in the RCMP's job-sharing program while raising young children were unfairly denied the chance to bolster their pensions, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled. In a 6-3 decision Friday, the high court ruled in favour of three mothers who worked reduced hours on the national police force in order to devote time to their children. Joanne Fraser, Allison Pilgrim and Colleen Fox said the RCMP pension plan breached their equality rights under the charter by denying them the chance to accrue full-time pension credit for periods when they worked reduced hours for family reasons.

Research new investment ideas and invest money safely for your pension - MoneySavingExpert. An investment – or investing – is a long way from putting your cash in a bank account where it sits to earn interest. Instead, you’re taking a risk with your money in the hope that you’ll make more than

Savers reaching retirement now have more freedom with their pots but also more responsibility to generate an income. How can they do this and what should they consider? Justin Urquhart Stewart, of 7IM, and Simon Lambert, of This is Money, discuss it.

Presumably, the movement in euro area government bond yields will remain under the spell of news on Wednesday about measures to contain the spread of the pandemic.

Ingo Mainert, CIO Multi Asset Europe of Allianz Global Investors, pointed out in a press conference that a K-shaped recovery in economic activity can be expected. As the Fed and ECB representatives have repeatedly emphasized, an economic recovery will not take place across the board. Some economic segments will remain under pressure.

In Germany, the signs point to further restrictions on public life as in France, where the president will address the French in an evening address. The corporate reporting season seems to be taking a back seat.

The day with Bloomberg: Deutsche Bank figures, Bitcoin high

At the same time, investors are likely to finally bury the hope of a US economic stimulus package before the election. The time window is too short. The positions are too far apart. And whether this stimulus package can be launched quickly after the election will depend on the majority in Congress.

Covid-19. Restrictions extend to the north of England

 Covid-19. Restrictions extend to the north of England © PHIL NOBLE / REUTERS The restrictions already in place in Manchester will extend to the Sheffield area (England) from 24 October. South Yorkshire, Sheffield region, with a population of 1.4 million, will go to "very high" alert level on 24 October. The South Yorkshire region will join on Saturday 24 October the areas subject to the most restrictive restrictions in force in England against the Covid-19 , in exchange for financial support, local authorities announced, this Wednesday 21 October.

Overview of self- invested personal pensions , an individual contract between you and the pension provider, which offer much wider investment powers. the amount of contributions that have been made; the period that each contribution has been invested , investment growth over this period; and.

Safe Haven ETFs to Ride Out the Trade Volatility. The Japanese currency yen is often considered a classic safe - haven asset that has gained some strength lately. Want the latest recommendations from Zacks Investment Research? Today, you can download 7 Best Stocks for the Next 30 Days.

If the Republicans can defend their majority in the Senate on November 3rd, the financial markets should be more prepared for a small package. It can hardly be assumed that the Republican senators will suddenly throw their skepticism about further deficit spending overboard.

The signs for the start of trading in government bonds from the euro area point to price gains. The stock futures are in the red in early trading. Treasuries are still quoted at the end of Tuesday.

The bonds from the core countries should start the day with small price gains. If the yield for 10-year Bunds is below -0.6%, however, the room for further price gains will be thinner without the fantasy of a key rate cut. In this environment, the periphery could resume outperforming the core countries.

Economic data

The data calendar is almost empty. Of regional interest will be the retail sales in Spain in September and the French consumer sales in October. The effects of the lack of tourism should be felt in the Spanish data.

French consumer sentiment is likely to have deteriorated due to the restrictions on public life that have already come into effect. However, this will have little influence on the development of returns. Weak data would cement the low interest rate environment. The US data will have no impact on Treasury rates.

Mandryk: Get out and vote — don't make COVID-19 just another excuse

  Mandryk: Get out and vote — don't make COVID-19 just another excuse One gets why there may be more incentive than usual to stay at home today and not vote. We are seven months into a pandemic and we’ve been told it’s our societal obligation to stay at home and avoid gathering in large groups. We have even been told not to to gather in large bunches to say goodbye to a loved one at a funeral or celebrate a wedding or birthday. And some may have legitimate reason to stay home. There are 619 active COVID-19 cases with 138 new Saskatchewan cases on the weekend. If you have symptoms that are disconcerting or are a person with health makes you vulnerable, maybe you do have to sit this one out.

Considered safe investments , a CD is a savings account with a higher interest rate. The primary difference is that you agree not to cash out your Perhaps the safest way to invest money is to find a financial intuition that pays a higher interest rate on such accounts. An online account is an easy

Safe - haven rally is likely to result in a low-rate environment. The Japanese currency, yen, is often considered a classic safe - haven asset that gained some strength lately. Also, a dovish Fed dampened the dollar to some extent and boosted yen.

Primary market

The German Federal Finance Agency will show itself on the capital market by increasing the current 15-year federal bond by 2 billion euros. In the run-up to the placement, there is unlikely to be any selling pressure on the long end of the German yield curve due to the current positive mood for bond investments. Overall, the placement will run smoothly.

Italy will offer money market paper with a term of six months and a volume of 6.5 billion euros. Since short-term orders of 7.7 billion euros are due at the end of October, there is sufficient demand.

In the evening, after the successful placement of the 2-year T-Notes, the Treasury will come up with a new 5-year paper on Tuesday. However, as measured by the bid-to-cover ratio, demand was somewhat weak.

The US Treasury will offer a total of $ 55 billion in 5-year paper. The issue is unlikely to go as smoothly as Tuesday's. Investors are likely to demand yield concessions, which is likely to underperform the middle part of the US yield curve. In addition, the Treasury will approach investors with an additional $ 26 billion on a 2-year floater.

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