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With the U . S . border closed to non-essential traffic, most of us haven’t visited to our closest neighbour in months. Global News Toronto anchor Farah Nasser and cameraman Chris Dunseith are heading to Washington, D.C., to cover the U . S . election and tell us what it was like to cross the border .

Sites like the glacier-fed Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, draw Americans every year. But this year, with the pandemic, some Canadian citizens are reporting unwanted U . S . tourists to the authorities.Credit Nina Shelanski.

In 2008, avid politico Daniel Roukema was moved to tears while watching the U.S. election at an Ottawa pub, the elated crowd around him breaking into cheers, when the newscaster announced that Barack Obama had been elected the first Black president of the United States.

a group of people performing on stage in front of a building © Provided by The Canadian Press

As Obama's two-term tenure drew to a close, Roukema, who is Black, expected American voters would build on that progress by making his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, the first woman to lead the White House.

The polls backed up his optimism, projecting that the Democratic candidate would defeat businessman-turned-Republican nominee Donald Trump in a landslide.

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Newly released statistics from the Canada Border Services Agency illustrate the spectacular plunge in Data released by the Canada Border Services Agency on travel for last week, compared to the "Fewer and fewer Canadians are travelling to the U . S . for work unless it is to provide an essential

Engaged Canada - U . S . cross - border couple Dave Wilson and Mary Roy are calling on the government to consider expanding the categories of "immediate family members" eligible to cross the international border, after Roy was denied entry to Canada on June 30 while attempting to come up to their

And on Nov. 8, 2016, as Roukema gathered his friends in his living room to share in the heady excitement as they watched history unfold — just not in the way he was expecting.

As one swing state after the next turned red, Roukema likened the mood in the room to watching the Toronto Maple Leafs bungle an all-but-certain bid for the Stanley Cup.

"It goes from excitement and jubilation, to probably having a few too many beers, to you can hear a pin drop in the house," he said. "People just want to go home. They don't want to be there."

Now, Roukema is hoping for a communal catharsis as former Democratic vice-president Joe Biden tries to unseat Trump from the Oval Office.

While the COVID-19 pandemic will preclude in-person festivities for the U.S. election in much of Canada, Canadian political junkies and American expatriates are finding new ways to come together next Tuesday, as the cross-border consequences of the presidential race seem as stark as ever.

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  ‘There could be turmoil’: How Canada is bracing for the U.S. election The U.S. presidential election could cause turmoil. Here's how Canada is preparing.In the corridors of power in Ottawa, planning for this election started early, according to a senior government official who requested anonymity.

Restrictions on travelers crossing the US - Canada land border for non-essential purposes will help the people of both countries remain safe and Americans and Canadians cross the land border every day to do essential work or for other urgent or essential reasons, and that travel will not be impacted.

Surveys show Canadians support border restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus, amid a Travel restrictions on the U . S .- Canada border, he said, have “absolutely devastated us .” Bonnie Henry, the province’ s top doctor, said cross - border travel was responsible for “seeding outbreaks in

Roukema won't be having an election party at his home in Burlington, Ont., where COVID-19 cases have been surging in recent weeks. Instead, the communications specialist is trying to keep the civic discourse alive by hosting informal political forums on his Facebook page.

Over the course of the campaign, he said, these "political jibber-jabber" posts have attracted hundreds of comments, and he expects to see even more chatter come voting day.

While his aim is to educate people about the American electoral process, Roukema said the online discussions can turn into collective venting sessions.

"One of the things that is really important to me is validating people's feelings," Roukema said. "Because even though the United States is another country, people recognize the impact on a global level."

Aidan Link and Wiley De Paiva, who are among the student leaders of Western University's Political Science Association, are also turning to digital platforms to discuss with their peers what the U.S. election means to them.

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  Election Night 2020: Why COVID, Mail-in Voting… or Trump Might Delay the Results The end is in sight for the 2020 election cycle, but don't get too eager: Election Day 2020 may end before the question of whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump will occupy the White House for the next four years is settled. It's important to note that not once in the history of the United States has an election winner been declared officially on election day; it can take days or weeks to count all votes, and most states allow around a month for officials to certify the results.

Another hard- line is for Canadians returning to Canada — Freeland said they will always be permitted to come Canadians and Americans who cross the border for urgent work “will not be impacted What about cross - border FedEx? Can I still shop online or ship things to family across the border?

Gone are the days when Canadians and Americans could freely drive across their shared border for a quick shopping trip or to visit family and friends. Here' s the latest on what you need to know about Canada - U . S . border rules and why our neighbours to the south may not be visiting for a while.

The association's virtual voting-day lineup includes a series of Zoom debates featuring commentators from an ideological array of student groups. As moderators, Link and De Paiva said they welcome the spirited exchange of views, but they're prepared to step in if disagreements run afoul of decorum.

Video: US election: How the electoral college system decides who wins the White House (Global News)

Professors will pop in to provide context as the night unfolds, and attendees will have a chance to weigh in through interactive polls and a live chat over Zoom.

Link said the event has garnered more interest than the association's previous functions. But he suspects that may have as much to do with student engagement as it does the listlessness of university life under lockdown.

"A lot of it's probably just convenience," said Link. "Now that we don't have as much to do with extracurriculars at school, a lot of people are willing to take two to three hours and come to an election party."

Meanwhile, left-leaning U.S. citizens living in Canada don't need to be reminded that the impacts of a second Trump term won't stop at the 49th parallel, said Dianna English, the Canadian spokeswoman for Democrats Abroad, an international offshoot of the American political party.

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes helps pay for cost of using Arrowhead Stadium for 2020 election

  Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes helps pay for cost of using Arrowhead Stadium for 2020 election Patrick Mahomes, through donations from his "15 and the Mahomies" foundation, helped pay for the costs of using Arrowhead Stadium as a polling place.He explained on the "Huddle & Flow" podcast why it was paramount for him to get involved with the election.

Two lanes are closed at the Canadian border crossing at the Thousand Islands Bridge in Lansdowne, Ontario, on Thursday. Blaine has a thriving cottage industry of mailbox stores for Canadians living in the Vancouver metro area who take advantage of cheaper U . S . prices on e-commerce goods and

“ U . S . digital marketers, brands, and online retailers of all sizes are recognizing the opportunity of cross - border selling – especially during the holiday season. As an international company, our clients rely on Channable to navigate the nuances of selling products successfully on a global level.”How

Normally, English said, the organization's election-day festivities would consist of a series of small gatherings hosted by local chapters across the country.

This cycle, however, English said the rise of online organizing has allowed for unprecedented countrywide mobilization to get out the mail-in vote over the past few weeks.

She said members plan to celebrate the fruits of their efforts with a Zoom bash that will be capped off with a DJed virtual dance party.

The group's conservative counterpart, Republicans Overseas, has opted out of hosting election-night events this year, said Canadian chairman Mark Feigenbaum.

However, American-Canadians of all political stripes are welcome to tune in to a virtual Q-and-A hosted by the U.S. Embassy.

In parts of Canada with laxer lockdown restrictions, a few in-person election-night events are going forward.

Kevin Warner, a manager at the Unicorn in Calgary, said masked patrons are welcome to participate in a mock election, and find out if they predicted the winner correctly over food and drinks.

"With how crazy everything's been, people just want an outlet, and they still want to have some kind of fun," said Warner.

"Hopefully, nobody's politically charged and getting angry. We just want it light and fun."

Melissa Haussman, a political science professor at Carleton University, said the gravity of next week's vote may be hard to ignore given all the Canada-related issues on the ballot.

From the partial closure of our shared border and the global race to secure the first viable COVID-19 vaccines, Haussman said the pandemic has highlighted the extent to which our two countries' fates are interconnected.

But whichever way the vote swings next Tuesday, Haussman said Canadians can likely count on the losing candidate's adherents threatening to immigrate north, as per electoral tradition.

"We know that within 24 hours of the election result in 2016, the Canadian (immigration) site crashed," said Haussman. "There is a misconception that it wouldn't be such a big deal to move to another country."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 28, 2020.

Adina Bresge, The Canadian Press

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