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01:10  07 november  2020
01:10  07 november  2020 Source:   ran.de

Gladbach celebrates Lazaro goal and seals hits around

 Gladbach celebrates Lazaro goal and seals hits around Despite the 3: 4 defeat at Bayer Leverkusen on Sunday, Borussia Mönchengladbach musically celebrated Valentino Lazaro's spectacular heel hit on social media. Stadium announcer Torsten Knippertz and Borussia’s radio and TV editor Christian Straßburger dedicated a serenade to the protection of the beautiful goal to make it 3: 4 on Monday. © Soeren Stache / dpa / Archive Valentino Lazaro, here in the Hertha jersey, cheers.

Valentino Lazaro is moving closer to a loan move from Inter Milan to Newcastle. Steve Bruce is hoping to add quality on the wing this January window. The St James' Park side are in need of some attacking impetus after scoring just 22 goals. Steve Bruce has revealed Mike Ashley is planning on

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In an interview with ran.de, Lazaro talks about his emotional state, about Borussia's possibilities this season and also about the US election and racism.

i_lazaro_1600 © Imago i_lazaro_1600

ran.de: Mr Lazaro, in Donetsk you played for Borussia in the Champions League for the first time, even if only for 15 minutes. What was that feeling?

Valentino Lazaro: That was a fantastic feeling! And of course I was very happy that I was able to initiate the last goal from Lasso (Alassane Plea; d. Ed.) With an intercepted ball. The nicest thing, of course, was that it was a game with a historic victory for Borussia that will be remembered for a long time not only in Gladbach.

Bundesliga: "Not okay!" S04 renews VAR criticism

 Bundesliga: Schalke's sports director Jochen Schneider has renewed his criticism of the video assistant after the unfortunate 2: 2 against Mainz 05. Sky expert Lothar Matthäus meanwhile denied some royal blue players the qualification for the Bundesliga. Here you can find news and rumors about Schalke 04. © Provided by SPOX Dissatisfied with the performance of the VAR in the game between Schalke 04 and Mainz 05: Sports director Jochen Schneider.

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ran.de: You were hoping for a game against Real…

Lazaro: I was back in the squad for the game against Real for the first time since my injury. For a few weeks now I've been feeling really good, but of course I haven't had any match practice. That's why we decided that I should get to my 100 percent through increasing short stakes like against Leipzig and in Donetsk. Everything is very well organized, and I hope that it will soon be enough for 90 minutes.

ran.de: How difficult have the past few months been for you?

Lazaro: Just being able to watch when the season starts is tough. But I never came to rehab in a bad mood, I was focused from the start and just excited to come back as soon as possible. And the guys gave me great support and always encouraged me.

As trial for Toronto van attack suspect begins, focus expected to be on state of mind in 2018

  As trial for Toronto van attack suspect begins, focus expected to be on state of mind in 2018 Alek Minassian is charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 16 counts of attempted murder. His trial is expected to last several weeks.Alek Minassian admitted to planning and carrying out the April 23 attack through an agreed statement of facts presented to the court in March. However, the judge previously said the case will turn on Minassian's state of mind at the time of the attack, not whether he did it.

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ran.de: In the Champions League, Borussia are first in the table after half of the group stage, while in the Bundesliga they have come close to the top thanks to their win against Leipzig. What is possible for this team?

Lazaro: We emphasized before the season that we can assess our possibilities very well, but that we also have ambitions, and rightly so. We want to be dangerous and snappy and not let up. If it is possible to implement this over long stretches of the season, a lot is definitely possible. The past season and now the games against Inter, Real, Donezk and Leipzig have shown that we have the quality to attack in every competition.

ran.de: You believed in the run-up to a victory against Real, and it almost came about that way. What made you so sure that Borussia can keep up with Los Blancos?

Lazaro: Every day in training I experience the quality of the team, how focused we work and how meticulously the coaching team prepares us for each game. Of course, Inter Milan and Real Madrid are big names and represent fantastic players. But experience also teaches that anything is possible on a good day. And as has been seen, we certainly don't have to hide.

Here's What It Looks Like Across the U.S. to Vote During a Pandemic

  Here's What It Looks Like Across the U.S. to Vote During a Pandemic Here's What It Looks Like Across the U.S. to Vote During a Pandemic

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ran.de: Real lost against Donetsk at home, Borussia won 6-0 in Donetsk. But conclusions are out of the question?

Lazaro: That is definitely forbidden! As a child you used to do the math. (laughs) But today we of course know that every game has to be played first and that it has its own story. Donetsk performed very differently in Madrid than it did against us at home. We again had a "creamy day", were freezing cold and focused. Then such a result can come about. But to deduce from this that we now win at Real with five goals, unfortunately that doesn't work that way. (laughs)

ran.de: How important was it to save a narrow lead over time against Leipzig for the first time this season and not to concede?

Lazaro: That was very important. We played smart, kept the ball in our own ranks for the last few minutes and kept shifting the game from right to left and vice versa. And this cleverness was important to bring the game home.

ran.de: Borussia has to go to Leverkusen on Sunday. Your memories of Bayer 04 are likely to be mixed up?

Lazaro: I personally have fond memories of my previous meetings with Bayern 04 Leverkusen, because I scored my first Bundesliga goal in Hertha's 2-0 win in Leverkusen in the 2017/18 season and scored again later against Leverkusen. However, we clearly lost both games in the following season, in Leverkusen with 1: 3 and at home, in Berlin, even 1: 5. But I'm very optimistic about Sunday. After all, Borussia has been able to win many times at Bayer 04 in recent years.

The transfer masters from Lille rehearse the uprising

 The transfer masters from Lille rehearse the uprising The OSC Lille is currently the team of the hour in Ligue 1. The success is particularly impressive due to the transfer activities of the club. © Provided by sport1.de The transfer champions from Lille are rehearsing the uprising. Naming the leaders in France is not a difficult task for a football fan. In the past eight years, Paris Saint-Germain has been champion seven times and before this season any other tip would have been laughed at.

ran.de: Completely different topic: In the summer after the events in the USA you campaigned against racism and for the 'Black lives matter' movement. How much did the US election shock you?

Lazaro: I have a lot of friends in the USA and for that reason followed the election very carefully. But in the end, I'm not just about the outcome of this election, whether Trump or Biden wins, but rather that people are fundamentally rethinking, that one tries to understand what racism does to many people, and that one makes clear positioned against racism.

ran.de: Are you afraid that chaos and maybe even a civil war could result?

Lazaro: You can't completely rule that out. But I live here, in Europe, in Germany, and luckily I don't have to worry every day about what might happen in the USA.

ran.de: You played in the Premier League and Serie A and are now back in the Bundesliga. What role does racism play in these top European leagues?

Lazaro: As a professional footballer, you live a bit in a bubble, and in the dressing room and in the club itself, racism doesn't play a role. It is different in the stadiums during the games and of course in the social networks. There it can happen that you are confronted with racism, as Breel Embolo recently experienced when he was insulted in the worst possible way on Instagram. The club responded excellently with a photo of the whole team kneeling in the stadium to reject any form of exclusion and racism. It may be that professional footballers are strong personalities and can handle something like that to some extent. But other people may take such hostility to heart. Therefore, not a single racist incident should go uncommented.

The interview was conducted by Andreas Kötter

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Roberto Alagna recounts his confinement in the Vienna opera during the attack .
The tenor Roberto Alagna was confined inside the Vienna opera house when Monday's terrorist attack was taking place in the heart of the Austrian capital . © Marechal Aurore / ABACA Vienna was the scene of a terrorist attack on Monday evening. An gunman opened fire in the heart of the Austrian capital , killing at least 4 people near a synagogue and the Opera House.

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