Sports Opinion: Exclusion of Muslims promotes Islamism

08:45  13 november  2020
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Opinion at noon: Terror in Europe: We are stronger

 Opinion at noon: Terror in Europe: We are stronger Regardless of whether it is Islamist terror or right-wing extremist terror - both pursue the same goal: They want to separate people along ethnic and identitarian lines. But Europe has something to counter this. © Jean-Baptiste Premat / imago images People remember the victims after the knife attack in a church in Nice in the south of France. We are stronger People who live together in Europe are not automatically a "society".

TUNIS — “ Islamism is dead!” announced Said Ferjani, a leader of the progressive wing of Ennahda, Tunisia’s main Islamist party, as we drank coffee in a hotel cafe here last month. He advocated equality among Muslims of all sects, somewhat more grudgingly extending it to Christians and Jews

Isn’t exclusion something fun-damentally undemocratic and discriminatory? How is it possible to advocate the exclusion of anyone from politics? But since 9/11 the views that I hold are held much more widely than they were before. It’s an approach to Islamism that I should stress has nothing to

Sebastian Kurz wants to criminalize "political Islam". He also suspects all Muslims who are neither violent nor radical. That doesn't help in the fight against Islamism, says Waslat Hasrat-Nazimi.

Muslime beim Freitagsgebet in der Ditib-Merkez-Moschee in Duisburg-Marxloh © picture-alliance / image broker / J. Tack Muslims at Friday prayers in the Ditib Merkez mosque in Duisburg-Marxloh

"Islam must be enlightened!" My PE teacher spoke to me emphatically and held his index finger in front of my face. It was loud in the sports hall. While the rest of my class continued to practice, he had taken me out of the group for no reason to give a monologue on Islam in Europe. He was actually not known for in-depth theological discussions. He made no secret of the fact that he was a staunch Christian. "Only through the Enlightenment, as with us Christians, can Muslims in Germany be properly integrated," he continued. I tried to explain to him that this comparison was not easy to make, but he wouldn't let me have a say. So I just nodded silently.

The CFCM calls on Muslims to cancel the festivities linked to the anniversary of the birth of the prophet

 The CFCM calls on Muslims to cancel the festivities linked to the anniversary of the birth of the prophet © Copyright 2020, L'Obs The president of the French Council of the Muslim Cult (CFCM), Mohammed Moussaoui, called on Muslims to cancel the festivities of the Muslim festival of Mawlid "as a sign of mourning and solidarity" with the victims of the Nice attack, this Thursday, October 29. These celebrations, scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

Criticism of Islamism is much needed. It’s time for the left to support the many who, like me, refuse and resist.

How are Muslims suppose to act with other Muslims and also Non Muslims ? Key Points of This Video: Introduction [start time 00:00] Islam does not promote terrorism [start time 04:45] Islam Is Manners! [start time 07:14] Leniency & Firmness [start time 10:00] Does Islamic teach lying [start time

Today I have little in common with the then 15-year-old. But the debate about the alleged lack of education in Islam has not changed since my youth. Headscarves, parallel societies, swimming lessons, minarets or circumcision - the same topics are regularly discussed. So we are obviously going in circles, because politicians have not yet found a solution to the "Islam question". If there is a cruel, Islamist act of terrorism, the need for discussion is immediately emphasized. In which, however, the finger is mainly pointed at the Muslims. This takes a short time, then the topic subsides until the game starts all over again at some point.

Listening instead of patronizing

In these discussions about the danger of Islamism and Islam in Germany, however, Muslims themselves almost never have a say. They are talked about, but rarely with them. Just like my sports teacher, who was not at all interested in my opinion and also implicitly assumed that I was not integrated into German society. In the same way, the majority society has patronized Muslims to this day by calling on them to practice a liberal Islam that is compatible with "German values". It is commonly implied that this is only possible if the Islamic faith is not visibly practiced.

The CFCM undertakes to create a council of imams, at the request of Macron

 The CFCM undertakes to create a council of imams, at the request of Macron © Copyright 2020, L'Obs Emmanuel Macron received on Wednesday evening the leaders of the French Council of Muslim Cult (CFCM) who, at his request , presented the outline of a national council of imams which will be responsible for labeling imams in France, said the Elysee. The Head of State also asked them to draw up within a fortnight, in conjunction with the Ministry of the Interior, a "charter of republican values" on which the CFCM and the nine federations that will have to commit.

Bangladesh’s Creeping Islamism . By K. Anis Ahmed. Feb. But the exclusion of the great novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, the Charles Dickens of Bengali literature, is a galling concession to the sectarian view that Hindu writers like him do not belong on a Muslim curriculum.

- The promotion of more positive images of Muslims and contributions they. The circumstances both of militant Islamism ’s creation and promulgation arise directly from British Muslim opinion is not a monolithic slab but variegated, with strong latent emotions, such as sympathy for the Palestinians.

Waslat Hasrat-Nazimi leitet die Afghanistan-Redaktion © Fahim Farooq Waslat Hasrat-Nazimi heads the Afghanistan editorial team.

The fact that the majority of the Muslim community in Germany is liberal and rejects all forms of violence seems to be of secondary importance. Islamic scholars and a number of Islamic associations and organizations have been trying for years to hold a constructive debate on Islamism. But instead of listening to them, politics gets lost in platitudes and superficialities or right-wing parties are ingratiating themselves. It is therefore not surprising that terms such as "political Islam", "fundamentalism" and "jihadism" are used as synonyms, even though they are not.

Do not leave the field to the Islamists.

Incidentally, throughout the world it is Muslims who are most frequently victims of Islamist attacks. The fight against Islamism is therefore a joint fight between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is therefore crucial that both sides talk to one another and approach one another.

Exclusion of mental illness in assisted dying-bill slammed by psychiatrists

  Exclusion of mental illness in assisted dying-bill slammed by psychiatrists OTTAWA — The federal bill revising the rules on medically assisted death in Canada has raised the ire of the Canadian Psychiatric Association over the proposed law's explicit rejection of mental illness as grounds for ending a patient's life. The federal government maintains that denying Canadians with debilitating mental illnesses the right to medically assisted death is simply a matter of continuing a prohibition that already exists in the law. In fact, a small number of Canadians suffering solely from severe, irremediable mental disorders have received assisted deaths during the four years the procedure has been legally available.

Opinion : "Some people pray daily but they still do lie, racism, killing, extortion, and injustice"; therefore the cultural Muslim only pray to enjoy with Lord However these friend only pray on Friday and say they love Muhammad because his good behaviour is a model. Opinion : "Some people pray daily but

Pan- Islamism is a political movement. advocating the unity of Muslims under one. Allama Iqbal: All the Muslims beyond any difference of color, caste, nation, state, ideology at the basis of religion are Lack of Creativity and Innovation. Failure to Promote Technical Education Failure to Educate Women.

If the vast majority of liberal Muslims no longer raise their voices out of frustration - who do we leave the field to? Because it is precisely this wedge that is being driven into the middle of society, from which Islamists draw their strength and which drives young people into their arms. This is of course simplified, in fact it is an interplay for various reasons why Islamism is still very attractive in Europe and radicalizes young men in particular. But the mere fact that someone wears a headscarf, has a beard, does not want to take swimming lessons, or is circumcised is definitely not one of those reasons.

General suspicion means rejection.

However, if the majority society suspects Muslims of being radical simply because they practice their beliefs, it treats them with rejection and at the same time casts doubt on their right to freely practice their religion in Central Europe. Does it correspond to our core values ​​when Muslims are stigmatized? And how can you logically explain that European governments officially declare war on Islamists, but at the same time deliver weapons to Islamist regimes and trade with them? Where are the principles of European Enlightenment and common sense here?

If we really want to face Islamism, we have to meet Muslims at eye level, instead of just waving a raised index finger in front of their faces - which, ironically, is an Islamic symbol for the unity of God. And the following also applies: If you constantly point your finger at others, you are known to be pointing three fingers at yourself.

Author: Waslat Hasrat-Nazimi

Exclusion of mental health as grounds for assisted death is likely temporary: Lametti .
OTTAWA — Federal Justice Minister David Lametti says he hopes the exclusion of mental illness as the sole grounds for an assisted death is temporary but the change would need more study than time allows. The government must pass a new version of the current assisted-dying law by Dec. 18 after a Quebec court ruling last fall struck down some of its provisions as being too narrow. In introducing the bill, which expands who is eligible for a doctor-assisted death, Lametti had said one of the reasons mental illnesses are excluded is because their trajectories are uncertain and many people can recover.

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